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  1. So I have noticed that the "Start a New Topic" button is missing from the Business forum, is there a reason for this? There were some topics I was thinking of posting about.
  2. Just curious, but who was Kris Singh and what happened there (unless that is too touchy a subject to discuss)?
  3. I like that they made it a mid-engine design, but the aesthetic design of it is rather "meh" to me. It just looks like a Ferrari now. It doesn't have a unique "Corvette"-appearance to it, but rather now is just another one of the various high-end sports cars where unless you really know them, you need to get up close to see what car it really is.
  4. WheelsRCool

    The Joker

    Here in Upstate NY, the movie theater Cinemark Tinseltown replaced all their standard seats in the theaters with big comfy recliners. It is awesome.
  5. Also upon re-reading my quote, it comes across a bit cold/icy, didn't mean it to come across that way.
  6. I am pretty introverted. I would not buy a Lambo for attention-garnering but for the performance and joy of driving it. Do not assume that being introverted means a person who is shy and only will drive a four-cylinder Honda Civic.
  7. I would say sort of. Obama did quite a few anti-gun things with Operation Choke Point, the banning of surplus M1 Garands from South Korea, the making it where certain SS recipients would lose their gun rights, forcing ITAR on gunsmiths, trying to label gunsmiths as regulatory-wise the same as gun manufacturers, etc...Trump has undone much of this. On guns, he did ban bump stocks, but IMO that is indirectly an aid to gun people, because it is hard to say that automatic fire weapons are heavily regulated when you can take an AR-15 and put a bump-stock on it and get a very similar result. But yes, he has to (unfortunately) be watched closely on gun rights. One thing he HAS done to help gun rights however is his SCOTUS appointments and putting conservative (and hence likely much more 2A-friendly) justices on the various lower courts. I think he does mean it when he says he is pro-2A, I think the problem is that he is one who doesn't understand the issue very well and thinks that what constitutes a lot of "reasonable" gun control is okay when it is not. I don't think he is one who pushes for "reasonable" gun control as a stepping stone to banning guns over time.
  8. HBO has done a miniseries on the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster that occurred in the Soviet Union. Apparently it is the highest-rated series ever in IMDB's history, and having watched four of the five episodes thus far, it is really well done. They even made sure as to get actors and actresses that look very similar to the characters they portray. Definitely recommend a watch for the historical value.
  9. So if this scam involved so many people, I wonder what made the head of it think it could be maintained without eventually someone slipping?
  10. So I am curious on people's thoughts about the college admissions scam where wealthy people paid to have their non-deserving kids placed into elite schools. Most infamously caught up in this are actresses Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky from "Full House") and Felicity Huffman (actress from "Desperate Housewives"). My question is, should these people go to prison or not? I see two opinions on it from browsing the Internet: 1) Yes, because otherwise it tells rich people they can still do it, get caught, and get away with a slap on the wrist at most, while taking spots away from truly deserving kids 2) No, the prisons are full enough as it is, we don't need to be adding more people for what is a much more lenient crime in comparison to things like rape/murder/theft.
  11. The thing is, not only was she a fraud, but basically being outright evil. She claimed to have revolutionized blood testing, where they could take a small pinprick drop of blood and use it to test for all sorts of diseases and so forth. But the technology was never workable. Yet it was used on actual people, which means that they were playing with people's lives. One wonders why she didn't realize (or did she?) it would blow up eventually. I wasn't like a Ponzi scheme where hypothetically, you can keep it going if you can keep attracting new investors. With this, you needed to produce real results at some point. Very crazy woman.
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