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  1. How much does the Stardropper cost approx?
  2. Speaking of exhaust. Anyone heard about retro fitting the SVJ exhaust on the SV? I love the central dual exhaust theme. Reminds me of my LP640. I’m sure there’s some inside bumper plastic body panels that will need to be manipulated but I’m more curious on the exhaust lining up especially after the primary cats.
  3. I agree. Can't go wrong with either. However, I don't think SV has bottomed out either. If SVJ continues to drop but SV does not, then the difference in price would be nominal and that would make choosing the SVJ a no-brainer. But nothing can a hold a candle to the SVJ in terms of sheer looks and aggression, not even most hyper-cars. Just wish it sounded the part. Perhaps removing the primary cats would fill in that void.
  4. Looking at both the SV and SVJ. Aside from the aero and all wheel drive, is the pricing justified for the SVJ? They've dropped about $100k from new within just a year. While the SV are now in the mid to higher $300s. For sure the SVJ looks mental, just trying to see if it's worth the extra money.
  5. Beautiful SVJ. Love the specs. Congrats.
  6. Thank you! I totally agree, yellow Ford GT with dual black stripes will do it for me.
  7. Beautiful blue SV! Thx u! Thx so much! Thx u. Yellow calipers would be overkill for me though.
  8. You can try Mark over at Sphere Motorsports.
  9. Thanks VCR! Not sure why they don't ALL come standard with the SV decal. Thx u Rhyno. Will do. Seems like SV decal is the consensus here. Exactly, why even have that option delete. Thx Destructo. You're right on the money. It's not about speed or lap times, but just the pure joy of being able to emotionally connect with the Diablo from a driver's perspective. Yes sir! Without a doubt.
  10. Thank you Allan! I agree...Diablo's are beautiful and timeless. Hardly anything can come close.
  11. After selling my Diablo with the GT kit, I toyed around with a G-TT and LP640. While both were amazing cars, I still longed for a proper Diablo replacement. Actually, about a few months ago, almost bought Alex Shen's LP640-TT, but was a day too late. Then this baby recently popped up locally and needless to say...I think it's a worthy replacement. Can't wait to bring her home. Will put on the "SV" decal though. Looks incomplete without.
  12. Why do people pull stupid shit like this. I just don't get it. I was looking forward to a good read.
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