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  1. Any degreaser will clean that. But, I don’t think I am that anal in cleaning the inside of the caliper. I don’t even clean the backside of it.
  2. Get some suede cleaner? Amazon or Walmart should have that in the shoe / leather polish section. A shoe maker shop has it too
  3. Any mobile service can redye it using a spray. They would have to see it for an estimate. Why a pro would ask you to decide makes little sense to me
  4. I see a mclaren copycat. Usually, it is a Ferrari wanna be
  5. X is nice but very heavy and not so pretty. It’s also $100k with basic options for the 75D base model. The falcon doors are very cool, functional but too complex and heavy. After a test drive of the X, I decided to get a model 3 for mainly driving experience, newest tech, and more affordable reasons. I totally get why a hybrid is much more affordable than an EV. But a Prius doesn’t have auto pilot and is too slow. If I had a family, I would get the X instead of 3. I thought about getting the new G550 but the 12mpg turned me off. The climate change is real and I do want to make a difference
  6. The whole center lock trend is troubling. The fact that they require loc-tite makes me worry. Why use a single bolt when you can have multiple for redundancy. Even Porsche is choosing looks over function.
  7. Haha, what a long winded story about nothing but high school drama. I don’t even see any damage. He is a male model and supposedly minor movie star. Way to go to enhance publicity.
  8. No surprises here. We have Bad valet Tasteless wrap Poor night pic Exchange in disdain Lol
  9. Must be a different generation. Millennials are entitled to exotic cars at 16
  10. Lol, if u don’t even have $50k cash then you should just get something else. How would you afford the repairs at $3-4K? Also, if there aren’t even any place to buy from, how will you maintain the car? How old are you anyways....
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