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  1. Tcs light come's on more often. car feels lighter, does it make much of a difference i don't think much.
  2. I have 2wd on my 640 the traction light goes on more often. i don't think it makes that much of a difference.
  3. They should have kept this design for the Aventador replacement. looking at it again it is so hot!!!
  4. Looks like a spaceship. I like it but too rich for my taste.
  5. I hope they come out with an Evo STS or Super G i want one i feel my spider performante is tight.
  6. i have 5 cars i take 1 every day to work. i have 40 miles each way and it's my enjoyment. early morning 6 am sometimes hitting 150 for a morning Rush.
  7. simple math. if you buy the car outright say 280k in 4 years it's worth 120-140 loss of 140k on 10,- 20,000 miles if you lease 2500 x 48 = 120k if you do additional 10k miles at $1 a mile that's 130k so it's the same crap. some people prefer to lease and take the 280k and invest it, let the money earn and make you more money. 8-12% a year
  8. every car you're going to lose money some more than others. 600 is more a track car like the GT3/ RS . they say 720 is faster but not as fun as 600.
  9. I did not drive the 600 i heard it's an awesome car. at 100 miles on the car i had issues with the amp they needed to replace it. the key sometimes doesn't register and you have to be there playing with it until the car turns on. (batteries are brand new in remote) this morning i jumped in the car and drove out of my driveway the suspension light went on i read online to let the car warm up a few minutes. the paddle shifters make a clicking noise every time you shift. you can't pull them both to put the car into neutral. but the car is balls out fast thank you i love that color as well. Drove the 640 today to work i love that thing so Raw.
  10. 19 Paris Blue very quick car. Finicky at times with stupid little things, a few pics.
  11. put a couple kids selling on the street corners and you're set. you will have a Lambo in no time
  12. over 100 today in New York. 70+% humidity with real feel of 109 it was brutal. p.s countach looks awesome.
  13. Very cool and great news. get it in writing from your dealer.
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