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  1. Finally got a garage worthy of the countach house isn’t bad either
  2. Took two weeks off from my devil mountain coffee(vacation) fcuk, That’s one strong brew
  3. Summer with the Countach and the Ferrari in the midwest
  4. Since the engine out, just an I change over the past year.
  5. Actually the car performed perfectly. i had a complete engine tear down and had everything rebuilt. I also added a new ignition system that revs freely up to 8000+rpms. plus I have hotter cams and bigger Webber’s. it sucks on gas but will be competitive with 348s and 355s
  6. Drove about 300 miles in perfect spring weather in the midwest last couple of days. Not a super car but handles great and accelerates quickly.
  7. Devil Mountain Coffee black label is deadly. has 1600 mg of caffein compared to death Wish at 728. And it's delicious.
  8. Got my kiss tickets for mke in march was my first concert when I was 16
  9. I have some lightweight wheels with standard brakes. I will stay with them for a while
  10. I was willing to buy just about any pro level bike this bike does everything well. not the lightest but the transmission of power is immeadiate and smooth. bought some s works 7 shoes- they are the bomb. Fit perfect
  11. Lots of places to ride without gravel. phil was a nice guy
  12. Merry Christmas to me and my wife
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