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Murcielago LP640 AC Compressor Cross Reference

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If it's the same compressor that is in the pre-LP, then I bought a brand new one from France and had it shipped to the US from this website:


These compressors are very common in Europe, but not in the US, which is why I went overseas. The only difference is the connector on the end that you can splice from the old compressor very easily.

They also have the dryer, and you want to get it from them because it's 10x the cost here.

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Last year I needed a new compressor and for some reason the place in France could not ship to me, cant remember why but I ended up getting the correct compressor in the US from Automotive Budget 727 232 0887.

The compressor is a sanden SD7H15 (see picture)

They advertise on ebay and although more expensive than the French supplier that Stimpy used I offered them $750 and they accepted.


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