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  1. Smash Boy

    Bring the old site back

    I'm not sure I fully concur with your point about Social media killing forums. Forums were around before SM, and they had a different purpose. FB, Twitter, Instagram all have their purposes but none of which IMHO are ideal to replace what forums have been for those who follow passions (i.e. cars, motorcycles, sports teams, audio, etc.). The email lists of old (Ferrari List, Lamborghini List) were largely killed off but still remain (the F one does, not sure about L). A forum is a more efficient way of managing discussions than email, although I do miss that the lists were not anonymous and thus kept people in check a lot better. I just can't see FB replacing forums. But if it does, oh well so be it. Haha.
  2. Smash Boy

    Ferrari 328 GTS Widebody Build for SEMA 2018

    Why does it have to be slammed? Looks fine otherwise even if it's a 328 re-styled as a 308.
  3. Smash Boy

    My Bugatti Chiron has arrived

    I missed the EB110 acquisition. Stunning, and another legend of the '90s!!
  4. Smash Boy

    New Ford GT

    I have no skin in the game, but would recommend you drive the car before declaring it just a looker. I felt the 2005 FGT was a special car beyond its mere power and sound. It just had that feel in the steering, shifter, clutch, interior that separated it from a viper or POS. I had no idea I would have liked it so much prior to driving it. The new GT being designed as a race car first then detuned for the road versus virtually every other car should be intriguing. Ford will say the V6TT was the best choice of engine, and for racing it probably was. Otherwise for a pure street car, would have liked to have seen a V12.
  5. Smash Boy

    New Ford GT

    Agreed. Their vetting process seems more arrogant than the Ferrari way. It's like the consumers are an extension of the marketing budget.
  6. Smash Boy

    Dont see this everyday

    Agreed. 917 has to be the pinnacle of Porsche automobiles.
  7. Smash Boy

    My dynamic duo !

    Automated seatbelts in the TR....what year is it? 90?
  8. Smash Boy

    Ford GT vs ZR1 Video

    The early vlog reviews of the GT had it pegged as a "feels" car, particularly the steering. Instrument testing will not confirm or deny that, only a subjective evaluation can. Magazines in particular have been concerning from the beginning of time (and a bunch have called the Urus overrated while the subjective reports from people connected in the LP community is saying anything but). I knew it would be "slow" in a straight line. Lap times it might be beatable by other cars, but that doesn't tell the whole story. It was engineered as a race car then detuned for the street, which is the opposite of everything else that's out there (a luxury Ford would have that the major manufacturers wouldn't). My only real concern with the car was that it could do everything really well except blow you away with its sound.
  9. Smash Boy

    Fcuking loaner!

    $600k for a Phantom?? Unreal.
  10. Smash Boy

    Fcuking loaner!

    I keep hearing this complaint from hardcore Rolls Royce and Bentley purists. Love the way the newer cars look, but the interior quality keeps dipping (relatively speaking). Mulliner on the other hand can keep it up. Not sure who the RR equivalent is?
  11. Smash Boy

    Here . . . we . . . GO!!! -- Khabib vs. Conor

    I enjoyed the fight and post fight. That was some post fight venom, damn.
  12. Smash Boy

    Look what finally got here!

    Looks great! Congrats!!
  13. Smash Boy

    My 2018 Performante in Rosso Mars is here!

    Stunning car!!!!! The exclusion of red for Lambos because of their rival down the road is silly.