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  1. Thoughts? https://karenable.com/supercar-market-update-q1-2020/
  2. mexican government is doing nothing to enforce any stay at home orders. The resort i work at has shut down and all our resorts are closed. that's 10,000 rooms. other resorts are closed completely. Yet there are restraunts and bars, retail stores, and other businesses ignoring the stay at home order. I now know three confirmed deaths from the corona virus here, and the minister of health is still saying zero. We are not safe as long as the government does nothing to help protect us with valid, relevant real information
  3. I just found out a co worker passed from this virus. It’s so frustrating to live in a place that there is such a huge cover up and misinformation. The government is hiding cases and calling the illness pneumonia and not covid. for what? Sacrifice lives for perception
  4. I don’t believe any sector will go untouched. If someone is not feeling the effect of this now, something tells me they will. The economic impact will be deep, unlike anything we have felt before. the dominoes will keep falling for months and the band aid that will be distributed will be nothing to the loss that many many people will endure. fcuk that was bleak to write, but I see no other track
  5. Finally AMLO told people to stay home. These next two weeks are the biggest national travel weeks. resorts are literally closed which I have never seen before. i hope the world comes up with a solution or this is going to keep going around and around
  6. since I am in the travel business, this has hit our resort hard. We are down to 40% occupancy(that's fine as the less exposed the better). My main concern is that Mexico is not prepared and appears to be apathetic to the seriousness of the situation. This is not going to simply go away. And what's worse, we are coming up on the biggest two weeks of travel for nationals(semana santa and easter). I want to get the hell out of here before all shit breaks loose.
  7. I feel the new corvette borrowed a lot of design from every car manufacturer. I think its going to be a home run. I was looking this morning and this came to mind.
  8. Why part out a running functioning car? i guess if there is frame damage.
  9. Interesting the results and which cars did well
  10. https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/63064833/hagerty-insider-issue-7 page 67 draws attention to the under market sale for the 500 s Countach
  11. very nice perfect next to the Countach and Testarosa Congratulations I know you have wanted one for a long time
  12. I feel like you’re the last one standing, the last consistent poster on this forum. Without you, who knows where Lambo Power would beI feel like you’re the last one standing, the last consistent poster on this forum. Without you, who knows where Lambo Power would be
  13. Are you asking about the color preference for you and how you should negotiate a better deal, or, are you asking after you purchase what the resale will be like for the car down the road? I always find buying the color you like is better than buying the color someone else would like in the future. Since I’m the one that has to look at the car every time I drive it I’m gonna drive the car that I like looking at. What happens later takes care ofnitself.
  14. thought the car looked familiar
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