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Drag965's Underground Racing Twin Turbo Huracan race recap

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Since the Underground Racing Drag965 Twin Turbo Lamborghini Huracan was first built and since its first outing at the 1/2 mile, it has reset the standing half mile World Record at four different events.  No Lamborghini competitor even comes close to this beast as they have simply been left in the dust.  This STREETCAR has ran 250+ miles per hour at every event it has been to which is five events and has left with five wins. This is going up against tough competition including and beating out the fastest GTR in the World head to head, which is a gutted shop racecar.


After KC in the Underground Racing Drag965 Huracan went a 244, 249, 250, 254, 255, 257 and a 259 (New World Record) at the Shift sector Pikes Peak standing half mile event, we decided to race the Twin Turbo Huracan again, so we headed out to Shift Sector Indy standing half mile event.  With us having many more customers at this event to help out we only ran the Yellow Huracan four times.  We didn't run any partial or warm up passes, we just got right after it with KC's first pass of a 257 MPH right off the trailer.  KC followed it up by resetting the record with a 259.96 MPH, 258 and another 259 pass. Conditions were hot, humid and this runway has a slight uphill grade.  We will be posting an event video soon.  


Huge thanks to Mohammad at Drag965 for letting us build him this beast.  Thank you Proline Racing, John Reed, Harry & Joe from Precision Turbo, the entire Shift Sector crew and KC Howeth for risking his life by driving the wheels off this beast.  Also, thanks to all others that are part of the Underground Racing Team.




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