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  1. It was coming from the small hose to the valve body, y-pipe and the oring on the valve body under the fitting. Replaced both, all good. But I did all the low pressure hoses while I was there.
  2. I don't think its bad at all, but saying that I generally am moving forward ;-) This would be a good solution "If you remove the primary cats, and you find it too stinky, at least you can put back on the secondary cats as a solution (if you still have them), and not have to go to the effort of putting back on the stock primaries. "
  3. I just throw a thick towel/fender liner over the film.
  4. Glad to help. The wrap was a great find, much better than fender covers or towels, pretty cheap too. I can't find my link where I bought it, but there is other accident film on amazon and ebay. All should work. I still throw a towel over it to give it some padding as well.
  5. I know it works for removing urethane etc, really well, mine are great so I can't test it.
  6. Its not all Fabspeed, just the primaries, the rest is LOC. I found the LOC by itself good, but just did not have the shriek of an F1
  7. Less than a week to go for the First Mount Dora Supercar Saturday Event on April 13th at 9AM. I will be bring my Murci, hope to see some of you guys there !!
  8. Just getting into posting on this forum, thought I'd share how to I straight piped my Murci. Sound is incredible.
  9. So as not to hijack Stimpy's great thread on the front power steering hose replacement, here is my video of replacing the rear power steering hoses by the lift block and reservoir. Additionally it shows replacing the alternator cooling hose. All parts used are also detailed.
  10. I have used it to take parts off that had 1" of 5200 on it. It penetrates like wd 40 does with rusted parts. It's certainly worth a try, and if it works it looks like it might be a game changer. I thought I would throw it out there. Cost is about $40. Think of all the time, effort it would save and no cutting plastic.
  11. I am in the marine industry and we use a debonder to break and remove urethane, https://www.westmarine.com/buy/marine-formula--polyurethane-adhesive-spray-cleaner--12222295 If any of you have ever used 3m 5200 you know its some of the most tenacious stuff out there for an adhesive. My headlights are great, but this might be a solution for someone about to do this rather than cutting the plastic. Worth a try first. Thoughts?
  12. Your welcome, my pleasure. She did a great job. and likes the excitement, though that day it went bad :-0 I have offered to let her drive but she wants no part of it.
  13. We were taking a "spirited" drive in the Lamborghini Murcielago and the wife got sick, in the car. Thought I might share it. The engine sounds are musical. Share this one, LOL
  14. Love to see some of you guys at the show, let me know who might be coming.
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