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  1. Thanks. Hopefully late next week or the following. Having some tint put on and the skid plate then they can ship
  2. Its been a really long time since I've posted on the forum. I sold my Gallardo a year and half ago and have been out of the market till recently. Just closed a deal on a 2020 Evo (more pics to follow). Just looking for some general tips about the car. Glad to be back on "the game" and am stoked to get this car and enjoy the latest from Lamborghini!
  3. Just called again and they have a place they use. He's going to get me their info. Thanks Brian hope you are well. Saw a great review of you on the forum, you deserve it you do a great job.
  4. I did talk to him an she said SpecWheels is great but they won't repair the wheel. Said it's too intricate of a design to repair.
  5. Would you take this to them? Obviously would like it to be back to original nit sure that's gonna happen. I don't want someone to make it worse.
  6. Just called and talked with Chris. Said they can repair it (not back to perfect obviously) but can make it much better for about $100. Think I'll try them out I'd still like other suggestions in the mean time if anyone has some. Thanks Jeff-
  7. Do you have contact info it's worth a call. Thanks
  8. I nicked a curb a few weeks ago and am looking to get my wheel repaired (if possible). I contacted SpecWheels and they said they can't repair it. Any ideas or suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  9. I tried everything and nothing works. It appears there is a "bumper" version and a "visor" version. Maybe I'm reading it wrong but I've tried pointing it everywhere and it simply doesn't work. I'll try this when I get home this weekend and see if it works.
  10. I searched the forum and couldn't find anything recent. How can you add an iPod interface to the factory unit?
  11. Trying to program the home link transmitter (I have the sun visor version) and cannot for the life of me get it to work. Anyone have any advice or help they can offer up? Thanks Jeff-
  12. Still Flying for UA in DEN just moved back to the 737 for a MUCH better schedule!
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