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  1. DoctaM3

    My 2019 Blu Le Mans Performante Coupe!

    Reminds me of my Huracan Spyder. The Forged carbon will set it apart for sure! Really love the color. Congrats man!
  2. DoctaM3

    Lambo Power is Going Social!

    I followed almost right away. A new era has arrived!
  3. DoctaM3

    Thoughts on Aventador vs Aventador S

    I totally agree. As an overall car, the Aventador S is a better car in quite a few ways compared to the SV, not withstanding the SV looks which is LOVE!
  4. DoctaM3

    Delivery Miles on New Huracan Performante

    Thanks Jeff.
  5. I agree. I do YT but not for the money. In fact my first video was not even 8 month after YouTUBE became a thing, so I am one of the OG. What I can tell you is that its all about engagement which pushed content creators ("influencers") to do more and more crazy stuff, clickbait just to get a piece of an ever dividing audience and cryptic attention span. the future is off-site branding, merchandise etc which is why you see so many trying to make the pivot. Even Facebook is giving some big incentives (& Twitch) to try to lure creators over. But to be honest, automotive YT are a tiny drop in the YouTUBE bucket so they don't account for much in the big scheme of things.
  6. I have been waiting on the Huracan Spyder for 2 years. They screwed it up and had to remake it. Still don't have it yet--wondering if it will ever show up! Anyway, its a cool feature and most (I don't know of another manufacturer that routinely make these). Pretty sweet "perk."
  7. DoctaM3

    Delivery Miles on New Huracan Performante

    Yep... 50-70 mi and even up to 90mi is completely normal on the Huracan and Aventadors.
  8. DoctaM3

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Well that's interesting esp since the dealer demos haven't even arrived yet. Hmmmmm
  9. DoctaM3


    Its definitely mean looking. I see elements of Sesto Elemento, Egoista, SVJ and Veneno in it. Like how they incorporated the exhaust too. Definitely different
  10. DoctaM3

    Teaser of LB48H?

    LOL.. to be honest TopJay, you just never know. I hope not but hey, maybe its the Roadster version of SVJ or maybe its another way to 900+63+37 SVJ "variants"
  11. DoctaM3

    Vlog: Stradman picks up his 2012 Aventador LP700-4

    Ok. I will have to join the team.
  12. DoctaM3

    FS: Monterey Blue LP640

    Such a beauty! GLWS
  13. DoctaM3

    Teaser of LB48H?

    I agree. the SC makes me think this is something from the racing team to match the "racing" team challenge. Either way, can't wait to see.
  14. DoctaM3

    Vlog: Stradman picks up his 2012 Aventador LP700-4

    I know James pretty well. Very humble beginnings and truly an enthusiast. He has stayed true to form although on occasion he has fallen victim to some clickbait titles of other YouTUBERs. Overall, I am pretty happy for him--got great deal on first run Aventador. Tricky purchase but solid vehicle on PPI. Wish him the best & happy motoring. I'd rather have James out there promoting the brand to another demographic
  15. DoctaM3

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Lots of stuff... they are a little slow--not entirely clear why but lots of folks have their specs in without confirmation yet. Top notch guy but I am not sure that is the best way to get an update on your car--that's his personal account and probably don't want to overwhelm him via social media. I would use the dealer process to be honest. We don't want to drive him from IG.