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  1. The California Highway Patrol's CHiPs for KIDS Toy Drive is presented by @supercarsbythesea on Sunday December 13th from 7am to 11am. This year's event will be setup as a drive-through with NO PARKING CHARGE at Huntington State Beach. Enter at Magnolia and let the gate know you are participating in the Toy Drive. Grab your Crew, Cruise to the Beach and help a Child in need! A SuperCar is not a requirement to participate, come on down and donate!
  2. Save the Dates for these fun Fall events! @supercarsbythesea on IG & FB
  3. Due to the CA Governors Order on not moving forward with large events of 250+ people, Supercars by the Sea will be postponed. Hopefully, we will be up and running again soon! Stay tuned... @supercarsbythesea
  4. Ozeangekühlt was a great event featuring Porsche. Next month we turn to America to feature the Corvette at CorvetteFest! Huntington State Beach 3/15/20 from 7am to 10am. All cars welcome at every event from Classic to Hyper.
  5. The 8am to 9am time slot is already booked! RSVP to [email protected] to reserve your spot to help the Special Olympics Athletes! Spots now open from 9:15am to Noon. All cars welcome from classics to hypercars!
  6. Two Supercars by the Sea events this month! Feb 16th 7am to 10am is the regular meet "Ozeangekühlt" featuring Porsche & supporting Warriors on Track. https://warriorsontrack.org/ The second is a special photographic opportunity to get your car shot on the Beach! (See examples below) Feb 23rd from 8am to Noon get your car way out on Huntington State Beach to support the Special Olympics! The minimum donation to the Special Olympics is $50 to participate. Larger donations will be accepted too! There will be several awesome photographers & drone photographer to take pics of your car. They will have prints of your car available for purchase after the event and a portion will also go to the Special Olympics. You can shoot your own ride too. Special Olympics Athletes ( https://www.sosc.org/ ) will be on-site and always appreciate your donations! Email [email protected] to RSVP as spots will go quickly.
  7. Supercars by the Sea has been approved by the State Park for every 3rd Sunday of each month in 2020! Some reminders: There is never a charge for the meet. It is $15 to park at Huntington State Beach. It is a day pass. You can go to other State Parks in the same day. The annual pass is $195 and good at any CA State Park. You can buy it at the gate. There is a Limited Use Golden Bear Pass for those 62+ It is $20 click here > https://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=23800 The meet is normally between Magnolia & Brookhurst (Lot #3 / life guard tower 5). Best entrance is Magnolia. It is 15 mph in the Park. There is a one time lot change for the first meet Jan 19th. Enter at Beach Blvd. & PCH the meet will be right there.
  8. Thank you all for supporting the California Highway Patrol's CHiPs for KIDS program at Supercars by the Sea! Here is a nice piece put together by Ty Soares capturing the spirit of the event. https://youtu.be/n42ytrsrugY Sunday Jan 19th 2020 will our 3rd year kick off event. From my family to yours, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! David
  9. CHiPs for KIDS toy drive with the California Highway Patrol. 7am to Noon 12/15/19 at Huntington State Beach. Bring a toy & enjoy the morning at the Beach. Kid friendly event! See you then at Supercars by the Sea!
  10. CHiPs for KIDS toy drive with the California Highway Patrol. 7am to Noon 12/15/19 at Huntington State Beach. Bring a toy & enjoy the morning at the Beach. Kid friendly event! See you then at Supercars by the Sea! Couple of pics from November event
  11. Next meet Sunday 11/17/19. EVs will be featured! Tesla, Karma, Mullen & more will have vehicles on the Beach. If you have a EV or know a friend with an EV have them come out and join the fun! ICE automobiles/supercars still welcome Save the date for CHiPs for KIDS toy drive with CHP 12/15/19! Some October pics: All Cars Classic to Exotic Welcome!
  12. Next meet 10/20/19. USC with the USC Racing Team will be featured! If you know a USC Alumni with a Supercar have them come out and support the silent auction to fund the USC Formula SAE Team!! Huntington State Beach 7-10am. All cars welcome Classics to Exotics!
  13. These two Exotics are coming out in support of raising funds for the students at the Shalimar Learning Center. The non profit Think Together will be running a silent auction and accepting donations! Please stop by their tent. Every dollar helps. See you Sunday 9/15 Supercars by the Sea at Huntington State Beach 7-10am
  14. Come see the Drako GTE @drakomotors this Sunday 9/15 at Huntington State Beach 7-10am @supercarsbythesea The Drako GTE elevates the modern driver experience to an entirely new level. With a fully electric quad motor architecture, GTE generates a colossal 1,200 hp and 8,800 Nm of combined wheel torque for unrelenting acceleration up to a top speed of 206 mph! #DrakoGTE
  15. Audi will be the feature on Sunday 9/15/19 at Huntington State Beach 7-10am. All cars welcome.
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