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  1. More and more excited to see this thing naked. Pebble Beach?
  2. Newsflash but no so unexpected I guess. Maurizio was a cool guy, very passionate and friendly to talk to. His enthusiasm was contagious whenever I spoke with him. I did not know he was being credited with much of the success of Squadra Corsa, but it am sure it make since as CTO, he has substantial input on the design and tech in those cars. I know nothing on Mohr. Anyone know him? Here is the article. https://carbuzz.com/news/father-of-lamborghinis-most-successful-models-takes-up-new-role
  3. I agree---I learn something every time I watch on of these very well researched documentaries. They touched on how the Countach got its rear wing in a peripheral way but more so on the front wing. Definitely a good watch.
  4. Interesting. This is the most outright they have been in recent years on what to expect in their upcoming models and which lines. I'm interested in seeing what they do with the Urus--we have all seen the STX concept. I am assuming this will be one of the "splits."
  5. DoctaM3

    Enzo wrecked

    What a mess. Had dealer plates so maybe a test drive. Road looks wet so you can start piecing the narrative together. Definitely a shame but given its value, I am sure it will likely get rebuilt. What do you guys think? Totaled?
  6. I had the same observations too--def looks longer but again, remember some of the old mules looked stretched compared to the production unit. The exhaust also look pretty high even when compared to SVJ.
  7. Here is the video in question. Pretty interesting. Car sounds pretty mean too. That exhaust seems pretty high--I still see Aventador lines though--another variant?
  8. Interesting. Higher engine location seems odd unless it is to accommodate some hybrid drivetrain. Higher location might mean higher "center-of-gravity" which might not be good but I am sure the engineers have factored all that in--any word on when we will see this thing?
  9. They always leak. The question will be how accurate and if Lambo even shared the final (or near final) version of the V12 replacement.
  10. congrats. Love the color.
  11. I am told you can't order a new Aventador. If that is the case, I would imagine that we might be seeing something soon. There are the 600 Ultimae they have to produce plus whatever cars they already had in the hopper as of last month. Is that enough for 2022? Does that mean, Any replacement is 2023?
  12. DoctaM3

    Huracán STO

    Wow. that is awesome. Do they match your color combo or is this all standard color combo?
  13. There are some cars I would have missed. I definitely learned about a few other too. Definitely worth a watch for Lambo enthusiasts--learning is always key.
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