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  1. Your not arguing , I trust your word went off the video. All good! Glad you were safe . Great save
  2. Nothing ... Kevin gets his “bragging” rights with no respect from anyone there
  3. I said UG , meaning this car was trying to sling shot and in fact did. Why tony is not letting the lambo go first in the staging is beyond me. I would be like you go first and ill pace you...
  4. asier race did not mean much to Tony, since tony had a BYE and would race there winner from the Yellow and green UG car. so regardless it would have been a Lambo VS tony
  5. this is about KOTS right? lets get an even hit race and may the best car win. WTF
  6. go to 13 min mark... https://www.facebook.com/hightechcorvette/v...67645743275718/
  7. not saying i am right. But he was CLEARLY past the line at 212 mph... GTR hits the brakes and then he does and spin out...
  8. video looked like you hit the brakes too hard , it was after you crossed the line? you were off the throttle ? unless I watched the wrong video.
  9. they will be fine with the tires they have. motor is on top of the tires and they are doing just fine on the hit.
  10. should be a close one for sure. I am sure UGR will try and jump Tony.
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