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  1. The 13-16 cars are all the same. They didnt change for the better until the SV or S and obviously SVJ. Check this out: http://www.atlexotics.com/2014-lamborghini-aventador-roadster
  2. Hey guys, I am looking for a full set of the OEM Lamborghini Narvi Wheels in Gloss Black. If anyone has some, let me know! [email protected]
  3. I know of a Rosso Mars Perf. available off market. 700 miles.
  4. http://www.atlexotics.com/2004-lamborghini-gallardo-6speed
  5. Yes, it will be over MSRP. But the new owner will get to skip the wait! This is one of the first Performantes' in the country. Not posting specific details on the car to weed out the tire kickers. Thanks!
  6. I know of a Orange Huracan Performante that is available and is going to be here next month in the US! Call if interested. 678-362-5685
  7. Hey guys! There is an easy and Free fix that you can perform yourself on your Huracan Spiders to get more leg room in the drivers seat. This can also be done to the passenger seat. WARNING! PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK! I ASSUME NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DAMAGE DONE TO YOU, ANY OTHER PERSON OR YOUR CAR AS A RESULT OF THIS TUTORIAL! It is quite simple. All you need is a flat head screw driver and maybe some needle nose pliers. This gave me that little bit extra leg room I needed to be comfortable. I do know that if you put the seat back all the way against the back wall, you may get some rubbing between the leather on the seat and wall, so if you plan to have it all the way back, I recommend putting a soft towel between the two to minimize the rubbing. Check out this video to see what needs to be done. Let me know if you have questions!! Thanks!
  8. Turned out to be a tire sizing issue. It messed with the cars electronics which caused the heat/failure. Put the factory tire sizes back on....all better. Thanks!
  9. After further review, we are not looking at the Spring kit anymore as the culprit....was just fishing to see if anyone had issues like this before. There are supposedly over 100 cars on the road with that spring kit and no issues to speak of. Both boots ripped at the same time....seems like a heat issue of some kind. Very strange.
  10. A friend has a 2015 Huracan LP-610 and we did the Novitec lowering springs. It has now blown the boots on the front CV axles twice. The boots just completely tear and shoot the grease out. It has aftermarket wheels as well but I just cant imagine that wheels can cause this. Same as stock sizes. The theory was that the lowered angle was too aggressive which blows the boots?? Anyone have this issue at all? He got another set of axles and raised the car .5" and it did it again. UGR guys experienced this at all? Thanks!
  11. I was referring to the R8 that did not pass emissions, a few posts above he said it was because the fuel cap was off. I was not talking about the SL. These days, you cant add a cold air intake to most cars without the computer throwing a code. There is absolutely no way that these cars along with some of my other cars that were running this fat would pass a old school sniffer test. Thank God they dont do that anymore here or alot of us would have a hard time getting passed. All I was saying is that most cars fail the emissions test because the secondary cats are removed and the secondary 02 sensors kick the code. However now that I think about it, Gallardos and Huracans dont have the 02s behind the second set of cats that get removed when you take the factory exhaust off, so these cars dont require the codes to be shut off for that reason. It was always funny to me when I would take cars to the emissions test that I knew should never pass, and hoping the tester had no idea what was going on.....for if they only knew the truth!!!!!!
  12. In regards to the whole "street car" discussion, from what I understand, this Huracan has a dog box transmission, and a Motec ecu. This type of car is closer to race form than it will ever be to street. But i have to believe that is what is was built for, to make a number. There is no doubt in my mind, when you talk about street cars, and street-ability, that a car like this is quite rough to drive on the street. The transmission will be loud, clunky and firm. The car will need constant attention, spark plug changes and the such to keep her running tip top. It will never idle or have the low speed manners of a "stock: style car. People should never consider these types of builds anything close to a street car. Its a race car, meant to race and make people cry. Now, what I would love to see, is a Huracan that perhaps has a bolt on kit that would make around 700-850 rwhp and retain stock computer controls, stock transmission, ect. That would be one hell of a car to drive around and hurt peoples feelings. Of course you could have the 1200-1500 rwhp cars to step it up a notch, but i get the feeling that these DSG transmissions might need a lot of work to hold that power. Anyone can make ANY car pass emissions, so there is nothing special there. That is simply turning off the trouble codes in the ECU that trigger emissions faults. That can be done to your KIA. And there are plenty of idiots out there at emissions testing facilities that have no idea what to look for on the visual inspection. DUHAWKS, I am sure the reason you failed the inspection is because the check engine light must have been on, and if it was not, then they didnt properly program out the fault codes in the ECU. That would be an issue with the tuner I suppose, nothing you did. I have heard that ASS is doing big things with the Huracan combined with a Shep-Trans to make a real street beast!! I cant wait to see more from them. Let the R&D continue, I want to see more out of this car, I think it is going to be an even better platform for this type of performace than the previous gen R8 and Gallardos. The Aventador was never meant for this.
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