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  1. Tried to send you DM--didn't work. I use Blackout Tinting. Great news, coming shortly so you wont have to go to Greensburg.
  2. oh damn. I kept it on because I wanted to get them ceramic coated--its been 5 days but not it scheduled for transport so maybe it will be ok without much more wear.
  3. I didn't get an option on the 63 at the time. Cool, thought I heard it was VC. Thanks
  4. Yes, I am going to do that. I spoke to Lambo about ceramics for fabrics that they have now and if it would be safe. I heard yes, so that is next when it gets home. What color is yours?
  5. It a bit weird that the last post on this thread was October 2020 but today we finally have an SVJ. This is not Project Khaos (more on that later) but in many ways, after waiting 30 months, the SVJ Xago is honestly the right fit me. I am completely amazed by this paint work. The hex pattern is a super hologram but not the cheap stuff you might see on your corner body shop. It plays tricks on your eyes and project even on to panels that are not painted. It really doesn't come across in videos well but at any rate, here is my first video. I will try to capture the paint in another video and giv
  6. Well, after 30 months of waiting on my Ad Personam SVJ, the Xago Edition is finally here. Recall, I was creating Project Khaos (which I will reveal someday) but when the opportunity to secure one of these, it was more of a no-brainer. This is more than what it might appear. The paint work is impressive. The hex effect is dynamic--and pretty difficult to capture in photos and videos. There are 5 coming to North America. Orange to Vancouver, Rosso Mars to DC/VA, Viola Parsifae somewhere in US. Here are some night shots. Video share coming shortly. Photocredit to @aalotmotive https://www.i
  7. Have you tried a Barrett-Jackson affiliated insurer?
  8. My recollection is the seats in the SL are lower. I even recall a few people doing things like remounting to try to get a few extra inches (more like centimeters) with mixed success. Just don't what Shaq did (cut the frame to fit).
  9. Interesting. Landed in Monaco. Another one was in Birmingham, UK. Blue in Geneva. Interesting to see the other locations.
  10. Urus values are INSANE if you believe this video. I still believe that the Urus has the DNA of Lambo although, I like many, were skeptical of Lambo building an SUV. That said, they (Audi/VAG) have given Lambo a winner to keep the company healthy for years to come If you are data driven, you have to be impressed with the value of this market defining SuperSUVs, at least compared to their counterparts, even in VAG. Time will tell if they will hold up, esp. since they have produced so many but at the least early signs are owners are not taking a bath like the Bentayga, or Cayenne Turbo S.
  11. I thought there was only rear sensors and camera. I don't think I have seen that on US spec cars. I now have to investigate since I would have optioned it on my SVJ.
  12. Anyone know how many of the 10 have been produced & delivered? Alexandre's was the launch car (Blue Eliadi) & this is Viola Parsifae (just stunning).
  13. But don't you think it is too soon to make the call. I recall all the anniversary cars depreciating like most cars do, then in time they do their thing. The 50th is 6 years old. I don't know of any Lambo that make a turnaround in value in that short a period of time. The story on the 50th has not been written. As an owner, I am not looking at that--I bought the car to enjoy it (hell, I have done rallies in it) and I agree, it is still one of the most beautiful of the bunch. Bottom line, buy it enjoy it. Don't count on appreciation for any of these cars.
  14. That is the Xago Viola Parsifae. Only purple in the group. That is stunning--need to get my Huracan Performante next to that car!
  15. DoctaM3

    Huracán STO

    NOW, that is SINISTER!
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