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  1. This is just astonishing in the presence of a pandemic. Kudos to the team at HQ.
  2. This is the guiding light. Buy it. Enjoy it. Anyone who buys cars for investment, unless you are dealing with some halo cars (and even then, that strategy can be fraught with risk--just look at the P1) is chasing Fool's gold. Don't do it. If you can't handle depreciation, don't get in the water. Stay on the shores.
  3. Both wings were fixed on the superleggera--I am pretty sure about this. On the standard Gallardo, that small wing was moveable.
  4. Lots to speculate. If you are going to be analytical, look at this guy's videos. I can say a few things based on historical controls. You #3 is not likely to happen. I just don't see an LP 700 or LP740 for that matter appreciating in 3 years. I expect the Aventador will approach the bottom of its depreciation curve but they have build so many more than the Murcielago, who knows where they will end up. As for SV, the roadsters seems to be holding their own much better than the coupe. Special editions were removed from the graph to help clean up the analysis. Take the emotion out of it for
  5. I don't know the car but it looks pretty good. Price is in the range. Any idea which exhaust that is?
  6. I totally agree. I am yet to see a good replica that has fidelity to size and other elements of a Lambo, so I guess am was impressed with the dedication to get there.
  7. I know Alex. He also have the Matte black SVJ63. I need to see if he is keeping both cars--I suspect he might. LOL
  8. We have all seen those Lambo replicas that should be burned to the ground. This one, no so much. I love Davide's content--always tells a great story, no gimmicks and truly cinematic. I am surprised about how good this looks--lots of wood though, but then again, some are like original Lambo design. Wish they had found a salvage V12 motor than turbo V6 but still, impressive. thoughts on this video?
  9. DoctaM3

    Huracán STO

    That is awesome Congrats! I hope I get my SVJ before all these STO's show up. It has been a long journey with so many twists, including a big one recently but I am happy and still on-board. Project Khaos lives.
  10. That's the car they showed--European customer, right?
  11. DoctaM3

    Huracán STO

    I agree. I can also tell you that beyond the track, in canyon runs etc, you can tell the effect of ALA. Having run the same segments of road in the LP610 coupe, LP610 Spyder and the Performante, I am convinced ALA is NOT marketing BS. That said, what most people do with the cars in city driving, you are not likely to see any effect--so in those instances, yes but that is not how or what the system was designed for. I agree with APB.
  12. DoctaM3

    Huracán STO

    Wow--that was fast. I thought they weren't going to get built until 3rd maybe 4th quarter of 2021. Anyone else get a Summer 2021 ETA?
  13. I agree, that have the flexibility on a SVJ63 with more choices is great. But as a special edition that is more limited to 10 vs. 63 on the SVJ63 is what Ad.P was banking on making them perhaps more special. If they cost the same as the SVJ63 I would guess the Xago as a limited set is a better "value" but at the end of the day, I'm guessing the buyers determine all of this.
  14. Don't drill holes. Use the suction mounts on the body panels instead. Do not. I repeat, Do NOT mount the suction cup to the engine bay glass. Spoke to a buddy about his experience--it didn't end well. Do it only if you intend to drive like granny around town at 20 mph. LOL
  15. All the Xagos are spoke for. Of the 10, 4 are coming to North America (one of which is going to Canada) and the remaining 6 are all in Europe. ME and Asia did not get any units. All cars are roadsters, no coupes. Apparently lots of interesting stuff, albeit it cosmetic. Each of the 10 cars are unique.
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