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  1. Is this from experience, TopJay?
  2. Interesting. Higher engine location seems odd unless it is to accommodate some hybrid drivetrain. Higher location might mean higher "center-of-gravity" which might not be good but I am sure the engineers have factored all that in--any word on when we will see this thing?
  3. They always leak. The question will be how accurate and if Lambo even shared the final (or near final) version of the V12 replacement.
  4. congrats. Love the color.
  5. I am told you can't order a new Aventador. If that is the case, I would imagine that we might be seeing something soon. There are the 600 Ultimae they have to produce plus whatever cars they already had in the hopper as of last month. Is that enough for 2022? Does that mean, Any replacement is 2023?
  6. DoctaM3

    Huracán STO

    Wow. that is awesome. Do they match your color combo or is this all standard color combo?
  7. There are some cars I would have missed. I definitely learned about a few other too. Definitely worth a watch for Lambo enthusiasts--learning is always key.
  8. I was skeptical when I clicked in this video but was surprised how comprehensive this was. Better yet, it’s great to see the passion thrive in a younger generation. Check it out and give the video a like. Definitely want to keep encouraging this YouTuber. Was there any car he missed?
  9. That thing is just..... SICK!!!!
  10. Nothing greater than having a legend sign much less drive your car. Here is a short video of my friend, Tedward as he interview Valentino on Eurosport 2021 in the Xago. I always learn something new from Valentino every time and meet him and this time was no different. Also, Tedward makes some AWESOME videos on all kinds of cars, so please check out his YouTUBE channel and give him a follow. You wont be disappointed, unless you expect stupid donuts and burnouts in all the worse places.
  11. Gosh, I love your spec Allan. Great to see you're taking her out for a stretch.
  12. Something to consider. Has anyone used ceramic & anti-fog coating when you open these units to reduce the need to re-do in the future?
  13. Honestly---the one I own. LOL
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