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  1. Ran 228mph I believe
  2. Hopefully more testing out of the UGR camp with the billet blocks and DCT. For DP, I'd assume they'll continue testing the white H with the drag wheel setup.
  3. Love the Performante bumper! I'm assuming that's factory piece?
  4. Gotta love that you have several planes and jets sitting on the tarmac right at the finish line. They must act like a gravel pit in case you spin out... EDIT: it's not even a runway. It's the damn TAXIWAY!
  5. Saw Qbert on instagram with a nasty launch. I believe it was the 244 run.
  6. Would also love to see what these cars are doing in the 1/4 mile as well. If I recall correctly they've been in the high 180's for some of the 24x-25x mph runs. Pretty insane for street cars on radials.
  7. Awesome build. Does this volsteiner kit have the same exhaust placement as the Peformante or do you need to make something custom?
  8. I they mentioned the DCT was currently holding 2200awhp
  9. Yeah, but then you have an APR frame mounted wing on your Lamborghini
  10. You run that GTR hard and it takes all you throw at it. Seems like one hell of a build.
  11. I really wanted to see a UGR car line up with one of those ASS Alpha X cars as they seem to be the fastest out in street trim. But when you see that shop drag cars can't beat these Lambos then there really wouldnt be a point.
  12. Further testament to the quality of these UGR builds. I know of bolt-on Corvettes that need more attention than this.
  13. Great read and one awesome looking Huracan. Those HREs and lowered stance really bring out the shape of the car. Any plans to take it down the 1/4 mile like you did your former G?
  14. Can we please get more pictures / updates / info? Anything to keep this on topic and not be another forum pissing contest please.
  15. Can't wait to see what short times this can pull off. How many more days until T2K18?!
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