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  1. If you are interested I have a Lara's computer. It includes the Dell computer with the ebay software installed, a BRAND NEW XS Basic, and a LP 640 Murcielago cable. I picked up that XS Basic by luck earlier this year. In any case since I sold my Murci I can let it go pretty cheap. I never did get to play with it. XS still in the box. 2K USD. PM me if you have an interest.
  2. Fun project for sure, but it's no longer a lamborghini, its a husk only, heart and soul is gone.
  3. Other than track use has anyone ever had them actually wear out given the miles they are driven? I just replaced a set with 2K miles for dust control and they were like brand new.
  4. The sensors are wired in a loop, if the loop is broken the light comes on. Like whiteout said, check the pad sensors to make sure they are not worn thru and the connectors as per Topjay, to make sure they are getting good contact. On the pad side you can check the circuit with a multimeter to see if you have continuity. Went thru that before I changed the pads, connector was not making good contact.
  5. I was going slow because I was trying to keep the noise down. You can hear my straight piped car over a mile away. Like the dog I am, I don't shit where I eat :-) Odd yes, all dressed in white and flowing. Weird, you bet.
  6. I saw a ghost while driving home from the acecafe supercar event in Orlando in the Lamborghini Murcielago and caught it on video. Take a look as it scared the crap out of me as I was driving on an empty road and just passed a 200 year old disused cemetery. I never see anyone out here driving, let alone walking late at night, never.
  7. I do have the nospotspro.com, yes and thatblackstuff.com. However these Lambo vids make me nothing and I do them because I like to share my journey. In the last one, I mentioned O'reilly's Auto parts, nothing there, and Hawk Pads, nothing there, just who I used and bought parts from.
  8. Glad you enjoyed it. As a note I am not monetized on youtube and make NOTHING from any video I post.
  9. Here you go, all you need. https://www.lambopower.com/forum/index.php?/topic/83623-you-need-a-new-2k-alternator-lies/
  10. Nice, love it! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Great job!. For some reason its very satisfying. Mine were just full of brake dust and grime. On the aluminum to make it pop and look new use Napa aluminum brightener. Its phosphoric acid.
  12. I do. They are not for a hard hit, but a scrape, which they are there to take instead of grinding paint and carbon fiber off your bumper. Skid plates are acceptable, IMHO. Compare it to paint protection film then.
  13. Thanks very much. I would rather have bought the skid plates but did not want the holes to mismatch.
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