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  1. LamboJoe

    urus insurance

    your regular policy does not cover it ?
  2. LamboJoe

    Diablo roadster

    You bought the car from Frank here in the Northeast Congrats. he posted it for sale looks super clean in your video. enjoy the hell out of it.
  3. Alan he's your number one fan don't let him down
  4. Some pics from the driver side the one I took out the two plastic pieces. And the passenger I still didn't do look at a difference
  5. Took out those black pieces according to a YouTube video that can bring the seat back 2 inches. A 5 minutes job took an hour as one of the pieces slid down The metal railing I couldn't find it if my life depended on it. Such a small area to work in drove me crazy. I gained an inch and a half in the seat not in my Johnson.
  6. Capt. the car is so freaking fast that it scares me and i grin every time. still little issues with the key not present and can't start the car, my front lift was faulty one morning took about 15 miles of driving till it went back to normal. every-time you turn the car off and back i need to press multiple buttons such as Active,aero,manual, and the A button for it not to turn off at the light. but the looks ,speed and handling is really awesome on this animal.
  7. Tcs light come's on more often. car feels lighter, does it make much of a difference i don't think much.
  8. I have 2wd on my 640 the traction light goes on more often. i don't think it makes that much of a difference.
  9. They should have kept this design for the Aventador replacement. looking at it again it is so hot!!!
  10. Looks like a spaceship. I like it but too rich for my taste.
  11. I hope they come out with an Evo STS or Super G i want one i feel my spider performante is tight.
  12. i have 5 cars i take 1 every day to work. i have 40 miles each way and it's my enjoyment. early morning 6 am sometimes hitting 150 for a morning Rush.
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