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Found 6 results

  1. I was skeptical when I clicked in this video but was surprised how comprehensive this was. Better yet, it’s great to see the passion thrive in a younger generation. Check it out and give the video a like. Definitely want to keep encouraging this YouTuber. Was there any car he missed?
  2. Hello, I am having issues with my 2008 Gallardo Spyder that I cannot seem to find a solution for. 95% of the time it runs perfect. However, if I run it for a while (30 min), typically when it is hot and humid, the car starts acting up. Usually it happens if I make a stop, turn the engine off, and turn it back on again. If I don't make a stop it often does not happen regardless of the length of the drive. Typically, I will be cruising along, go to put my foot on the gas and get nothing. After a few seconds it will lunge forward. When I slow down, the revs go down significantly and the car will stall. The left side of the engine is shut down and eventually the car stalls out. Up until this weekend, it would always start right back up, but still have issues. I have tried replacing the throttle bodies, pedal potentiometer, charcoal canister, left side fuel pump, had the ECU reflashed, nothing made a difference. One thing that does work, and I cannot make sense of it, is getting gas. It doesn't matter how much fuel is in the car, adding gas will (temporarily) solve the problem. If I drive another 30 minutes the problem returns. Of course, if I let it sit long enough to cool down (typically overnight), it also temporarily solves the issue. This past weekend, it stalled and for the first time would not start back up. The engine was not getting fuel (we verified this by spraying brake cleaner into the intake). We put 4 gallons in the car from a gas tank and it fired right up. It wasn't operating perfectly, but it went from not starting to starting by adding gas. I believe had I taken it to a gas station and filled it up it would have run fine. Any idea what could possibly be going on that would be cured simply by adding gas???? Temperature change? Stirring something up? It is not the fuel gauge, this has happened when I had anywhere from when I had the gas light on to 3/4 of a tank. One other small detail that I am not sure how relevant it is - when the car was acting up and not moving with my foot on the gas, if I shifted to reverse and then back to first it would regain power for about a mile. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind the adding gas situation - this has solved the problem at least 20 times. I can't think of what this simple step would do to change the situation (I've taken the cap off and put back on but that did nothing, it was adding the gas itself).
  3. Hello Group, first time posting but need some help. My A/C went out in my 2008 Gallardo Spyder. We switched out the A/C Compressor and Drier with brand new ones, recharged the system and it still will not blow out any cold air. The air went out the same time my back-up camera stopped working. Could this be a coincidence or are they possibly related. The car only has 9k miles on it and I am not sure why I am experiencing so many issues all of a sudden. Does anyone have any ideas at all??
  4. Howdy! ! SUPER SALE ! We have 5 sets of CarbonTek CF SL style side skirts and 5 sets of CarbonTek CF SL style wing for your awesome Gallardo! These are super popular, you guys are super rad, and you won't believe how much you'll be saving with this SUPER SALE! Trust me when I say you won't see a super deal like this for a while. Offer is good until supplies last! CarbonTek CF SL Style Wing Fits: All year Gallardo Comes w/: 1 wing, 2 wing base, 1 wing cover for camera - OEM mounting gasket optional (#403827651A) MSRP $3500 SUPER SALE: $2200 CarbonTek CF SL Style Side Skirts Fits: All year Gallardo Comes w/: Driver side & passenger side, pair MSRP $2999 SUPER SALE: $1500
  5. Guest

    E gear light on

    Have a 06 battery was disconnected for awhile . Once battery got connected again I have a e gear light on that won’t go away and I can’t go to 3rd-6th without going to neautral each time then upshiffting I’ve checked fluid new battery clutch was replaced last year held in paddles but goes to auto mode and it won’t Shift to third
  6. Hi guys just a reminder I have the rebuild for the expensive Gallardo control arms. If you buy new one's don't throw out your old one's because I'll buy them from you.https://gallardocontrolarms.com
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