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  1. Stimpy

    Condensation in headlight

    Thanks! I bought that "spudger" in anticipation of this job from your recommendation. It looks like this one: Do you have a close up pic of the glass cover from the bottom showing the design of the glass edge where the factory glue is applied?
  2. Stimpy

    Condensation in headlight

    Inahi, what was your approach to cutting through the factory glue holding the glass to the housing? It's a tongue and groove design, so it's not clear what's the best way to cut through it.
  3. Stimpy

    06 Murcie spoiler

    I would start with the simple stuff. Try removing the grill over the exhaust (8 screws) and check the wiring connectors for the wing motors on either side for corrosion. If it's not that, then I would remove the lid from the exhaust and look at the motors/circuit boards for any corrosion or other damage.
  4. Stimpy

    Window not working

    Can you please post the link you found?
  5. Stimpy

    Condensation in headlight

    This is on my to-do list, but keeps getting pushed down as I get tied up with other car projects. It's not an easy fix unless you pay someone to do it (around $2K from what I remember of some guy that does it), or fork out $15K to Lambo for new units. Tedious work, but that glass is pretty strong stuff, so unless you do something really stupid, it won't break.
  6. Are these wheels still for sale?
  7. I think Blaze bought it
  8. Stimpy

    Any LP640 with good history for sale?

    I do not understand what is going on with your car. At $299, even with 30K miles, it should have sold a long time ago. Especially with a new clutch 3K miles ago. Is it because you have the body kit on there? What if you returned it back to a stock LP640, sold the body kit separately for $10K , and then raised the price to $320? I bet it would sell then.
  9. Stimpy

    Will I regret this in the morning?

    A big part of regret for selling cars depends on what happens to the values in the future. How many people do you know that can tell a story of a car that they regret selling because the values went through the roof. So it's hard to say at this point if you will or not.
  10. I had the light come on recently, and an independent here in Houston with the "Galileo" system was able to turn the airbag light off. So you don't need the official system to do that.
  11. Stimpy

    Drop in door speaker replacement?

    Thanks! The new speaker is an inch taller and still fits fine, so there’s some extra room. It’s heavier too, but didn’t change the door opening on it’s own at all since the location is so close to the door hinge.
  12. Stimpy

    Drop in door speaker replacement?

    Took the old speaker to Best Buy to match it up physically to other 6.5” speakers. Ended up with the S-S65 ALPINE - 6-1/2" 2-WAY COAXIAL pair for $90. Dropped right in with no mods and kept the stock look. I had to make my own connectors which was easy. Sounds just as good to me, so I am happy.
  13. That’s good to hear that I’ve already made 50% on my Hercules investment! I kept the speedlines for originality so I can sell the Hercules separately when the time comes. Making good returns on my Esprit OZ Nova wheels too. They are in the same price range as the Hercules now, and I got them for around $2k 5 years ago.
  14. I don't know much about car stereos, and my ears aren't finely tuned enough to want to do the big stereo upgrade. But my driver door speaker has started falling apart -- the rubber diaphragm ring around the speaker has disintegrated. The best option for me would be to buy upgraded speakers that drop right in using the factory connector and fitting under the factory speaker cover. Does something like that exist? And if so, where could I find a set? The factory speakers list for $600 on lambo stuff, and I am sure $30 speakers at Walmart would be an upgrade over those. Thanks in advance!
  15. Stimpy

    do you know this car?

    If you think I said that car is worth 140 + 20, then you're more f*cking nuts than the seller. Where the hell did you get that??