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  1. Okay I finally got it out. The trick was to pull out a red clip completely. I slid the clip out but didn’t remove it, I had broken many clips in my earlier days and didn’t want to break anything but my frustration took over and it pulled it out. I cried when I finally removed the clip, I didn’t care what my neighbors thought of me. So for now, I am content with just the driver’s seat, the passenger will just have to suffer. Maybe I will get around to the passenger seat one day, but I doubt it. With power seat I think I lost about 1.5” of headroom. I weighed both seats and the bucket seat was 31.08 lbs and the power seat was 55.99 lbs. For some reason I felt like my 610-4 seats were a bit more softer than these. Maybe because they are new and need to be broken in?
  2. I got 2 of the yellow connectors unplugged after 25 minutes of non stop workout. But that big black one! I slid the clip and got the connector loose but it is just sliding back and forth locked inside a retainer.
  3. Even after almost hitting 16,000 miles, that interior scent is still there. Anyone know if the parts department sells that stuff? Wanted to get it for my other cars.
  4. Are there harnesses in the cars with the carbon seats so I can just hook up the comfort seats? It's not like the old days where you don't have to worry about SRS Airbag wiring and etc.
  5. thanks for the input. For real estate there are property tax I would have to pay each year and upkeep. I already have a few industrial buildings and my house is paid off. I would like a Ferrari halo cars but I see them as unattainable or just over my price range. F40, out of my league. F50 out of my league. Enzo, possibly but they are not cheap right now around $3M+? Which is close to the price of a ThethetheFerrari. My mentor told me that these prices are too high right now, but I think the dollar really took a hit these past 7 years. I guess I will just lurk around and wait for a deal. The prices I am basing off is from Ilusso in Costa Mesa.
  6. So now I see quite a few P1's going for $2.3M - $2.7M, what do you guys think? Is it a good investment? I would likely never drive it or maybe only put 100 miles on it, if I bought it. So it would be more like an investment of 5 years. Is there potential for this car to reach $5M in the near future? The reason I question the value is because of the 720s, which is nearly as quick for only $330,000. It just doesn't look good for the P1.
  7. Anyone have leads as to where I can find the service schedule for the Aventador?
  8. I was a Ferrari guy for a long time. Now I'm a McLaren... I really did not know what I was typing yesterday. None of you guys ever go on the internet drunk?
  9. The reason I am going to hide it is because she will say that I bought it for myself, because I know she doesn't want those kind of cars. Cake explained it perfectly yesterday. Again, I was on meds yesterday when I walked into the dealership and felt compelled to buy something. Lucky I didn't buy 2 cars lol. fcuk....
  10. Ok, I woke up this morning refreshed and thought about it and I was on meds yesterday. I'm going to sell the Huracan. She went in for surgery this morning I was trying to surprise her when she gets out, but I rather not get bitched at. She wouldn't like the car because she doesn't like attention, she doesn't race or is into any of that. BTW she wanted the base Cayman, not the GT4 or GTS. The base Cayman prices will depreciate like the titanic. Mods can kill this thread
  11. I should probably sell it? Not worth the lecture...
  12. The car is a surprise, if I brought her there, she would know, shit thinking about it now... she is probably going to be mad at me.
  13. I know the Huracan is reliable, I bought 1 year warranty anyways... Good decision right?
  14. Sorry don't understand your lingo.. Cake threw her hat in the ring? Friend had a Cayman, he had many complaints about it. I'm a Ferrari guy, so don't really know so much about Lambos. I already bought it so I am not backing out of the deal, because there is no cooling off period anyways. She is just a normal person who happened to like the Cayman and I was willing to upgrade the car to prevent her from getting it. If she said 991, I would say ok.
  15. Was at a lambo dealership today and decided to buy a Huracan for my wife. She doesn't know about it. I wanted to surprise her, but maybe she might be angry. She wanted a POS cayman and I did not want to spend $90k on that.
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