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  1. I think riding the bike with the thin air and crazy drivers would have been too challenging. we just hiked which provided enough fun. the crowd was at Plaza De Armas in Cusco on Sunday. Peru played Brazil in soccer for the championship of Copa America. The first time ever Peru found itself in the finals(Peru is no powerhouse in Soccer). SO the municipality set up a huge jumbo television and all of Cusco went. That was a pretty amazing event.
  2. I want to bring one home
  3. Went to sacred valley two days ago, lots of Inca ruins and Sunday is Manchu pichu. i get a rest day tomorrow today we climbed almost to 17,000 ft crazy
  4. Maybe not on everyone’s hot list for vacation but Peru is fcuking amazing. In Cusco for a week and the people are friendly, food is delicious. amazing! been doing tours from cusco(11,000 ft elevation) and it goes up from there. Today was a 4.5 mile hike up steep rocky terrain to an amazing lake called humacae with a back drop of ice. Tomorrow is rainbow mountain at 15,000 feet. spectacular
  5. Yeah, you have to work at it and it’s all quads and strong ankles.
  6. its not easy comparing to cycling, you have to have good technique or you will not go fast
  7. I’ve been skating for cross training for about 20 years. just like cycling I have my collection of old skates. As skating has changed through the years, just picked up some Simmons boots with Simmons frames. Probably the newest change over the last couple of years is wheel diameter. When I started 80mm was common and 84mm was pushing the limits with five wheel frames. Now, as with these frames, 125 mm is the “new” norm. workout is pretty extreme. Love coming up to cyclists, drafting behind and then passing them. They never expect that. Speeds range from 15-25mph(sometimes faster) anybody else skate?
  8. Drove the Ferrari down to the other home countach now won’t be alone
  9. All the above this house is in Illinois
  10. Spanish colonial Circa 1924 garage is new
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