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  1. Nice, love it! Thanks for sharing.
  2. Great job!. For some reason its very satisfying. Mine were just full of brake dust and grime. On the aluminum to make it pop and look new use Napa aluminum brightener. Its phosphoric acid.
  3. I do. They are not for a hard hit, but a scrape, which they are there to take instead of grinding paint and carbon fiber off your bumper. Skid plates are acceptable, IMHO. Compare it to paint protection film then.
  4. Thanks very much. I would rather have bought the skid plates but did not want the holes to mismatch.
  5. I have another video in the can, going to post it shortly showing that detail on the suspension as well as the brakes. Had it all apart at the same time. Here are some teaser pics of the front and rear suspension.
  6. Cheapest part on my Lamborghini Murcielago and I MADE IT Myself! See what I made and how I did it! https://youtu.be/Y6Ou_BV2Aps
  7. Won Best Lamborghini at the Festivals of Speed Mission Inn show yesterday :-) Wifey loves winning, LOL VID_27920404_191438_687.mp4
  8. Just posted it on YT showing the removal and repair of the front bumper after the hubcap hit. https://youtu.be/DLqUYaqOIzw
  9. Love that color, next to black of course.
  10. If you have not seen it, here is the hubcap hitting the Murci as well as me getting the bumper back from the bodyshop today bumperpaint.mp4
  11. They only took off .005 on the face, no problems. Also this guy is a pro that did them, not a hack. I had him do my maser rotors first, they were perfect like these were when I got them back. The finish was awesome. Though I understand the concern for sure.
  12. Thanks Destructo. The pedal hardness does not change at all, and on the Maser it stops just as good if not better. The benefit overall though is no brake dust. Here's the rotors after turning. Oreilly's $12 each, great job!
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