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  1. Anyone know who this belongs to? Im in Vegas and would love to go for a ride before I send my G in to UGR
  2. I agree 100%, someone should ban the OP
  3. Sticks and stones may brake my bones but names will never hurt me! Hahaha some real winners we got here, making a stupid joke out to be something bigger than it really is... You guys are my idols for being probably twice my age and making stupid comments like these! A+ for entertainment tho
  4. Well since I own the car i guess the only answer, would be me? No? He was suppose to turn it off but didn't... Should I have beat him for that? Or maybe I should have beat him because he left my car running for 3 minutes in front of my house... How dare he huh??
  5. You know what, not only are you right, but your opinion means everything to me! Im going to get that changed back in the AM. Sorry for the gayness... Il post some pics up of the Conti when I get back to my other house that has them on the comp guys. Its a 1963 and im going to have MobSteel do everything on it. They are the top Conti builders in the Country http://www.mobsteel.com/
  6. No they don't... See when I bought the car i could have bought the Murc if i wanted to... But I drive the car 5 days a week and the murcie is wider, lower and i always find myself constantly getting out of the seat to check my blind spots.. All in all not a car I would be happy driving 5 days a week... The door kit is just a mod, and it can be put back to stock. But for now since its my car and not yours, it stays
  7. hahaha man o man, i expected some flaming comments but when you make comments about my lambo door kit or something as stupid as my car idling infront of my house that just makes me laugh... No need for the HATING fellas, not hurting my feelings and just making urself look like a hater ! I can see this forum above all has the most keyboard tough guys...
  8. Hey guys, we were bored and chilling in the backyard when we had a argument... Only one way to solve it! This was just for ****s and giggles so no need for the immaturity comments http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxmruMP8kvI
  9. Don't leave it stock. That car would look soo sexy if you blacked it out!
  10. hahaha thanks buddy, if your at any of the meets in cali im sure we will run into each other. Look for the G with the poseur doors lol
  11. Wow... Roger is my favourite lightweight for a reason
  12. lol "ghetto poser" bit too harsh on your word choice... Call me different. Everyone in the NSX community likes to have their cars lowered with nice wheels... I don't. I did a Sorcery widebody kit from Japan and turbo'd it 650RWHP... Do not like plain looks with my sports/exotic cars. My Gallardo Spyder will not be any different... Iv done alot to it over the past few months, all there is left to do is UndergroundRacings 1000rwhp kit. If everyone had the same taste and did their cars the same that would be GHEY. At the end of the day its all about making yourself happy. I for one will not be upset whatsoever if someone doesn't share my taste Lambo
  13. Hahahaha. Just give it a chance. Il post pics up this weekend
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