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"Fastest Car" (Netflix TV Show)

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Found a TV show on Netflix called "Fastest Car," basically in each episode, three home-built cars drag race a supercar, then at the end of the season (there are two thus far), the winners of each of the prior episodes all race one another. It is interesting though because you get to see a lot of owners of exotics and of course discover the classic "What do they do" question, but it can be motivational. Quite a few self-made female exotic owners too. The one is an attractive blond who "looks" like a woman that doesn't know anything and just bought a fancy car but she actually owns a premier car tuning shop! 

One thing I don't get though is that some of the exotic owners think that their car will win solely because it's a supercar. Thing is that, at least my understanding of it, is there are plenty of homemade junkers that can match an exotic in a straight line race, it's in racing through turns in addition to very fast straight line acceleration, that the exotic has advantages. Haven't seen any of the exotics, even when ultimately losing, perform poorly though. 

Anyhow, it is entertaining and motivating IMO. 

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