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  1. Really appreciate your help fellas. However, it's currently showing that they are temporarily out of stock. I'll continue to check and update when they become available. I will reach out then. Thank you again!
  2. I would like to order some Sparco seats via Amazon.ca However, they cannot ship to my US address due to manuf stipulations. Would someone be able to help me order these seats and then ship to me afterwards? I would gladly pay a buyers fee for the trouble. I can pay via paypal once it arrive to your place. Total cost for 2 seats is 1300 canadian dollars. Please pm if you're able to help and we can work out the logistics. Much appreciated.
  3. Cool video. Miss that guy Tiff. He's a bit older now, but always entertaining to watch him.
  4. Congrats Jason! Your SVJ looks absolutely stunning. Share some interior pics when you can.
  5. Thx. Think it's the stance. The rear has been raised a bit but not yet for the front, giving it that raked appearance.
  6. Thx bro! Hope all is well with you. Post some more pics of your awesome car when you get a chance. Would love to see it more often. Thx! Appreciate it. Yes they are.
  7. Will do. Thx. Thx! A lot of work. Definitely not a bolt-on and go. No offense taken. Probably the stance. Both fronts and rears are 19s. Not a fan of staggered wheels myself. Thx but I'm gonna keep the wheels. Actually love them.
  8. Decided to do a purple wrap with Revozport SV kit. Took them forever to send the kit but I think it was worth the wait.
  9. Congrats! Sweet ride. Murci has awesome presence.
  10. murcivu

    ECPS Group

    Some racing body parts for the G.
  11. murcivu

    ECPS Group

    Anyone ever dealt with this group before? They are located in Poland. https://shop.ecpsgroup.com/_cart/index/
  12. LamboCARS...you got some skills. Need to be designing your own car one day or at least contract your work. You got a special talent here.
  13. Thx. I've always ordered primarily through Glen. You're right. He's a good guy with good prices, most of the time. I'm in no rush. Just wanted to see what was out there that was compatible.
  14. Actually, found some compatibles from Bosch... 26CA, B2604 all weather
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