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Lamborghini Club America Goes Dubai!

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I have been fortunate enough to have been involved in some incredible automotive experiences. But this upcoming Lamborghini Club America event in Dubai looks beyond imagination. If your'e  free in November, seriously consider it. Andrew has made Club events absolutely top-notch. 


Saw this link from The Manual (never heard of it) but it sounds bonkers. https://www.themanual.com/auto/serata-dubai-lamborghini-road-trip/

A few minutes behind the wheel of a Lamborghini would tick off a handful of bucket list must-dos for the average auto enthusiast. But, what about an exclusive, all-inclusive, superlative-filled road trip across some of the world’s fastest roads? That’s precisely what Serata Dubai is all about.

The inaugural event, hosted by Lamborghini Club of America, is a lavish, ultra-exclusive trip filled with experiences befitting the Lamborghini lifestyle. Maybe you’re unsure what that means because you don’t own an exotic Italian supercar (sorry to hear that). Consider that the event will take place over five action-packed days in Dubai, which should provide a clue. This is arguably the world’s most extravagant city where they built a 500-foot, gold-plated picture frame just because they could. Serata Dubai promises to be every bit as over the top.

Tour-goers will experience the biggest, the fastest, the highest, and the most luxurious things the Middle East has to offer. The trip kicks off with a gala dinner at the Burj Al Arab, the world’s self-proclaimed “only seven-star hotel.” Days will be spent cruising the deserts of the UAE, including a trip to Jebel Jais Mountain, the country’s highest point. The itinerary even includes a VIP Formula 1 Grand Prix experience, plus bonus time in the driver’s seat at a private Dubai Autodrome track event with Lamborghini’s former chief test driver Valentino Balboni. When not behind the wheel, drivers will visit the Armani Lounge for a gold cappuccino, enjoy lunch at the world’s highest restaurant inside the Burj Khalifa, trek the Arabian desert and dine with Bedouins, train in the classic sport of camel polo, and relax with a sunset dinner cruise aboard a world-class superyacht.

Lamborghini Club of America dates back to 1975. It was founded to honor Ferruccio Lamborghini who almost single-handedly defined the automaker’s legacy over the last fifty years. The club’s exclusive, world-class events include Super Trofeo and the annual Serata Italiana and Monterey, California meetups, all of which bring together the world’s most affluent exotic car collectors.

Serata Dubai is scheduled for November 21-26, 2019, to coincide with two of the world’s most notable automotive events: Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and the Dubai International Motor Show. Interested road-trippers can request pricing through the Serata Dubai website. But, frankly, if you’re shopping seriously for this kind of ultra-luxe getaway, it’s difficult to imagine that money is an object. With only fifty seats available, it’s expected to sell out fast.

LCA Event Page Link: https://seratadubai.com/


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13 minutes ago, Smash Boy said:

Man, what an itinerary that is!

I just saw on IG that bunch of Lambo guys went to the drift school out there....must be the same guys.....lucky!!

They had the largest Lamborghini gathering in UAE history, which is saying something! 

I followed some of the events on the Lamborghini Club America's Instagram and it looked like a good time. The coverage was kind of spotty, I was hoping for more, but what they showed, looked awesome! 

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