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Breitling: Revamped!


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The brand has a new CEO (Georges Kern, former IWC CEO) as of July 2017. I think they are crushing it this year. Love their new designs (the Superocean in particular). I just got one for myself as a milestone reward. Have gotten comments everywhere I go!

Superocean Heritage II, 44mm, Red Gold

44471808010_e2e83051e8.jpg 32416964228_21b0779189.jpg

Breitling has historically been a niche player, but the new CEO is opening it up to the "80% of the market they were missing". I think they will do well.

I also like one of the new Navitimer watches w/ white face that I saw (with a Horus Camo strap).

Just thought I'd let you guys know, in case you haven't checked them out lately!

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