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  1. I just turned 39 and am starting work on a business project so 32 is not old at all! But get your health in order, you want to stay healthy, that is definitely something you do not want to let slip. Due to bad luck in life and an untreated disability for awhile, I wasn't able to even start getting my life together until 32. Have you considered maybe a trade school of some type? I am in machining, a lot of shops will give you a steady job and train you, it depends. Maybe there is some type of financial aid you could get for nursing education? Do you have military benefits you could use?
  2. So I do not see any feature from which to view private messages or notifications the forum presents you with. Sometimes when I log on, it will say, "You have 2 new notifications" let's say, but then if that disappears before I can click on it, I can't find it anywhere.
  3. Hope that bad member wasn't me. If so, I apologize to everyone. My uncontrollable urge to debate I have a lot more under control now but for many years it was a very bad problem
  4. IMO what the sequels and prequels should have been, holy crap this is well-done. Amazing a fan-made film produces a better fight scene and overall film than Hollywood, but I agree that the problem is Hollywood Star Wars isn't made by Star Wars fans:
  5. Slightly separate, but how do you embed videos? I tried but couldn't figure it out.
  6. So Mercedes-Benz has the GLS 600 Maybach SUV, their ultra super-duper luxury variant of the GLS full-size SUV range. Well for the Maybach, they added a special feature that makes the vehicle bounce up and down. SUPPOSEDLY, this feature is for "off-roading," so that if you get stuck the bouncing helps it get unstuck. Which of course is the main thing people have been utilizing it for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nAjc_A7v1U
  7. Looks like a great project car Tara I feel stupid, but for a split second when I saw the first photo, I thought you meant the TRUCK was what you had bought
  8. Ironically (and something I am VERY thankful for), the virus hasn't affected me much at all. I got laid off for two weeks, but then the machine shop I work for started getting various customers that have been deemed essential calling up for work to continue, so I've since been working full-time. The Boss (owner) said that certain things will slow down much more in the summer, so we will see. They require us to maintain a six foot minimum distance and provide masks if we have to get closer, and also alcohol-based spray to spray down one's work area.
  9. Yeah, personally I think the initial outbreak probably wasn't intentional, but when Xi saw what it was going to do to China, he gave the order to make sure it infected everywhere else. The problem with it being purposeful is that it would only be a short-term benefit, because longer-term, it stands to hurt China, as now countries, especially the United States, see the danger of having various supply chains dependent on China, and also it has been shown to the world how China lies and obfuscates. A lot of the equipment China has sent to European countries, at least from what I've read, has been defective and had to be returned. Just seems like a lot to lose longer-term for a short-term attempt to knockout Trump who at most would be president for another four years anyway.
  10. A lot of diseases it seems come out of the Asian countries for some reason. So probably due to a lack of sanitation in the markets with the huge crowds of people and then whatever natural cause produces such viruses in the first place.
  11. Found a TV show on Netflix called "Fastest Car," basically in each episode, three home-built cars drag race a supercar, then at the end of the season (there are two thus far), the winners of each of the prior episodes all race one another. It is interesting though because you get to see a lot of owners of exotics and of course discover the classic "What do they do" question, but it can be motivational. Quite a few self-made female exotic owners too. The one is an attractive blond who "looks" like a woman that doesn't know anything and just bought a fancy car but she actually owns a premier car tuning shop! One thing I don't get though is that some of the exotic owners think that their car will win solely because it's a supercar. Thing is that, at least my understanding of it, is there are plenty of homemade junkers that can match an exotic in a straight line race, it's in racing through turns in addition to very fast straight line acceleration, that the exotic has advantages. Haven't seen any of the exotics, even when ultimately losing, perform poorly though. Anyhow, it is entertaining and motivating IMO.
  12. I remain hopeful that the economy will be able to make a quick turnaround. But we'll have to see. At some point, they are going to have to start letting certain businesses operate again, and hope that the virus has died down enough by then that it doesn't re-rear itself, because there is only so long you can keep the economy shut down. One thing I have been reading which people should keep in mind is that, just as many didn't take the idea of a pandemic seriously early on and then panicked, now many are making the assumption that things won't get much worse. But people should continue with basic preparedness, because if say another major snowstorm hits a particular area or a hurricane (we are heading into hurricane season) hits somewhere and causes severe damage, well the supply chains are already strained as it is, so things could go really haywire in such a scenario.
  13. One thing I wonder, all this talk among preppers about keeping gold and silver for the End of the World, maybe one should stock toilet paper for currency
  14. :::WARNING::: Wordy Wheels posting and partial rant I am terrified because my mom recovered from Stage 3 breast cancer and had a bunch of lymph nodes removed, so her immune system is compromised. Just getting a regular flu shot knocked her out for a couple of days, and she is 72. Nobody knows for sure whether half the population is over or under-reacting and nobody knows for sure what the hell is going on is my take on it. I think the next three weeks will lay it bare. Three weeks ago, Italy had three confirmed cases. Now, it's a public health emergency there stretching their healthcare system to the limit. So if in three weeks, it hasn't gotten much worse here, it probably won't. But if it has ballooned big time to tens of thousands of cases, then we'll know it's a major problem. The media are questioning the lack of testing, asking why is it that South Korea can test 10,000 people a day while we have only tested about that same amount in total thus far, but from what I understand, nobody knows the exact answer to that question. South Korea had a system in place from having dealt with the MERS outbreak some years back, and here in the U.S., they could have used the WHO test (World Health Org) but decided to use their own because it more distinguishes between the different types of coronavirus. An expert I was reading said he didn't think this was arrogance on the CDC's part, just the way that bureaucracy happens to work. However, then it turned out that the CDC test was defective, which created a bottleneck, so the problem now is there's no way to fully know the amount of cases in the U.S. at the moment. There are also conflicting criticisms, for example some say that there is not enough centralized direction from the federal government on this, while others say that that is precisely the problem, that the state governments and the various private labs can't take action on their own without first going through the CDC and other such agencies, that it is too top-down. For example a lab run by a scientist in Washington state was able to test for the virus but had to get permission from the CDC to do so, who told her no. She waited I think three days, then decided to test anyway, and detected the virus, and now Washington state is one of the epicenters for the virus in the U.S. Yet even after testing and detecting the virus, the CDC still told her to stop testing. Governor Cuomo of NY here for example said we don't want to have a "patchwork quilt" of policies across the nation, but then again, why not? Let each state figure it out and the federal government work off of that, IMO, as each state knows its requirements best. Let the lower ranks make independent decisions, if you will. My opinion though. So I don't think anybody knows what the hell they're talking about on it fully. I think it is pathetic that they are running short of things like masks and supplies for the public health workers at the hospitals, I mean experts have been warning about a pandemic occurring for years now, but it seems no administration or government we've had has taken a really hard look at such a scenario saying, "Okay, what happens if the SHTF pandemic-wise..." they should have been stockpiling those kinds of things for years IMO. But that is just the government for you, I doubt any president in recent times has really thought about this and with Congressmen and Senators who demand Google executives explain to them why the iPhone has certain features and how exactly Facebook makes money, it doesn't surprise me. Also reminds me of New Orleans, how they had been told for years to build up the levees and never did. I have built up a decent amount of supplies though I would suggest while not panicking, people take this seriously, just in case. Don't strip the shelves, but build up supplies now, just in case things really do hit the fan and a mass panic ensues.
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