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  1. Congrats. Looks clean especially with white/white.
  2. Beautiful SVJ. Love the specs. Congrats.
  3. Thank you! I totally agree, yellow Ford GT with dual black stripes will do it for me.
  4. Beautiful blue SV! Thx u! Thx so much! Thx u. Yellow calipers would be overkill for me though.
  5. You can try Mark over at Sphere Motorsports.
  6. Thanks VCR! Not sure why they don't ALL come standard with the SV decal. Thx u Rhyno. Will do. Seems like SV decal is the consensus here. Exactly, why even have that option delete. Thx Destructo. You're right on the money. It's not about speed or lap times, but just the pure joy of being able to emotionally connect with the Diablo from a driver's perspective. Yes sir! Without a doubt.
  7. Thank you Allan! I agree...Diablo's are beautiful and timeless. Hardly anything can come close.
  8. After selling my Diablo with the GT kit, I toyed around with a G-TT and LP640. While both were amazing cars, I still longed for a proper Diablo replacement. Actually, about a few months ago, almost bought Alex Shen's LP640-TT, but was a day too late. Then this baby recently popped up locally and needless to say...I think it's a worthy replacement. Can't wait to bring her home. Will put on the "SV" decal though. Looks incomplete without.
  9. Why do people pull stupid shit like this. I just don't get it. I was looking forward to a good read.
  10. Had that same setup on the LP640 with Fabspeed minus primaries & secondaries. Super nice at WOT, but stinks like shit. After awhile, the droning gets really annoying and becomes stupid loud. Maybe I'm getting old. Good luck.
  11. Really appreciate your help fellas. However, it's currently showing that they are temporarily out of stock. I'll continue to check and update when they become available. I will reach out then. Thank you again!
  12. I would like to order some Sparco seats via Amazon.ca However, they cannot ship to my US address due to manuf stipulations. Would someone be able to help me order these seats and then ship to me afterwards? I would gladly pay a buyers fee for the trouble. I can pay via paypal once it arrive to your place. Total cost for 2 seats is 1300 canadian dollars. Please pm if you're able to help and we can work out the logistics. Much appreciated.
  13. Cool video. Miss that guy Tiff. He's a bit older now, but always entertaining to watch him.
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