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  1. Congrats Bryan. #alwaysdifferent
  2. Here come more big discounts and the associated depreciation. Still interested to see this naked. Still haven't Brought myself to get a Mclaren for too many reasons.
  3. Correct. The diagram is correct. The "view" is from the perspective of the flywheel and the direction it turns. It cool actually. I think the diagram is definitely a nice touch for the thread. Cool find!
  4. I think the bronze on BC is a winner for sure. It was one of my planned specs on SVJ.
  5. This is great news. Long overdue. It would be nice if they extended their warranty up from 3 years to 5 yrs but I know that's more off their bottom line--I wonder if the gains would offset the reserves?
  6. No one ever said Kayne had good tastes & this wheel choice just proves it. Great "car" terrible wheel!
  7. Oh nice... I need to check that out. I didn't notice.
  8. I'll be attending again this year. Looking forward to seeing a few of you there.
  9. The guys in video, specifically the owner Alex is a close friend. He loves the car--can't stop driving it--you have seen it all over instagram. Best Lamborghini he has had to date and he has had several.
  10. I agree--make the thread. I for one go back to the near beginning of YouTUBE but the history before that is even more important and interesting. These millennials have no idea.
  11. I was told they could not do CF and esp on side intake. Now it looks like CF all around except side intake. In configurator, roof is not CF but that would be cool if they have changed.
  12. congrats. This is one badass of a spec. Love...did I say LOVE... Viola Parsifae.
  13. If they did this, the math would suggest few copies than SV. Is that correct?
  14. I have to agree. Front is not terrible but I love the Performante's front and wish that was the basis with some mods to make it different enough. Rear is FIRE! Love it.
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