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  1. Haven’t heard much on reducing the numbers but I am all for it. Does anyone have any idea on the number of SVJ produced so far? Also, why would they not produce SVJ alongside SVJ-R? Sprite’s question got me thinking.
  2. DoctaM3

    Monterey 2019

    So SL55, can you register for the party or is that via the dealer invite?
  3. DoctaM3

    Monterey 2019

    I'll be there this year too. Did do Quail but will be around including the Lounge.
  4. Late Fall at this point. Lots of Ad Personam on mine so I am sure they are trying to produce easier specs faster to get them out the door. I am ok with this since this car, like my 50th Anniversary are permanent in the collection. I can be patient as long as they get it right.
  5. This had to happen. I was at a show this weekend (Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix) and has the Corvette crew next to our tent. The old timers/purists are lvid. Bottomline, Chevy needed to do this if they are to transform the demographics of their owners (the average age ranges from 61-67 years depending on sources)--just Google it. The C7 didn't move the needle very much. If the Corvette is to compete with its aspirational European rival, this was a necessary move. I think the car is a hit for hits price point--there will be hiccups, hey we still have issue with overheating on the C7 and transmission problem but those will come with any new version of a car. I am more interested in the Z06/ZR1 type iteration of the car. Only time will tell.
  6. Thanks AWESEOME. CONGRATS! I'll be in Monterey too so looking forward to seeing it. Hoping more info on the LB48H too as well.
  7. Cool video. The R8s, especially the V10s are holding their own & clearly a good daily exotic. The cost you outline is not much more than many “regular” sports cars out there now.
  8. Car sounds great and of course, verde Ithaca for the WIN!
  9. From one enthusiast who make videos to another, I don’t understand the logic of your friend unless there is something more to it than what’s been disclosed. Lamborghini in my experience is not as fickle as say Ferrari that will blackball you (for what ever arbitrary reason). You are excited for the experience, you love the brand, share it; don’t hide it. Once again, congrats on the new S & looking forward to the SVJR. The coupe is a MONSTER!
  10. Not a bad concept. Surprised it is that size too but if you got some spare cash and you want views on views, guess this is th way to go. They didn't address docking location issues. I am assuming you can't just "park" this anywhere.
  11. DoctaM3


    I agree. It’s probably a float to see if anyone would bite. Seeing some who I know who could afford it saying they’d buy it so who knows.
  12. DoctaM3


    It does actually. Jonny Lieberman drove it last week and apparently is embargoed until June 12th.
  13. Luke is an underrated filmmaker, no even to call him a YouTuber. Glad to call him friend but honestly, talk about genuine passion, this guy is it. Nicest guy you’ll ever meet
  14. I am guessing it’s red flakes in the resin and not the fibers
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