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  1. Well that was rather sudden. Isn't timing terrible--hope they are well underway in finalizing the replacement V12. On a related note, Bugatti reported being sold to Rimac conglomerate--where does Winkelmann go? I doubt back to Lambo but is all this shakeup in VAG worrisome? What are the risks (if any) to Lamborghini?
  2. Awesome. Congrats. I agree that the V12 roadsters are glorious for sure. One of the best things Lambo HQ did in designing the Aventador roadster is a relatively easy-on, easy-off hardtop roof. I can't imagine the stress of trying to put the Murcie top on in a rainstorm.
  3. Pretty cool story. Way to highlight a first responder and enthusiast!
  4. This is very VERY true too.
  5. It is a bit of a mixed bag, if you ask me. BaT is probably the better of the used car sites out there, Although I have not bought anything, I am registered. They tend to curate their offerings a bit more than most. You have to submit high quality images, point out issues and provide a driving video. Cars on there are generally above average and certainly the prices are premium (probably because of "expectations" and maybe the quality is at least marginally higher). It is also a site where there is so much speculation that, like you said, you need to bring a trailer full of cash for anything you get on there.
  6. VCR, you have the holy trio there. I hope to one day have that combo.
  7. I don't disagree with the human factor-you are indeed correct. I am still making the observation about the characteristic handling of the car on certain parts of the track. If you read my original post, you can see that was the main focus not absolute laptimes that were reported. "The GT2RS is fast and you can see how it closes the gaps point to point on the straightaways but then "falls" behind again. Is it all ALA or something else?"
  8. I am in no way professing Ring expertise. However, according to Lamborghini, Marco is the person who set the official record. Irrespective of what the video description says, here is the official announcement from 2 sources. In the video I posted, Christian is piloting, so that is the only relevant fact. My point was, in the corners, the Performante seemed more composed. It is that simple--the implication is, is this ALA at play? Here is the video with the description from Lamborghini's own channel(read the description of the video): "On 5 October 2016, the Huracán Performante set a new production car lap record of 6:52:01 min on the Nürburgring Nordschleife with Lamborghini test driver Marco Mapelli." https://www.thedrive.com/news/18945/the-lamborghini-huracn-performante-set-records-on-eight-circuits-this-year There may have been other drivers but that isn't the point I am making. Furthermore, the fundamental point is, we are comparing a tuned Porsche to a factory spec Lamborghini.
  9. I think you are missing my point--one could argue, that yes, they are apples and oranges. One is a factory car and the other is a tuned car. We agree on that. But many have made many assertions about the GT2RS MR hence the comparison, even by professional journalists and enthusiasts alike. Without back to back comparison, we don't really know. So your speculation that the MR is 1-12s faster is not supported by any data that I have seen. Marco is amazing for sure (I do know him--it was Marco who did the attempt not Gebhard) but if you have watched Sebastian, he is no slouch either. Anyway, I'd be curious to see the information on the MR being 10-12s faster then the Performante.
  10. Honestly these numbers are insane. Its also mixed emotions as we have discussed on this forum quite a bit. Without sales, we have no viable company but too many sales and it dilutes the exclusivity. At any rate, Lamborghini just produced its 10,000th Aventador. Hope it doesn't become overproduced like Ferrar or worse Mclaren resulting in crazy depreciation. Somewhere in the mix is the sweet spot. Sounds like the SUV line will be the volume product and keep the V12 & its replacement more special. Happy to see them healthy. https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/lamborghini-10000th-aventador-400g
  11. I don't mind it so much. A bit cliché but a decent watch.
  12. I agree. sounds good. Other clips?
  13. It will be a real contender but I am still surprised that Chevy would have developed different drivetrains that are so much different given development costs. Are they counting on selling more Z06s than the base C8. That said, would you consider the C8 a supercar? How about this proposed Z06?
  14. DoctaM3

    Wheel Question

    I agree with Destructo. When I last talked to people who know way more about this than me, I recall its the offset and the overall rolling diameter (radius) that is key. larger wheels using results in lower profile tires so the overall diameter of the combo remains the same so no difference to the system. What tires are on the car?
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