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  1. Have you found some one to help you with this, yet?
  2. Hey guys, We have a few select Diablo and Gallardo items that we want to move to make more room. We will be selling these items at a super sale price in order to help move them ASAP. PM me for insane savings! Items include the SL style wing and side skirts, Diablo gurney flap, and Diablo side seat panels.
  3. This is true. The carcass NT01 uses provides better grip than the R888's and R888R's.
  4. Hey folks, Alex and I just found out about this issue this morning. We're extremely sorry for the problem ya'll are experiencing and for not noticing the problem earlier. We're in touch with our IT contact to look into this. And yes, we know it's been a LONG time, we'll also be looking into a few options for giving LP a new look. Again, we are very sorry. To have new and long-time LP members be frustrated with the forum is not what we want and we promise to get this sorted and better. Thanks.
  5. Instant Pot is the fcuking jam! Used to wait 4 hours to make beef dips in the Crock Pot. Now takes an hour with the Instant Pot. Life changing, man.
  6. David@SPE

    Lambopower shirts

    x16 white XXL "Hit It" shirts left.
  7. David@SPE

    Lambopower shirts

    For those of you who are 2XL and cannot wait, my shipping department found a lost stash of white "Hit It" shirts in 2XL. And x16 of these ones: Again, these are in WHITE and 2XL's only. If you want to purchase, PM me with your Paypal address so I can send you a Paypal invoice for payment. $15 (each) shipped in the lower 48 states. Thanks.
  8. David@SPE

    Lambopower shirts

    We’re working with the printing company on various t-shirt samples. A lot of people in the past has complained about the t-shirts being heavy and thick. So we’re trying different t-shirt samples and ink opacity that will work best with the print design on a softer t-shirt.
  9. David@SPE

    Lambopower shirts

    The Lambo "Hit it" t-shirts has been brought up in a meeting with Alex not too long ago. A green light for a new batch will be set in our calender's soon.
  10. "Dad Turns His Son’s Drawings Into the Most Hilarious Reality Ever" https://brightside.me/creativity-art/dad-tu...;utm_medium=cpm
  11. Whoops! Apologies for the late response. But no, sorry. Do not have.
  12. David@SPE

    The LP Coffee. House

    For anyone grinding their own coffee beans, any recommendations on an affordable electrical conical burr grinder? Been grinding my own coffee beans with a manual conical burr grinder for a year now and man, it's a pain in the ass now. Lol.