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  1. I like it, I really like it, I really really like it....
  2. I'd wait for the reveal then make an assessment...
  3. back to the clean look...from all the wings, orfices, vents etc....now we go full circle Yikes!!
  4. Fuse? Especially with other accessories effected (back-up camera)
  5. Hold on tight to your NA V-12's....once they leave home, their gone!
  6. Cant argue with that, although I think the SV is the best of breed (in the looks department) on the performance aspect probably the SVJ is King
  7. I feel for all your complications... Hard to believe though that a clutch R & R can have this many issues.
  8. Great video, thanx for sharing the experience...by the sounds (haha) of it this is THE pinnacle of the Lamborghini line!!
  9. Its one thing to say it's worth $12 million, it's another to find a buyer to pay that...I definitely like your option better!
  10. to the tune of "purple haze, purple haze..." I like it....
  11. Gee no sound from a Lambo kinda kills the attraction IMO..
  12. I have no idea except to say I've heard that transmission gear issues can be traced to an electrical issue ie/ dead battery and or dead super capacitor. That being said interesting to hear how the clutch change went ie/ difficulty etc & model year of your AV and how many miles on it prior to the clutch change..
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