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  1. For years now I have just relied on the cigarette terminal in the trunk. I have seen others here who say engine bay only but from talking to factory and personal experience, cigarette location is just fine.
  2. I just did this in June. Bologna is still the best and most practical airport to fly in for factory visit.
  3. So I saw in the thread 2022 timeframe but recalled seeing something in the late summer that said 2024 for replacement. What’s the latest? We heard SVJ pinnacle of V12 & just variants of Aventador S but that’s a long runway to 2024. So what’s the chances of getting another “light weight” version similar to the SVJ but positioned above it?
  4. This comment had me in stitches. But seriously, what are people thinking when they do stiff like this? WHY?
  5. My car was in that mix too. Car sat at port for nearly a month before they got released. Legacy of the VW emission. scandal--Fed are still pretty strict around this stuff.
  6. My car hasn't even gone into production yet. Grant it, I think I pushed Ad Personam to some new heights on my ask, which is why I suspect it hasn't gone in production yet but now maybe Lambo wants to get some roadsters on the scoreboard so, coupes are lower priority. IDK.
  7. Still waiting on. an update of my couple. Are they going to sandwich production then? Are they trying to get some roadsters out, then play catch-up on the remaining coupes?
  8. Stop by. Saw a flying bull. #needs more action. LOL
  9. Nope, I am just talking about the "regular" SVJ Roadster.
  10. LA. Brit, my owner experience is the complete opposite with the i8. In fact, I am having trouble deciding on a daily driver replacement. I haven't driven the roadster but that was the plan to replace the coupe but was hoping for more power and no loss of storage room in back seat. That didn't happen so sticking with my 2015 coupe.
  11. Haven’t heard much on reducing the numbers but I am all for it. Does anyone have any idea on the number of SVJ produced so far? Also, why would they not produce SVJ alongside SVJ-R? Sprite’s question got me thinking.
  12. DoctaM3

    Monterey 2019

    So SL55, can you register for the party or is that via the dealer invite?
  13. DoctaM3

    Monterey 2019

    I'll be there this year too. Did do Quail but will be around including the Lounge.
  14. Late Fall at this point. Lots of Ad Personam on mine so I am sure they are trying to produce easier specs faster to get them out the door. I am ok with this since this car, like my 50th Anniversary are permanent in the collection. I can be patient as long as they get it right.
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