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  1. 550 Maranello I think can be special with enough time. It's one of those cars that I felt was awesome when it was new then kinda faded out a little bit over the years compared to say the Diablo. But as a GT it had elegant styling, stickshift, and great packaging. The sound isn't as glorious as other Ferrari 12s (IMHO) which is one reason I hold it back compared to say the TR lineup. Very competent car. The issue in the short term are some of the parts and the availability of them. I'm told there's an issue where if the airbag becomes defective with the steering wheel then there are no replacement parts for it. For the purists that have to be 100% OEM that's a big deal. Not sure if Ferrari will make replacement OEM wheels. One other interesting item is I think the car can be every bit as valuable (if not more) painted in a color other than red. Titanium, gun metal grey, dark blue, black in particular I'd rather have then red. The Diablo should be worth more money but 20% tops. _____________________________ SeatsAndChairs.com Inc.
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