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  1. Sick combo! Hard to top either of these colors.
  2. I'm still here. And being part of the "new" generation (30ish)... I feel the site being down so long for the reboot killed it most. I'm still on the other Lambo Forum, which is more active than this one. But Lambo Power will always hold a soft spot in my heart. I joined when I was 17/18 years old and just dreaming of the day I could own an LP640. I love these cars for the unmatched driving experience they give you, passion most owners have (maybe that has changed today with social media/Huracan flexers), the soul these cars have, the art of the Italian design, and most importantly their S
  3. Yes, thanks Sup! I've had all those saved to my phone for years as well. Ever since EFFSPOT and his videos 2-3 years ago brought Stardropper into the limelight. BRILLIANT EXHAUST is the actual private label manufacturer of Stardropper. I ordered mine back in July this year and it is now installed. It is the first on any Aventador in the United States. Many clips on my insta (@Lambo_Jesus) already, and many more to come
  4. Thanks for all your work LAMBOcars! Looks sick
  5. Thanks my friend! Hope to find one here too. Was close to a very tastefully modded white one recently... but didn't like the White Exterior + mostly White Interior. If it had black seats I'd already be rolling! haha Excited for an Aventador though
  6. I have bought my last two cars from members of this forum (@Chipster Gallardo and @makethemsaywowee LP640), and always prefer to keep Lambo purchases in the Lambo family here. As title says, I definitely want an Aventador Roadster. Has to be a private party sale (no dealers). Private Party Sales have no tax in my state. Looking for 2014. Higher miles is just fine by me! Just wanted to get a thread up in case any of you lovely gents want to sell, or have any friends who are now looking to get into an SV, SVJ, etc. looking to sell their base Aventador Roadster. Please let you
  7. Good roadsters can be had for around $260k right now. I see them coming to current Aventador Coupe levels ($220-230k) and I see Aventador Coupes coming down to $195-200k level in the next few months as all this stuff drags on. Aventador SV Coupe could see prices at $315-320K soon (this is based on several SVJ's currently listed at $488K-500K level). Which would hold value better.
  8. WOW, love it man. Congratulations!! Wonderful spec. Enjoy in the best of health.
  9. Welcome! Sick SV brother. Congrats on the car
  10. Hey guys! Here are two recent videos featuring my LP640 in California. Bone stock, but the exhaust still sounds great! Second video the car is featured in the last couple minutes: Straight pipes should be ready second week of April. Can't wait!! Alex
  11. Thank you! Thanks, definitely cool ownership. Mountain Dews baby! (look up the Shaun White clip lol) Thanks so much my friend. Thanks @cake! Appreciate the kind words. Me too! Balloon White, Arancio Atlas, or Monterey Blue on the Murci = heavenly. Thanks brother! I will definitely keep the updates on the car coming. Can't wait to share the exhaust with you all! And thank you for the kind words . Thank you, totally agree. Undeniable presence on the road! Me too! Thank you so much. I love the Verde Ithaca on your car. Alex (owner of
  12. Hey guys! Well, the search is over :). After passing on two Gated LP640 cars over the last 6-months, this Balloon White 2007 E-Gear LP640 came up and was too good for me to pass on!! Kevin (@KMY on the forums) sold me the car. We had been talking since November off-market, before he went ahead and put the car on consignment with Elite Motor Cars in San Francisco. I had been looking at a few cars and shot Kevin a text last week to check in with him to see if we could come to an agreement on his car, which we did. I have to say that Kevin is a total class act!! I would no
  13. I bet the Matte Gold color looks unreal in person. I would just body-color match the Carbon Fiber rear intake/shoulder vents to be the same gold, and the center-line splitter in the front bumper as well (like on the AV-S). Same for the black side/radiator vents. Color match those too. Car will look more complete with a few of the sections being full color rather than broken by carbon fiber or black. Awesome car though all together!
  14. Had this happen with a BULLSHIT clothing store credit card over a $7 when I moved when I was 22. Never got the letters. 30 days late for first time ever. I called them EVERYDAY for 4 weeks, 2x or 3x per day. Talking to different people, asking the same thing each time and asking for a one-time forgiveness. Asked for managers. Etc. A manager finally told me to type up a letter stating my case and gave me an address to fax it to for my appeal (faxing was an ancient tech for 2012 at the time). I did as she said and *COMENITY bank (the lender) removed the derogatory remarks. Like it never hap
  15. The brand has a new CEO (Georges Kern, former IWC CEO) as of July 2017. I think they are crushing it this year. Love their new designs (the Superocean in particular). I just got one for myself as a milestone reward. Have gotten comments everywhere I go! Superocean Heritage II, 44mm, Red Gold Breitling has historically been a niche player, but the new CEO is opening it up to the "80% of the market they were missing". I think they will do well. I also like one of the new Navitimer watches w/ white face that I saw (with a Horus Camo strap). Just thought I'd let you guys
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