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  1. Thanks again! I've only had it four three weeks and already driven it for about 1900 miles. What an amazing car :) Kind of using it as a daily driver now when I've moved temporarily away from the city to my house on the country side. It's super easy in automatic mode in city traffic, although loud of course and a bit tricky to fill with grocery bags behind the roll cage ;)
  2. Hi again, Thanks for your comments! Now she's home in Stockholm. I don't have much to compare with since it's my first sports car, but I'm completely in love with it - the looks, the sound and the driving experience. It's just out of this world for me, especially since the nearest I've driven before is a Porsche 996 Carrera. And the color is just amazing in person. Looks fantastic with the black wheels, yellow PCCB calipers, tinted windows and yellow 3 point seat belts. Will try to get some professional photos from a friend of mine later in the spring.
  3. Thanks a lot guys! I've waited so long for this day. I almost can't sleep at night. Damn, I'm 37 but I'm more excited now than the days before christmas when I was seven. Is that normal? @ Destructo: Yes, it will be a drive of about 400 miles to bring it home. So I'm flying over with a friend to pick it up and go for a road trip. First track event with instructor is also booked for May. Not planning to track it that much really, but I have to try it. It's probably addictive though Not sure about the wheels, does it look better in light or dark grey rather than black?
  4. Hi all, Have mostly been lurking around here for about 15 years now, and today I finally signed the contract with a Porsche dealer in Sweden for my first sports car - a 2018 991 GT3. My initial plan was to get a 991 Carrera from 2014-2015, but eventually I couldn't resist the GT3. I guess I'm the kind of person who either goes for all or nothing It's sapphire blue with PCCB, extended leather interior and some other extras. Around 15'000 kms. Haven't even seen it in person or driven it. Needless to say, I look forward to pick it up in about three weeks Will post some more pictures then. Edit: sorry for the low quality pics. Got them from the dealer. Will post better high res. ones once I get it.
  5. Some video footage of the LP 670-4 Custom built exhaust. Nice sound!
  6. Saw this car downtown yesterday, and thought it looked so good I had to post some pics of it. It's tuned by Speedart and has 620hp / 840nm according to the owner. Pics also taken by him:
  7. CHE

    430 Scuderia

    Some pics from the preview at Fiorano
  8. That guy you're talking about really has an amazing collection , however these are two different owners. I've only heard that the Diablo GT and Countach owner also has a bunch of Porsches and F-cars, don't know which models.
  9. As far as I know it's not for sale at the moment, or at least this private owner is not publicly announcing that it is These pictures were taken in July this summer, so it must have been sold some time before that.
  10. Yes. You can hardly see it on the picture, but it has a license plate from Ross
  11. BTW, sorry about the poor background and the excited McDonald's employee running around the car with perfect timing :week The last picture almost invites to a contest- "what is he going to say to his boss when he gets back inside?" :finga:
  12. Hi there, Thought I should post some pictures I took this summer of one of the craziest, most stunning cars I have ever seen. I'm pretty sure this is the only Diablo GT in Sweden, no 19/80. The orange color in contrast to all the carbon fibre details is just unbelievably beautiful! The owner also has a Countach and some other exotics.
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