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  1. Smash Boy

    My "new" Car

    How about start with a nice aftermarket steering wheel? You know, the only thing needed on a car, per me.
  2. Americans don't buy wagons unfortunately.
  3. I know the concern of buying from a private party, and went through this last year and didn't purchase anything from a private party but settled on a dealer. At the very least if you go through with this, I'd hope the car in question has a clear title so that's not another hurdle to deal with. Dealerships have to guarantee title in like 30-45 days (lien or no lien), which is peace of mind that is worth it. Once you sign the contract and give them money, they'll do all the work with registration/temp tags, etc. Unless you do this often or like doing this stuff, seems like a hassle.
  4. I always wondered how the Performante and SV(J) can be so fast at the Nurburgring and not much faster (if at all) than the competition at other tracks. Figured it was the ALA system adding incremental touches throughout a 13 mile track, that over several minutes would be notable. What the Porsche engineers said is most certainly true, and I wouldn't doubt them. But I believe they were talking about the perspective of instantaneous cornering grip versus what it could do over a long period of time. And with that, Nurburgring lap times, as cool as they are, aren't the best indica
  5. The idea sounds worse than the reality I think, with the exception of Geneva. In the states, for quite a number of years, Lamborghini and Ferrari were no shows at the NY Auto Show (consolation prize was Manhattan Motorcars had a booth right outside the main gate). I think maybe in the late '80s/early '90s they had a presence then by mid '90s to mid '00s were missing. Eventually they returned and then they all came (McLaren). Detroit I believe had exotics uninterrupted, with them being the center of the auto industry here obviously. LA I don't recall, but I believe they were slightly
  6. A GT that has the raw feel of a '91 is pretty wicked. Hopefully you got the brakes from a GT in this one too.
  7. Late to this thread but have seen the car on IG/FB..... Wingless better with Bravos? I concur with Allan Lamborghini!
  8. Unfortunately most people cannot handle reality. They definitely prefer to hear what they want to hear than the truth. And of course they tend to panic too easily. What I've discovered is that bad things actually happening are usually not as bad as thinking they will happen (and then not even happening). So for example, being pulled in and laid off from a job stings but is not as stressful as worrying about that possibility for weeks or months. We find ways to deal with stuff in the moment that when looked back in context you often wonder how you dealt with it, but you did. I
  9. BTW, this virus pandemic sheds a whole new perspective on being financially independent. The enlightened people know that owning a business is the way to go for security over being an employee, but yet certain businesses have been told to shut down completely and many have had their cash flows affected severely. Yet employees of companies that can work from home, have experienced no real risk, at least not for awhile. Construction workers only have to deal with the physical risks, but still have plenty of work to do. Fortunately for those of us in the construction industry, that continue
  10. I agree, the complete lack of a timeline is super frustrating. Anyone who has ever been out of a job for several months can tell you that having no idea when it will end is a thousand times worse than knowing when it will end, even if it seems longer than you'd like. I was reading an article that said that the government just bypassed businesses' ability to come up with their own social distancing guidelines and other sanitizing measures. We went from complete normalcy one day to full shutdown of public places pretty damn fast with nothing in between. Now, you could argue that the s
  11. For a bigger extended stay in Italy and a direct flight from major hub cities, this is preferred.
  12. Man, what an itinerary that is! I just saw on IG that bunch of Lambo guys went to the drift school out there....must be the same guys.....lucky!!
  13. A very well made film I thought. It definitely was more of a story about Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles than it was about the Ford GT40 vs Ferrari P3/4 battles at Le Mans, which gives it universal appeal outside of the car fanatic genre. Everything was top notch as far as dialogue, acting, driving action, cinematography, pacing, scenes in Italian, etc. You'd figure with Maaaaatttt Daaaaamuuun and Christian Bale you'd get a quality product, but no guarantees in this business. The movie uncovers the little known fact that Ferrari was willing to consider the buyout from For
  14. I agree in spirit with Destructo, but the problem is that it's just way too hard to determine where the line should be drawn on which cars should not be touched whatsoever, which cars can but should be done in proper taste, and maybe even if nobody should say a thing about modifying cars and people can do whatever the hell they want. Let's take something a bit more mild. *Real* Lamborghinis and Ferraris of the '70s and '80s getting subtle style treatments and engine work (i.e. bigger, more modern wheels and rubber, proper engine builds). The community seems to be divided on this, but cert
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