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  1. topcabron

    The Joker

    Where is “here” crazy part art is vip seats cost 120 pesos($6.00) which is less than a regular seat in the states. Big seat, food service, and no riff raff. Hard to get better
  2. topcabron

    The Joker

    I watched at a vip theater where I had my big comfy seat and people are respectful. The movie really good. And Joaquin is very good in this role. i want the joker 2
  3. topcabron

    The Joker

    Joaquin Phoenix is fcuking nuts
  4. I live 500 meters from route 66 but over the last week we have been from south of Springfield to today’s drive to Bloomington.
  5. Took a nice drive in old Route 66 today Downtown Bloomington surprising no strange questions
  6. Chemical guys makes a clay bar that attaches to the rotary speeds things up nice even though I work at the slow spin speed.
  7. Thanks four hours of clay bar, polish, wax
  8. Nice day for a detail then drive
  9. mindhunter slasher binge worthy
  10. I think riding the bike with the thin air and crazy drivers would have been too challenging. we just hiked which provided enough fun. the crowd was at Plaza De Armas in Cusco on Sunday. Peru played Brazil in soccer for the championship of Copa America. The first time ever Peru found itself in the finals(Peru is no powerhouse in Soccer). SO the municipality set up a huge jumbo television and all of Cusco went. That was a pretty amazing event.
  11. I want to bring one home
  12. Went to sacred valley two days ago, lots of Inca ruins and Sunday is Manchu pichu. i get a rest day tomorrow today we climbed almost to 17,000 ft crazy
  13. Maybe not on everyone’s hot list for vacation but Peru is fcuking amazing. In Cusco for a week and the people are friendly, food is delicious. amazing! been doing tours from cusco(11,000 ft elevation) and it goes up from there. Today was a 4.5 mile hike up steep rocky terrain to an amazing lake called humacae with a back drop of ice. Tomorrow is rainbow mountain at 15,000 feet. spectacular
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