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Faulty alternator causing battery logo indicator on dashboard to come on?

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Ok this morning I went to drive the car for 1st time in two weeks. Started up fine except battery logo light on dashboard came on. But computer measured the voltage being 11.5v so I drove on to nearby gas station to refuel.

At the station I turned off the car and on again after the refuel. Same situation abt battery indicator light. Then abt 5 min later when I was traveling abt 30kmh the engine light came on. I was concerned so pulled over. Turned off the car but this time it wudn’t start. Computer tells me now the battery only has 10.7v. When I turned the key it wud crank once then nothing. So it does sound like the battery being flat.

Speaking to my mechanic he thinks the alternator is also at fault. Hence the battery indicator came on and it’s not charging the battery properly.

Anyone with similar experience here? Getting a new battery is not such a big deal but the alternator is so I waned to make sure. Thx in advance.

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