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  1. I placed an order rep said 18 months
  2. awesome bro I had an issue with the Diablo just used the number you had put up. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
  3. How much should this Diablo go for. It will need new rims. 6.0 rims and Wing and the interior back to normal. How many Monterey blue 6.0 are left in the US
  4. congrats looks awesome.
  5. Wow Verde 6.0 more pics please.
  6. Looks to me from the lambo Única my guess is Evo Spyder.
  7. still waiting to see this car. i guess with the shut down they must have pushed it back. :/
  8. LamboJoe

    urus insurance

    your regular policy does not cover it ?
  9. You bought the car from Frank here in the Northeast Congrats. he posted it for sale looks super clean in your video. enjoy the hell out of it.
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