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  1. Rico

    Groupon IPO

    Groupon spend $1.43 to make $1 of revenue. Their current business model is burning cash at an insane rate; thus why they're IPOing. If you can't be profitable after $1bn of investment... The founders cashed out well last year - so zero risk to them. It's a real shame as it was one of the few big dotcom businesses with huge revenue. But the IPO just made it clear how much they were spending to get that revenue No-one who bought LinkedIn shares on open market and still owns them is in the black.
  2. Rico

    FTAO abolfaz

    For The Attention Of Although its more common to say FAO
  3. I assume the $25k difference is you Trading in the car for the SL at the dealer? Worth giving a specialist like Dion at www.elmscollection.com a call. He'll be able to get you a better price for your Spyder, then source a SL with less mark up than a main dealer. Top guy to deal with.
  4. +1 There's going to be some monster tests soon. Can't wait for the evo 'car of the year' with these two, SLS, GT2RS, SL etc etc etc
  5. When's Rob gonna do a full shoot involving the Bugatti? I've looked around FTV but can't find any? Or have I missed some? LOVE that model! The UK Reventon owner has a similar sized model. Awesome
  6. Does anyone know how many WallyPower 118s there are out there?
  7. Does anyone know how many WallyPower 118s there are out there?
  8. Happy Days Seems to have been ages since the last celebrity sex tape... a few years back and everyone was doing them!
  9. I know the vid you're on about. Just re-watched. Excellent lecture, good fun and already got me thinking about a few things. Thanks DHH
  10. Happy Belated Birthday. You share a birthday with a great guy.... ME!
  11. Maclaren are due to bring out a new 3seater buggy for the 2010 model year. http://www.maclarenbaby.com/ Perfect for parents of triplets. (It's spelt McLaren if you mean the cars... http://www.mclarenautomotive.com )
  12. Rico

    Forza 3 demo

    Played a bit today. Much better physics than Forza2. Feels natural rather than the oversteery way of 2. Definitely an improvement!
  13. Can't go wrong with either a Nikon or a Canon in my opinion. Can't recommend any particular model as I'm not USA based. Have fun
  14. I write for a luxury mag in the UK called Lusso. Had an email the other day from an old friend who is now managing the UK distribution of Saro-Gem watches. Very unique... less than 1000 made per year and each watch is customised for the client. Worth a look for those who want something no-one else will have. http://www.lussoluxury.com/news/265/Saro-G...the-watch-world
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