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  1. Here is a very useful tool that I have been using to understand the current state and what is likely to happen. This is constantly being updated but real-time data from credible scientific sources. Forget the spin and the politics--I try to stick to the science as is my training. Bottom-line, the model is designed to show each state, the number of bed, ventilators etc and given the current data, whether each state will overwhelm its existing resources or will they be below those threshold levels. As unpopular as some the Gavin Newsom moves were, it is likely that Cali will be ok. Many of states, esp. interior ones who have not taken key steps are likely to be in a world of trouble. they are likely to be the source of our "second wave" that is sure to come. There might very well be some herd immunity in early states like NY when the second wave hits. Anyway, here is the model. Look at your state and see what it predicts. Again, its updated constantly so you can keep checking back to see how things change. https://covid19.healthdata.org/projections
  2. Hands down yes--why not? There are tons of tags or stickers from other companies so why not. I'd use it when I could.
  3. Amen to that Destructo. Good to see them step up to the plate of their own accord. Several other car companies did the same too. We'll get through this too for sure.
  4. This is not nearly enough. 100% chance this will be revised in the next 2 weeks. The dynamics are beyond the predictions the pols want to make.
  5. Funny, over the weekend, I got an email from a sector the gov't which will remain nameless (but connected to healthcare). These are career professionals at a high level and the note clearly states that , given the data we have today, they are expecting the PEAK to happen mid-late Summer. Grant it, this could go anywhere depending on so many factors. As I said before, the next 2 weeks or so will give us a sense as to how long we will be dealing with this. I worry that the cities that said its a coastal thing, or "we are immune" will be the last to get hit and may have higher infection rates (disproportionately) because they failed to contain/isolate early. They become the pockets for the second wave (which I hope we don't have) but has been a part of most major infections that we have seen in the past. That said, we have a worldwide push for therapies--vaccines are about a year away. Nothwithstanding what you hear, all the drugs mentioned so far are anecdotal in efficacy--we just don't know.
  6. I like the Docs on the team including Fauci. Unfortunately, I think our federal government is a bit detached. Many of my friends and colleagues who are doctors tell a different story. Although we are not yet making decisions on who gets a vent and who don't, we have a few hospitals that are on the verge of being overwhelmed. Supplies remain an issue and we aren't even any where near the peak. They are just ringing the alarm bells so hopefully the rest of us can get better prepared. Stay safe everyone.
  7. DoctaM3

    Quail 2020

    I agree.
  8. DoctaM3

    Quail 2020

    I have been on the fence because I am not sure--pretty sure we will be dealing with this virus through the summer. Kinda sucks because I have not secure housing yet.
  9. I can confirm that factory and specifically Ad Personam is closed secondary to Covid19. Many of you know the Ad Personam I have on my SVJ has been the bane of my existence--when I was just communicating with them on the latest update, I was advised of the closure--so guess the waiting continues. I can't fault them--they have a major situation on their hands.
  10. I heard the same thing about C8 production pausing for now. Not too much of a surprise, Lambo just did it and I heard other manufacturers are likely to do a pause. Its not by choice but an attempt to protect their workforce--makes some business sense too. Crazy times.
  11. I am in your same boat and I have used Express VPN & have never really had an issue for years. https://www.expressvpn.com https://nordvpn.com Those are by far the top 2 but many others. You may want to look into whether the VPN logs your connections are not since this maybe an issue esp. if your are in a country that is hostile to VPNs.
  12. Viola Parsifae is just stunning. Looks like fun event too.
  13. Definitely is a game-changer and only from the mind of Chritian von Koenigsegg. Dude is visionary. Now Lambo needs to dust off the prints of the Estoque--car was ahead of its time. I need to work harder (& smarter) for sure. Color combo is EPIC on this one.
  14. I agree and to some extent this is better for prospective buyers & enthusiasts the smaller intimate settings is better.
  15. Is it me or does the front end look like the Xian?
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