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  1. Yeah, I got the code saying the issue is with the front right shock. I already cleaned the connection, so there's not much left to do about that other than spending $6700 for a new shock. Hard to do that considering that I don't notice any difference in the ride or handling when the error light is off or it is blinking. Considering the Diablo's and Murci's with Koni's have 6 of them to potentially go bad, hopefully someone will come up with a way to repair the electrical portion the same way John Custer came up with a way to repair the seals.
  2. I got my shocks in the mail today and wasted no time installing them. Still have an intermittent error light, but the shocks were rebuilt for the leaking issue. I added added an on/off switch to those 2 wires and now I can turn on diagnostic mode! Very happy — thank you again Jeff!
  3. My Koni front shocks are on their way back tomorrow from John Custer. He is still rebuilding Koni's and he claims to use better quality seals that last longer than OEM. It's $550/shock, and you have to remove the spring before you send them to him. Here's his email: [email protected] And what he does: http://www.lamboweb.com/Repairs_Section/All_Repairs_Leaking_Koni_Shocks.htm Lambo**stuff shows they have one in stock for $6700. From what I have heard, you can't get them from anyone else, and Koni won't talk to you about Lambo shocks. Rebuilding is the way to go.
  4. If you're thinking it's a ridiculous and unsafe idea to just velcro some foam pads to the carpet to make a much roomier seat in the Murci, that's exactly what Lotus did with the back seat of their Evora. You could get an upholstery shop to shape foam to fit your position in the car and then have them cover the pads in leather. Just a thought...
  5. Yes, it’s the error light on the center console that occasionally flashes. It’s very intermittent, so it will be good to know which shock is causing the error.
  6. That's awesome! I found the two pin connector and removed the cap. I have the full instructions in the shop manual for using diagnostic mode. Once I get the car back together later this week, I will test it out. It will be very easy for me to add a on/off switch that can be accessed under the dash so it will be easy to turn on/off diagnostic mode without pulling the panel and crawling under the dash. I'll be able to those errors in the shock system. I haven't had any dash lights with the lift system, so it is the shock stiffness system that I need to diagnose. Thanks again, Jeff! That's a huge help!
  7. Thanks! I’ll look in there, but interesting... I had heard they removed that diagnostic switch starting in 2004. I’ll be very happy if I find it.
  8. I have sat in my car without the seat, and at 6'2"ish, I felt like a midget. You gain at least 5 or 6 inches of headroom.
  9. Oh ok. Anyway to get that without having to buy a grey market kit for $10K with questionable license keys and no updates or support? If so, put me down for a cable, otherwise it's just a $500 paperweight.
  10. And what software do you use with the cable? My regular $14 wireless bluetooth OBDII adapter works fine with a $10 iphone app to read standard OBDII codes and reset CEL's for my Murci, so unless the cable comes with the software to read Lambo-specific codes, or talk to the Koni ECU, or Air Bag ECU's, I don't understand the value.
  11. What's in the cable that makes it cost $500, or is that just Lambo tax? You can buy a whole laptop/desktop for that price...
  12. Since I have my front shocks off, I am going to go ahead and replace some hoses on the power steering like these return lines. FYI for those that have the Koni system, there's an extra low pressure return line that Old Guy doesn't have on his later car. It's a right angled hose that looks like it will be fun to remove because the hose clamp going into the block is buried.
  13. Looks different on the back for the connections.
  14. Yeah, I definitely would start with changing the regulator if the alternator went out. But if I ever need to take the accessory belt off again, I am changing the alternator for a new one because I believe mine is still the original 15 year old unit. Regretting I didn't do that change out when I changed the AC compressor in February.
  15. FYI, here is the same part number (from the pics above) of a new alternator on Amazon for $157: https://www.amazon.com/Alternator-Volkswagen-021-903-025C-028-903-025C-0123520002/dp/B0765C5RNN
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