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  1. lol thanks for link and this does not look like something I want to be done to my car. I'm gonna go with the engine out option and I'll be replacing the clutch and thrustbearing while I'm at it. Do you guys have any suggestion as to what else I should be aware of as in what to replace while the engine is out. This is the first time the car will have its engine out service. 12 years isn't too bad if you ask me.
  2. thanks for the reply. I've actually had the car since new and its the first time I've encountered this problem with it. I'm just a bit reluctant to have the engine out for 2 egear sensor and want to see if anyone had any similar experience or if any one tried replacing these 2 sensors without removing the whole drive train.
  3. Any updated on this issue? Did switching out the brake sensors rectify the problem? I'm having a strange E-gear issue with my 2008 LP640 coupe as well. Gearbox runs fine when not switched on and runs through all the gears with ease. From what the dealer tells me, the gearbox changes gear fine when its cold but the gearbox light comes on when it gets warm and refuses to get into gear. Dealer said the Selespeed sensor is throwing cold and they'll have to take out the whole drivetrain to replace them. Did you have any fault codes on your's when you had the issue?
  4. martinngan

    SE 30

    Has anyone heard of a RHD SE30 that came with factory roll cage?
  5. martinngan

    SE 30

    Can someone please post some yellow se30 pics?
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