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  1. It's very possible it's just the earlier cars.
  2. Has anyone else been contacted by your dealer about these technical service campaigns? - Cover for the door actuators - Torsion bar bushings and supports for both front and rear of the vehicle - Sunglass box cover mechanism update I was scheduling an alignment for my car, and they told me about these "technical campaigns," not "recalls." The cover for the door actuators and the sunglass box are self explanatory, but if I look at the shop manual there's nothing in the suspension that is called a torsion bar. There is a sway bar in the front and rear that Lamborghini calls a "stabilizer bar." On my 65 E-Type, it has torsion bar front suspension which is a bar that acts like a spring by twisting as the suspension goes up and down. The Murci is definitely not a torsion bar suspension. I already changed the bushings of the stabilizer bar, and tightened the links that were loose. Doing those things solves suspension rattling I had in both the front and rear, so they don't need to be done again. One on my buddies on here also got the call that this work needed to be done. Let us know if you have been told about these campaigns and if you know more about what they are doing with the suspension?
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