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Found 26 results

  1. Because it's almost the same thing, i'll put this one here. Any thoughts on what this will mean for the Prancing Horse? Lots of EV stuff happening lately.
  2. Just got a text from Andrew about the new video going live. Looks like they had an incredible time! Anyone here go? The Club is doing some incredible things!
  3. Interestingly enough, the SVJ makes the same run as the Huracan Performante in the other video thread I just posted. A staggering 210 MPH! Interesting? Maybe; still either is a beast, enjoy the video!
  4. At least he salvaged a write-off of a car. Not sure I'd go LS with it, but when the YouTubes pay, might as well get stupid fun with it. Source: https://www.motor1.com/news/397578/lamborghini-huracan-ls-swap-hits-dyno/
  5. I've always been a big fan of high-performance sedans. I always appreciate a good history lesson from someone like Tiff. Check it out!
  6. It's a fun video to watch. That Taycan Turbo S looks sharp, but my gosh, 185K starting price for it?! Holy smokes, it better be!
  7. In a new series by member DoctaM3, he's cataloging the aptly titled, "Road to the SVJ" for his bespoke build. First video is up, and it's a neat look at things for those that haven't been to the motherland.
  8. Wonder what happens to the cars that get wrecked? It's a fairly interesting look at inside the guts of the Huracan from a "at home mechanic" perspective. This is hardly the first car this group has done and if you can look past some things it's pretty interesting. It's a 25 part series from acquisition to completion. It's pretty interesting to watch despite the channel not really being my normal taste. Would you tackle this project? Tell me what you think.
  9. I've really come to appreciate the perspective and video's from Harry's Garage. An awesome video about life with the 1991 Lamborghini Diablo!
  10. Skip to the 6:20 mark if you want to get to the part where he talks about the Huracan EVO. Seems to show some gadgets and gizmos that the new generation has for those who enjoy the techy side of things. Big plus' for the sound of the stock exhaust though.
  11. Even if drifting is the synchronized swimming of motorsport, there is no taking away the skill and talent it takes to drive a car like this in anger... Mad Mike's builds are usually pretty interesting and insane. This Liberty Walk Huracan is no different. I don't care for the livery, or wheels, but the kit itself doesn't look bad for the car. That sound though, my goodness... Interesting they put a new ECU in it. Wonder if they couldn't crack the OEM open.
  12. The channel lovecars did a hot lap comparison. Here are the times for those not interested in watching the video. 1. McLaren Senna - 1:06:38 2. Porsche GT2 RS - 1:08:54 3. Ferrari 488 Pista - 1:09:47 4. Lamborghini Aventador LP 770-4 SVJ - 1:10:09 Care to discuss?
  13. Doug does A LOT of vehicle reviews. His channel is stocked with a TON of content. He can be a bit dry if you aren't used to it, but never lacking in information. There is a ton of detail and information on his reviews. And he covers a bit of neat little nuances that others overlook, in my opinion. Check out his Performante review below.
  14. I always enjoy the Carfection Group's beautiful cinematography, and they were able to put together a gorgeous video and proper review of the Huracan EVO from its Bahrain launch. Lot's of good details and information in this 10-minute video. Definitely worth a watch.
  15. The latest from Harry on the Urus, with on and off-road review. I haven't had a chance to watch this one yet, but it is in my queue and I'm looking forward to it.
  16. I’ll be honest, I’m not his primary demographic, but the Stradman seems to be a genuinely good guy who is making it good for himself. I love to see that. This is the video of him picking up his new-to-him 2012 Aventador. It’s nice to see that genuine excitement and passion when getting a dream come true. Check it out! Even better, he surprises a nine-year old fan that suffers from brittle bone disease by picking him up at school! Coolest thing I watched today. Glad to see his genuine outreach. Major kudos!
  17. So there is a STS in the video, one of my favorite production Lamborghini’s. I’m having a hard time deciding if sounds good or if it’s been ruined. Skip to the 8:10 mark to get right to the Lamborghini. There also seems to be a bit of creative liberty taken with some of the parts and work done on it. I’m not going to judge, but I’ll let you decide.
  18. A pretty awesome look at the factory of the Aventador S line, as well as a look at the Urus production! Gone are the days of drinking wine on the production line for lunch!
  19. A truly beautiful take on a fetching car. The visuals alone are worth the time. Check it out below.
  20. I enjoy this guys channel, some of it is over the top, but that’s the nature of YouTube. He does some awesome charity stuff as well, so happy to share his videos. Check out this one from a rally in Dubai where they get a Huracán to go vs. a Urus.
  21. I would like to try something new with the board here. Per the title suggests, we are looking for volunteers who would like create some original content on the new and improved Lambo Power 2.0. What makes our forum unique is that the community here is active and vocal. For the past 14 years if you’ve been looking for Lamborghini enthusiasts, who are experienced, unabashed and sometimes outspoken, you came here. With that in mind, we want to share your stories that involve Lamborghini, its products and lifestyle; and that’s where you can help, if you want! There are many talented individuals here with writing, photography, video and many other theaters. So what do we want? A few things: You should be passionate about some aspect of the Lamborghini brand You should want to tell a story Have fun and use your own voice No prior experience necessary. You don’t have to own a Lamborghini That’s it. At this point I’m just looking for people to raise their hand and say whether they are interested and what they’d like to do. It doesn’t have to be a written story, although it can be. It doesn’t have to be a video short, although those are always welcome. It can be a photo collection of a drive event, it can be a written story about the complications of getting gas in a Lamborghini in a small town, or a favorite story from a rally with friends. Had a chance to drive a new car at the dealership and want to share your thoughts? Perfect! Heading to an event with fellow enthusiasts? Great, snag some pictures or video, put down some words and lets get you published! The possibilities are endless! And it doesn’t have to be a ton of work, however much or little you want. We just want to bolster our neck of the woods for unique-to-Lambo Power content. This place is your online home away from home, so help make it you own. Have a place to share, and a place to enjoy. So if anyone is interested, just drop a note below and let me know what you’d like to do. I’ll be in touch and we’ll go from there.
  22. As much hate that gets dolled out on Shmee150, I watched some videos and dont mind him. He’s got some good stuff. This latest is his look at some very rare Lamborghinis one display at the factory right now. Worth a watch!
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