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I have bought my last two cars from members of this forum (@Chipster Gallardo and @makethemsaywowee LP640), and always prefer to keep Lambo purchases in the Lambo family here.

As title says, I definitely want an Aventador Roadster. Has to be a private party sale (no dealers). Private Party Sales have no tax in my state.

Looking for 2014. Higher miles is just fine by me!

Just wanted to get a thread up in case any of you lovely gents want to sell, or have any friends who are now looking to get into an SV, SVJ, etc. looking to sell their base Aventador Roadster.

Please let your friends know! Or PM me if you see / hear of anything =).



PS. LP640 will not be for sale.

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1 hour ago, Destructo said:

You're amassing quite the resume of purchases! Congratulations! Hope you find a good one here on the forum from the Family! 

Thanks my friend! Hope to find one here too. Was close to a very tastefully modded white one recently... but didn't like the White Exterior + mostly White Interior. If it had black seats I'd already be rolling! haha

 Excited for an Aventador though :D

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On 8/17/2020 at 9:52 PM, harrish said:

I have a beautiful Arancio '16 with 10k miles AV Roadster that I'd be willing to sell for the right price. Please PM to discuss.

Still available? 

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