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  1. Juju

    new tender

    Thank you Old Guy Garage ;-) Yours looks perfect. Gone try that
  2. Juju

    new tender

    Is someone could confirm i can use this tender with my Murci (2008 LP640) ? : https://www.amazon.com/CTEK-56-158-Automatic-Battery-Charger/dp/B000FQBWCY
  3. your video's cool. Great job for the plasti dip. Not sure with the caliper's colour now…..
  4. Thank you for your answer. For me it does not change anything about this car. This is an awsome creation, like Destructo said " definitely with their little issues, but it gives them character ". Has i explain in my other topic, the diag gave his result, It is the gaz filtering system that would have a slight leak. Nothing serious so. Will be repaired soon.
  5. So, diag test gave his results. It is the gaz filtering system that would have a slight leak. It will be fixed at the end of the season. ...In the meantime, we will be able to roll a little
  6. Has i explain in my precedent topic (new owner), i already have a " little " issue with my Murci. I put here this new topic. You can put Inside your experience with those dash light (engine & check engine L R light). Hope it doesn't exist (didn't found one) Is spoke with a specialist, apparently it could come from a cylinder because of a dirty valve causes malfunction cylinder (i'm not a Professional, but this is what i understand) It would be a known problem and very easily repaired. I will be able to confirm soon, i see the guy tomorrow.
  7. Thanks guy for your reply. Actually this is stock exhaust on my car. I'll keep you informed about whats happened with this problem.
  8. Hello everyone, Julien, from Switzerland (with not perfect English sorry). Just bought this used LP640 with SV kit. This is my first Lambo so your forum is a real help for me. I've started some modification. First, yes i Know you don't ride a Murci to hear music, but, the oem Kenwood is….non acceptable for me, so the kenwood ddx9904s will be the new radio I've just bought black Chrome Hercule Wheels (us seller) that i've just received. Some little scratch on it. Will be fix soon. Some alcantara cover with interior parts are coming to (steering Wheel, dash,etc…..) First problem coming. Yesterday, engine and check engine light appears…… Cars works really well, so i Don't know. Perhaps exhaust issue..Don't know….. Hope Nothing to serious…. Anyway, thank you for this huge source of information
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