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  1. Hi Everyone. I am looking for the following LP640; Nero on Nero Coupe with E-gear. Preferences would include Q-Ciutura Interior with Black Carbon Fiber package (not Titanium CF). No accident examples only. Would also prefer lower miles with documented maintenance history. PPI is a must and non-negotiable and of course at my expense. Price is therefore dependent on condition, history, options, and market factors. I do NOT want to wrap the car. The following are the colors considered: Nero Pegaso, Nero Nemesis, Nero Aldebaran, and would also consider Grigio Telesto. Thank you kindly for any help or leads you can give Destructo : I would appreciate it if we could leave this Thread in the Murcy forum. Thank you for your consideration.
  2. WOW!!!!! That looks fantastic....GREAT JOB and Congrats' How much work was it to get the RevoZport SV kit to fit?
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