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  1. Great information re: the handling. On the exhaust above 4000 I heard that starting with the S the below 4000 RPM was muted compared to the Gen 1 AV but as you say above 4000 RPM hells bells. By your surmising that has continued to the SVJ.
  2. bling bling to go with the bling bling!!
  3. RDW

    SVJ vs 720s...

    wow, the 720 smoked the big Bull.. But the exhaust note on the SVJ is a whole lot better than the 720 Lol!
  4. RDW

    MMI issues

    Interesting, thanx for that. I think I did do what you suggested (switching to media & back) in fact I think I hit every button on the consol Lol!! I was thinking maybe the system goes through a bite test every so often as the reason for the blank screen. As for the volume, that's still baffling...
  5. Yep pretty common issue. Your messages are exactly what I got.
  6. RDW

    MMI issues

    Wondering if any other AV owners have had MMI issues. Yesterday I was out and parked then went back and after start no volume on Radio or Media, Checked all my settings. I only got my volume back after about 6 ignition off/on resets. Previously I've had the MMI screen blank on start-up. Again after a few off/on I get the screen back. Maybe I have a bad MMI. Any suggestions would be appreciated...RDW
  7. Looks like the Bull loved playing in the snow....it's not like he see's it in AZ very often, if at all....Lol!
  8. great vid, the exhaust is supreme...thanx for sharing!
  9. Good on you for taking 'er out in the snow, I'm assuming in AZ they havn't gone crazy with salt & sand on the roads, unlike up here, they see a snowflake and they go nuts with the stuff..
  10. RDW

    Aventador SV-J roadster

    Not fussy with the brown/gold...for some reason it just doesn't enhance this car the way it should, but it is different.
  11. this program should be good for dealers (and sellers) which makes one less likely to be concerned about an out of factory warranty car. I can see dealers will bump the prices too because of this...
  12. Agreed, in many ways the SVJ is a bargain since the next level (with not a whole lot more sparkle/performance) is well into the 7 figures....besides it's not all about 0-60 1/4 mile times, if that's the case then one is in the market for the Dodge Demon..
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