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  1. DoctaM3

    Monterey Car Week 2019

    I'll be attending again this year. Looking forward to seeing a few of you there.
  2. DoctaM3

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    The guys in video, specifically the owner Alex is a close friend. He loves the car--can't stop driving it--you have seen it all over instagram. Best Lamborghini he has had to date and he has had several.
  3. DoctaM3

    Geneva Motor Show 2019

    Maybe LB48?
  4. I agree--make the thread. I for one go back to the near beginning of YouTUBE but the history before that is even more important and interesting. These millennials have no idea.
  5. DoctaM3

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    I was told they could not do CF and esp on side intake. Now it looks like CF all around except side intake. In configurator, roof is not CF but that would be cool if they have changed.
  6. DoctaM3

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    congrats. This is one badass of a spec. Love...did I say LOVE... Viola Parsifae.
  7. DoctaM3

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    If they did this, the math would suggest few copies than SV. Is that correct?
  8. I have to agree. Front is not terrible but I love the Performante's front and wish that was the basis with some mods to make it different enough. Rear is FIRE! Love it.
  9. DoctaM3

    Lamborghini Day in Japan (HUGE Photo Gallery)

    Holy CRAP. They know how to do it right. I have always heard how amazing the culture is there--sometimes over the top BUT.... WOW!
  10. DoctaM3

    Took a couple cars out...

    Still looks terrific--classic looks that are pretty timeless.
  11. DoctaM3 Configurator Partnership

    This is truly a natural fit. Glad to see you guys working together. We are the better for it! Kudos guys.
  12. DoctaM3


  13. Reminds me of my Huracan Spyder. The Forged carbon will set it apart for sure! Really love the color. Congrats man!
  14. DoctaM3

    Lambo Power is Going Social!

    I followed almost right away. A new era has arrived!