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  1. Great work, and thanks for posting, PoKnow!
  2. Only that guy in the UK that put 300k miles on his Murci by renting it out. For the rest of us, it’s useless. You’re definitely not doing a good job maintaining your exotic if you have to rely on a brake pad warning system. Now for a soccer mon’s minivan, that’s a different story.
  3. They are especially useless on cars that only get driven 100-1000 miles per year. You should have the wheels off changing brake fluid every couple of years anyway.
  4. Is that really the whole story? Don't you promote products on YouTube that earn you money? Things like...spot free rinse thingies...
  5. Sensors are just 2 wires that break their connection when their pad wears onto the rotors. It’s not really even fair real sensors, like pressure transducers, to call them sensors since there’s nothing too them. But it doesn’t stop manufactures from calling it a sensor and charging a boat load for just 50 cents of wire. You’ll have to pull the wheels off to find which one has failed. A visual inspection should identify the bad one, otherwise a multimeter to check continuity at the “sensor’s” connector will tell you. The sensor pads can get brittle and break after a while or one may have fallen out of place and rubbed away to trigger the light.
  6. So what's your impression of the full Fabspeed exhaust? Rasp? Drone? F1 Sound?
  7. Nice car. What's the full story with the spec? That interior color combo with the exterior color is very unusual. Is that factory? If so, was it special ordered that way? Or was there a color change later? What SV kit is that? Here in the US, it's considered cool to put on an SV kit, but not cool to put on the SV badging unless it's a real SV.
  8. I don't really understand the skid plates. They don't seem strong enough to prevent damage to the bumper in a really hard hit, they lower ground clearance, they get rashes themselves so your car is no longer perfect when they get hit , and now you have a bunch of ugly holes in your bumper which are harder to fix when it comes time to sell than some rash.
  9. Nice! I bet Fabspeed will sell a lot of those exhausts with Paul and Tavarish promoting them. What year is your car? Hard to tell from those pics, but I an guessing 02-05 since you have an oil filler cap on your valve cover.
  10. At $1500/rotor, I couldn't get myself to have an auto parts store jockey turn my rotors. Besides, I have heard that Blanchard grinding is the way to go on high performance brake rotors. If they cut your rotors down enough to eliminate the chamfer on the holes, you'll want to add them back if your rotors originally had them. My 2004 definitely does.
  11. Very satisfying to look at! I repainted everything including the rotors, calipers and dust shields and it’s all stayed looking fresh with the ceramic pads. Did you use the Napa stuff to clean the suspension parts as well? Need to get some of that!
  12. Kinda kills me to see how hard the car youtubers work and invest to get a few hundred thousand views while someone else makes a simple video that pokes fun at an infomercial and gets 45M views.
  13. You don't think 2wd drive makes much of a difference in the TCS light coming on, or you don't think 2wd makes much of a difference over 4wd?
  14. He already did the expansion tank cap, and we just discussed the thermostat. Based on the info provided, either the engine is generating more heat than normal or the cooling system has less capacity than normal. If the cooling system wasn't keeping pressure, he would be losing coolant and would really overheat as the coolant would boil without the pressure to raise the boiling point, so I don't see a coolant leak as the problem either. It sounds like the fans are working because the coolant temps would drop at speed with the extra airflow if the fans weren't working properly. But it sounds like it's always running a little hot unless the heater is turned on. Plus a fan issue on either side of the car in Atlanta summer heat would cause major overheating. I will say it's possible to have corrosion in the connector for the fan that robs some of the power going to the fans. I know this, because I had that problem on my right radiator fan and had to replace the corroded connector. My left fan just quit working one day, so I have experienced that problem too. At freeway speeds, the coolant temps were good despite those fan problems. Sprite, can you confirm that the coolant temps are still high even while driving at freeway speeds with the batwings open?
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