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  1. I'm curious to anyone who has done a real wheel drive conversion what the cost was? I'm going to go that direction, car is in the shop at Lamborghini Sarasota. I have seen different kits, what is the best and how much time should it take to install and an approximate total cost? Finally, have you been happy with the results?
  2. Looks like orange scissors pointing to the right missing the handle lol
  3. This only comes on after the engine gets warm 10-15 min. First thing in the morning R and every other gear works perfect. Give it 10-15 min of driving this light comes on and when I am stopped it's almost impossible to get into R. For some reason I can't get the damn attachment to load. The light I am talking about is up to the right and looks like two little wings or something to that effect. Maybe bonnet open or something? Thanks for any help.
  4. We will see what happens this week. They are thinking it has something to do with the brake and possible bonnet. Here is a guy had similar problem Lambo egear shift problem
  5. That was replaced. We replaced egear sensor, clutch sensor, egear actuator, accumulator, F1 pump, clutch PIS, clutch, TO bearing, rebuilt transmission at Lambo Dallas and on and on. They are thinking maybe the brake switch is going bad. Small plunger apparatus. Apparently this will keep the car from going into gear. Car shifts fine when not running. Only when running have an issue getting into R and going into 1 Works most of the time. Let car cool down then works fine for a bit. At least one time so far.
  6. Ok, spoke with Marc at Lambo Dallas. We went through some troubleshooting. The car engages all of the gears perfectly with the ignition switch on. It is only when it is running that it sometimes has an issue going into R or 1. We put the car into R and got out to see if the car would move if we pushed on it. It does indeed engage into gear and only moves in N We're thinking an electrical fail safe somewhere? Any thoughts ??
  7. Ok, turned off power main to car this morning. Crank car goes into reverse drives fine for 15 minutes. Back to the same problem.
  8. Have a question. I picked up my car, runs fantastic, sounds great, shifts smooth as a babies butt and then this happens. I run into a problem after my 200 mile trek home. I made a stop on the way and as I was pulling into my moms driveway, the car went into N. I tried to shift into R to no avail. Turned the car off, on, still no R or 1. You can hear the actuator doing something. So, then I turn it off, then back on, however, this time I do not crank it. I just leave the key on. Try to shift, goes into every gear like clockwork, including reverse. Very snappy indeed. Then I cran
  9. I'll take it if it's a Murcielago 8635210440
  10. A couple of my favorite shots of my 2006 Murcie
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