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  1. This is a lose/ lose situation The police afraid to do their job..... that’s a good situation to have(sarcasm)
  2. I daily drive my A45amg Yellow night edition chipped to 550hp. i love it have never had a problem, ultra reliable
  3. I know the the mclaren gets a bad rap , but this 675lt is amazing. The troubles with the 12c and 650 that preceded the 675 tend to bare the brunt of a new company making a highly technical Machine. The 675 was made in such limited amounts that it has suffered less. As far as driving, it really needs to be experienced. It’s light, fast, nimble. I love it’s looks(subjective). The performance is incredible. Though there are haters on the mclaren, the 675lt has very few (if any) bad reviews.
  4. Thank you I feel that way
  5. I can relate. I got the old, the older
  6. To bad you can title this and use this on the road. For a 20 year old super car, still a relevant brutal machine
  7. Looks are subjective with all the tech and aero of the 720s it’s hard to compete with. i love the looks of the mclaren and it has the performance to back it up
  8. I love it I have the Bugatti and he Porsche. this will make a nice addition
  9. topcabron


    Thank you even the ct is 30+ years old I had it out today and it still performs well.
  10. topcabron


    So far, incredible
  11. topcabron


    Thank you I will post up more once I am registered and get to drive this fcuking covid and dmv closures
  12. topcabron


    Thank you I hope my first impressions last every drive i found myself the majority of my day just staring at the this world of art.
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