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  1. Well, I just checked back again this morning, they pulled the announcement from the main Lamborghini media site. It might be boat related too from digging further so maybe is some collaboration. Did anyone else get this yesterday?
  2. Got this alert yesterday from Lamborghini. They had messed up the time--originally was 10:30 am Eastern but now it looks like 4PM eastern. Not sure if its the unveiling of the SCV12 or something else but didn't see a post here so I'm sharing. https://tecnomar63.com/en/
  3. I am with you on this. GIMS has been a pilgrimage for me too--too bad. I too am not surprised but the rationale is somewhat shortsighted. How do you get the next generation connected other than paying a nominal fee to go see dream cars on display at say the NY International Autoshow or GIMS? It is definitely a delicate balancing act and increasingly, the cost of these show to manufacturers have made it hard to keep making the case for them to attend, so I get it. Post-COVID, its probably for the better anyway.
  4. Love it. Just stunning!
  5. I've been saying for quite some time--I would not be surprised if Mclaren goes under. The UK gov't has no interest in bailouts ATM esp. with Brexit & unfortunately Mclaren has built its exponential growth on the backs of its customers in a bit of an unorthodox way. The chicken is now coming home to roost. Reliability issues notwithstanding the performance of their cars remains a HUGE pain point and why I have not jumped into one of their cars. So unless some venture capitals or maybe the Chinese jump in, Mclaren is on very shaky ground and might be a COVID-19 complication related victim. I'm not saying COVID caused this. I 'm saying it accelerated their cash flow problem.
  6. I had taken for a hot lap in the Urus. Honestly, there is a disconnect between my expectation and what this super SUV does. It is INSANELY fast--faster than the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, faster than anything else I have driven in its category (stock of course). I am not sure how they did it but they have some sauce in the Urus for sure. My friends in Europe who have played with both the Urus and RSQ8 say the Urus still beats it--so although the Audi is a cheaper Urus look a like, performance wise, they are not comparable. One of my next daily driver was the RS6 Avant since driving a Lamborghini to work, well, probably wouldn't go over well. Audi is more under the radar.
  7. This is awesome. I fell in love with the Aventador the moment I saw it in its unfinished state. In fact, it cause me to canceled my purchase of a 670 SV (which I still want). Proud owner of a 50th Anniversary Roadster that will remain in the collection. Thanks for putting this together. Let us know when the book is complete.
  8. DoctaM3


    Short of the P1, this is the best modern Mclaren they made. Definitely more of a driver's car. Congrats!
  9. I had this issue with the 50th Anniversary (same side, driver's). The mirror and bracket just needs to be secured and tightened up. Once the dealer did this, no issue.
  10. Interesting. No roof scoop though? I wonder if that will be an option given this car's configuration. Hmmmm
  11. This is just awesome. She will become the next "Queen of the Ring!"
  12. Social isolation is getting bad. Even 5 year-old who were once perfectly content playing video games are now taking matters into their own hands. I had to read this story a few times & cross checked you make sure it was somewhat legit. It appears so. I still can’t imagine a 5 year old (at first I thought it’s a typo, he’s 15 years old), speeding down a major interstate but DAMN! Then I though, give this boy a police escort. At least he has good taste. If it was a Mclaren or Ferrari he was going to buy, throw the book at him and LOCK him up! https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/skbaer/boy-caught-driving-california-lamborghini
  13. Yea, I am thinking it is the RWD Evo Spyder to be specific. We will see. I am guessing the Evo STO and Squadra Corsa track only car will get a more high profile unveiling. What that means in the current environment is uncertain but it makes sense that is Evo line that is getting unveiled.
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