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  1. got it today. Looks very nice, and perfect fit.
  2. Hi, can you tell me what it will cost to ship one black, and one white ( life is to short.....) in xl to the netherlands? zip code 2114CH? thanks
  3. and the reply is coming after i bought one
  4. its like i mentioned in the first post i was looking for a lamborghini jacket and wondered if anyone knows if it was for sale somewhere here but already bought one.
  5. hi all, i'm looking for a lamborghini jacket. Is it for sale here?
  6. I go for the black in the size large. can you give me a sign when they are in stock? and do you sent to the netherlands?
  7. fastforward


    Thats a good point, but if you go single turbo you must replace more than just the turbo. bigger intercooler, bigger radiator etc...like you sad for cooling. If you don"t the engine is gonna blow faster. That"s why i sad that your must know what to do with tuning. Fact is that these cars are sensitive for chanches, and it is mostly a second car. Tuned the right way it"s a beast. I drive a FD now, with light modifications. It makes aprox 340 hp. With specs of 0-100 in 4,6 sec. and a top of aprox 275 km/u i can give some competition to a lot of cars. do you have own one?
  8. fastforward


    If the 3 th gen in fact all the rotary engines keep stock they can last 200,000 km. I have driven a fc turbo2 to 195,000 km with no problems. If your gonna tune them they last about 100,000 km.Depending of the power you put in , and how you handle it. But every car you tune is braking down sooner or later.
  9. fastforward


    In the right hands the turbos live as long as a piston engine. If you tune it the right way it last for years. I tuned mine not to heavy about 100 hp extra and have driven about 45000 with no problems.
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