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  1. Couldn't edit the post to put the videos so here they are orange LP700 that did 1.61 60ft (5:34 of the video) also they launched it at around 3700 rpm-4000 rpm not 3400rpm
  2. There are many videos of Aventadors having problems to gain traction after launching on a prepped dragstrip because of the way the launch system works and would cause the car to be between 0.2-0.7 secs slower than it actually is. there were some Aventadors that could launch properly and get a good time but alot pf them still have this problem. Among these few Aventadors that could launch good, I found a very interesting one... It launched very similar to how Huracan launches on a dragstrip with good tires and got a 1.61 60ft! Unfortunately the time wasn't shown at the end but it
  3. So we will have a hybrid Aventador az the next Aventador member since we won't see a new flagship till 2024
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