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  1. For a bigger extended stay in Italy and a direct flight from major hub cities, this is preferred.
  2. Man, what an itinerary that is! I just saw on IG that bunch of Lambo guys went to the drift school out there....must be the same guys.....lucky!!
  3. A very well made film I thought. It definitely was more of a story about Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles than it was about the Ford GT40 vs Ferrari P3/4 battles at Le Mans, which gives it universal appeal outside of the car fanatic genre. Everything was top notch as far as dialogue, acting, driving action, cinematography, pacing, scenes in Italian, etc. You'd figure with Maaaaatttt Daaaaamuuun and Christian Bale you'd get a quality product, but no guarantees in this business. The movie uncovers the little known fact that Ferrari was willing to consider the buyout from Ford but balked at the idea of giving up full control of his racing program, which was more important to him than actually building street cars. Despite this, it still parrots the idea that Ferrari rebuffed Ford out of arrogance. What was cool is hearing all of the names being mentioned that if you've followed racing from the old days you'd recognize. Even to hear Bob Bondurant get talked about as a racer is wild...….you forget he raced Le Mans and is still alive! Would definitely recommend to anyone, esp. anyone on here. The Fords and Ferraris sounded great too. BTW, this movie is called "Le Mans 66" in most other countries....
  4. I agree in spirit with Destructo, but the problem is that it's just way too hard to determine where the line should be drawn on which cars should not be touched whatsoever, which cars can but should be done in proper taste, and maybe even if nobody should say a thing about modifying cars and people can do whatever the hell they want. Let's take something a bit more mild. *Real* Lamborghinis and Ferraris of the '70s and '80s getting subtle style treatments and engine work (i.e. bigger, more modern wheels and rubber, proper engine builds). The community seems to be divided on this, but certainly not to the extent of kit car madness, or maybe doing LS swaps into the exotics. The general idea is to keep the DNA of the cars relatively in tact and do what's tasteful. The Countach for example I've considered relative perfection from a styling standpoint for a car of that vintage - meaning, it had decent non SUV ride height, good looking wheels, etc. which was no all that common back then. I can't say the same for the Boxer from the factory.........nice but could be better. I've seen some work from Caribou that made the BB look a lot more aggressive while still maintaining the overall look (imagine F40 wheels and ride height under a BB body). Some could be sticklers for OE wheels but that's going too far IMO. Had the Jalpa only come with the wheels they tended to come with, I'd definitely insist on putting those Silhouette Bravo wheels on them (I know I've seen a few just like this) - 85% of the reason why the Silhouette looks better are probably the wheels. There are some kits by RCR for the old GT40 and 917 that are somewhat tempting if one could source the original engine. If you don't pass them off as the real thing, don't see the issue (also very common with the 289/427 Cobras and Daytona coupes). It's tricky, but if it's generally distasteful to where many people can easily see why it's a bad idea, then I agree that people should make an effort to discourage those from going through with their stupidities. The amount of energy and time the whole lot of us on this forum have point into cars over their entire lifetime is far too great to merely just ignore desecrations as they come about.
  5. Was great to hear from Ferruccio directly on the Urraco-Dino 308 GT/4 connection.....confirms that the Dino 308 GT/4 for all intents and purposes is a Ferrari with Lamborghini styling. I've always read that Enzo Ferrari had a mock up that allowed him to modify the wheelbase and a few other dimensions of the Dino in the prototype phase, so it's likely that what we know now as the 308 GT/4 would have looked slightly different as an Urraco had Ferruccio accepted it. All that's left of the mystique is why Enzo went to Bertone for his 2+2 car and not Pininfarina? I've read some things, but nothing was ever conclusive. And surely he knew he had a Lamborghini on his hands and still accepted the design to be built for production.
  6. I'm a big fan of the AMG GT. The blue one in the OP looks really nice.
  7. Ferrari doesn't play passive aggressive games, and to do so would acknowledge Chevrolet as an equal.......couldn't have that.
  8. Smash Boy


    Do we know if the Sterrato comes with a hydraulic e-brake? Very important to know!! There's the Jaguar F Type rally car, so Lamborghini wouldn't be the first to do this even in the last year.
  9. Congrats, your SV looks stunning!! Very cool comparison on the Performante. Kinda need both cars if possible to satisfy all Lamborghini related thirsts. Word on the street is that the SV is louder/more raw than the SVJ.....a fascinating thing to hear from someone who has driven both. Best of luck!
  10. Good stuff......I gotta get me a sim. I never fully appreciated how good these things are. But FFS, use a real steering wheel not a controller.....
  11. Islero is probably my favorite of the vintage front engined Lambos. A great value too when put up against other Italian cars of the era.
  12. Now do this race from a roll, and the results would be even more lopsided for the first two finishers.....
  13. After seeing the latest DragTimes Huracan vs. 488 video, I've come to the conclusion that the Huracan is a fast car with an unbelievably blessed package (light weight, AWD, mid-engined, short wheelbase, launch control algorithm). It's probably the best car I've ever seen in that regard because the power/weight ratio is not particularly special, and yet it runs the 1/4 really, really well relative to most other cars. 602hp/413 lb-ft, AWD pushing 3400-3500 lbs is very good, but it's not better than 661 hp/561 lb-ft in a similar weight RWD car (488), or 647 hp/550 lb-ft in another light RWD (Ford GT). Normally drag racers like *longer* wheelbases because it reduces the chance of the front end coming off the ground. But the hardcore draggers typically do it with front engined, RWD muscle cars. The mid-engine AWD car eliminates all of that to the point where the longer wheelbase is a disadvantage (until of course we're talking maybe 1000+ hp or something). The Aventador's longer wheelbase I think hurts it slightly in these close battles with the Huracan. Anyway, Huracan (even Performante) I cannot believe is faster in the real world than the 488 (even the "old" one), 720S, Aventador, Ford GT, F12, 812, and other cars with better power/weight ratios. I know the niche here of DragTimes is drag racing from standstill, but at some point people are going to believe this thing is faster than a 918, P1, ThethetheFerrari, Senna, etc.
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