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  1. For me, before, leather was in really good condition, but….full orange. Except roof, door, and dash…. wasn't possible for me. Our car deserve the best :-))
  2. Modifications finished : Really happy !! : Next Will be steering wheel
  3. Thank you ! Have specialist working with special cars (Rebellion Racing, Le Mans Series Team)
  4. Hi everyone, The interior apart from the roof, dorr trim, and Dashboard, was full orange. Here some photos to show you the work in progress for leather modifications. New Leather (OEM Lambo) and new color. Center console full Alcantara, seat alcantara, side seat leather Steering Wheel will be modified with Alcantara and carbon
  5. Is Anyone as already removed the center console (shift knob) ? I've made some research in the forum, but found Nothing. I would really be interesting if there is some photos / videos Thanks
  6. Thank you Old Guy Garage. Loves your YouTube channel ;-) Please, help me for my other question in the other topic. I know that you have the same Fabspeed i will perhaps order
  7. For the Interior's color, this is special order from the previous / first owner at the factory. I Don't really like it. I explain in the video that i gonna change that with the same color than Interior's door. It should be done during December ;-) For the sitcker i'm agree with you. I Don't think this is only in US. Waiting for a special order and i will put it off
  8. Yes !!, Well done Old Guy :-)). Your's is the best
  9. Here is guys a link for my Murci's presentation (French language sorry):
  10. Hi everyone, It's time for me to improve the murcielago's sound (OEM exhaust is actually on my car) Two choice are in front of me ( i Don't want complete exhaust ) What do you recommend : Fabspeed Primary catbypass pipes with valves, or, Quicksilver sport exhaust larini race. Just note that i don't want to loose torque. Thank you
  11. Impossible to touch up.... The idea was to try to keep the chome look. Now base is shiny black, with chrome like color layer . We don't see on the photo, but it makes rather well. In my opinion.
  12. Hello everyone, Some project for my new baby. My dealer received yesterday my hercule wheels, re-paint as new, was black chrome oem. Because of some scratch and impossible to find someone able to paint with original color we chose to modify it. Here is some photos. First is old color. Other project, are coming : spacer, leather modifications (seats and stearing wheel), exhaust (old guy garage is my inspiration ).
  13. Juju

    new tender

    Thank you Old Guy Garage ;-) Yours looks perfect. Gone try that
  14. Juju

    new tender

    Is someone could confirm i can use this tender with my Murci (2008 LP640) ? : https://www.amazon.com/CTEK-56-158-Automatic-Battery-Charger/dp/B000FQBWCY
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