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  1. Then you'll really have to make a long vid on things you hate...read: McLaren / F-cars !!
  2. I can see why the salesman/dealership might not be too happy with the vid since they sold the car to this fellow. It kinda like a customer service survey gone wild and no company Lambo dealer or otherwise likes negativity broadcast over he internet. Most likely they are taking it personally...
  3. The good news is that June 4th is tomorrow, so don't have a long time to wait and see...Lol
  4. Not that fussy about the colour scheme, it doesn't enhance the looks of the SVJ..IMO!
  5. Would have been nice to have the LARGE SV but that wasn't your option to choose...
  6. Luv it, the best looking AV of the fleet IMHO...
  7. Interesting to see in the pics the bat doors open, something one rarely if ever see's..
  8. TBO the mods are ugly with a capital "U" but everyone has their own tastes..
  9. That's just for bragging rights, not what owners normally do...
  10. Oh wow, seriously..it's just a ecu flash for the increases on the SV & SVJ? My 2016 might like that to happen if it real....
  11. Totally cool vid, I'm planning to do this trip some time so I appreciate having a preview.. Thanx much!
  12. Nice spec on that 2014, the colour pops...
  13. Great information re: the handling. On the exhaust above 4000 I heard that starting with the S the below 4000 RPM was muted compared to the Gen 1 AV but as you say above 4000 RPM hells bells. By your surmising that has continued to the SVJ.
  14. bling bling to go with the bling bling!!
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