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  1. Car sounds great and of course, verde Ithaca for the WIN!
  2. From one enthusiast who make videos to another, I don’t understand the logic of your friend unless there is something more to it than what’s been disclosed. Lamborghini in my experience is not as fickle as say Ferrari that will blackball you (for what ever arbitrary reason). You are excited for the experience, you love the brand, share it; don’t hide it. Once again, congrats on the new S & looking forward to the SVJR. The coupe is a MONSTER!
  3. Not a bad concept. Surprised it is that size too but if you got some spare cash and you want views on views, guess this is th way to go. They didn't address docking location issues. I am assuming you can't just "park" this anywhere.
  4. DoctaM3


    I agree. It’s probably a float to see if anyone would bite. Seeing some who I know who could afford it saying they’d buy it so who knows.
  5. DoctaM3


    It does actually. Jonny Lieberman drove it last week and apparently is embargoed until June 12th.
  6. Luke is an underrated filmmaker, no even to call him a YouTuber. Glad to call him friend but honestly, talk about genuine passion, this guy is it. Nicest guy you’ll ever meet
  7. I am guessing it’s red flakes in the resin and not the fibers
  8. Well maybe it’s payback for Chevy stealing the headlights of the 458 Italia for the Corvette. Ferrari petty AF . Of course might just be in my head.
  9. Please tell me you kep the 670 SV
  10. Just wow. Maybe I should have done VI on mine. Such a great color
  11. My experience is that the longer fiber alcantara wears badly & requires constant care & grooming. Shorter hair fibers like on Performante will do much better
  12. A Swedish friend and chief creative designer of my YouTUBE channel (Alex aka @aalttomotive) shared this with me from a Lamborghini interest group. Its translated & posted by Eric Andersson - Lamborghini Club Svezia. I love these kinds of write up with the master himself. Really cool to hear Ferruccio himself talk about design, a candid & very human discussion about why he didn't enter racing (worried about his son--recall some of deaths that happened around these times). Interview was in 1981. A great read. .
  13. I can definitely tell you that the SVJ is louder and pops/bangs more the the SV. Its not even close. Corsa crackles less but that is true oral the cars.
  14. Looks awesome. Congrats! I am a sucker for verde anything!
  15. So I will do a longer write up on the Aventador SVJ. This car is honestly VISCERAL. There is still nothing like the old school Contact or Diablo but I must say, this car is definitely an homage to NFG days of Lamborghini. Alberto reminds of Valentino Balboni and he is a savage--he knows all the cops in town so he went BALLS out! What an incredible experience of a lifetime. One I will never forget. Looking forward to more videos in the series but for now, here is the test drive. One thing you will notice, the car POPS/crackles on upshift. Was not expecting it.
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