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  1. They put a hold as a temporary charge of 5% or the max of $5000 the charge is only temporary until the end
  2. Outside of ordering the Senna and not having to pay for it, I'm sure the car is spectacular to drive what ever the circumstance. Styling aside(I love it but that's personal taste as some don't)the mechanics and aero cannot ignored as one of the best track cars that you can street and vice versa. I can only drive the predecessor to the senna, and think a lot of technology went from learning from my car went into the Senna.
  3. slow compared to todays supercars. no less fun to drive as nothing is taken for granted you make a mistake and the car won't save you
  4. glad joe is not here as we would have 20 pages of testimonials carb vs. injection. Countachs are beautifully(brutally) slow, you don't buy them for speed.
  5. This is a lose/ lose situation The police afraid to do their job..... that’s a good situation to have(sarcasm)
  6. I daily drive my A45amg Yellow night edition chipped to 550hp. i love it have never had a problem, ultra reliable
  7. I know the the mclaren gets a bad rap , but this 675lt is amazing. The troubles with the 12c and 650 that preceded the 675 tend to bare the brunt of a new company making a highly technical Machine. The 675 was made in such limited amounts that it has suffered less. As far as driving, it really needs to be experienced. It’s light, fast, nimble. I love it’s looks(subjective). The performance is incredible. Though there are haters on the mclaren, the 675lt has very few (if any) bad reviews.
  8. I can relate. I got the old, the older
  9. To bad you can title this and use this on the road. For a 20 year old super car, still a relevant brutal machine
  10. Looks are subjective with all the tech and aero of the 720s it’s hard to compete with. i love the looks of the mclaren and it has the performance to back it up
  11. I love it I have the Bugatti and he Porsche. this will make a nice addition
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