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  1. LamboJoe

    Happy Birthday Allan!

    happiest birthday
  2. LamboJoe

    Drove the Urus Today

    i am still playing with the idea of ordering one trying to make it work from every angle. getting rid of my Bentley speed for a bentayga is cool but replacing it with an urus is the way to go.
  3. LamboJoe

    Lamborghini unica app

    nothing special so far shows news about the current models and so on
  4. i didn't get mine just emailed my rep.
  5. LamboJoe

    Delivery Miles on New Huracan Performante

    totally normal had the same amount on mine
  6. LamboJoe

    Verde Ithaca Murcielago Totalled in Toronto on DVP

    Rip Lambo that thing is mangled
  7. LamboJoe

    I can't park this thing anywhere...

    Wow sick sick pic love it
  8. LamboJoe

    Picked up 2 Lambos

    I also have a Turbo S in cab
  9. LamboJoe

    My dynamic duo !

    Garage is looking awesome live the dream YOLO
  10. LamboJoe

    FS: Monterey Blue LP640

    price sounds about right and not many of these around good luck with the sale.
  11. LamboJoe

    Something new !

    So what did you get ?
  12. LamboJoe

    Something new !

    must be nice to be you.
  13. LamboJoe

    My performante Spyder pics.

    agreed needs to be lowered.
  14. LamboJoe

    Performante Door

    I'm so used to doors up on the Lambos and for years I know not to hit my head. The Huracan door has like a V shape in the end of it and it gets me right on the side of the leg.
  15. LamboJoe

    Performante Door

    Is it me or did it happen to anybody else the door is oddly shaped that i keep hitting myself in the leg when closing it.