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  1. If you pull out the exhaust, you can stand in the engine bay and have very good access to the rear diff.
  2. One of of the Lambo parts suppliers told me that the letter at the end of the part number changes when Lambo changes parts suppliers, even though it’s the same part. But this doesn’t seem to be the case here.
  3. Here's a link on my DIY to do this job. In the thread, you can see the condition of my headlights.
  4. What's up with the lack of transparency? What is the solution you are using? What is the cost? Never good when those details aren't mentioned upfront.
  5. It does look hard with the engine in. Probably just checking clearances isn't so bad. If I were to take on this job, I would remove the exhaust system to get more room and be able to stand in the engine bay for some of the work.
  6. Hey guys I will be listing my 2002 Gated Manual Murcielago for sale It holds a rebuilt title from 2002 First owner bought it in 2002 and wrecked after one month of owning it. Second owner bought it in 2011 and I have owned it for a year. The Vehicle has 8700 miles Car runs great, I have really enjoyed it. I have about 130k in invoices spent at Lamborghini Miami Interior has been upgraded to newer lp640 interior. Quick silver exhaust, clutch was replaced 2k miles ago. 19/20” wheels. The car was converted to a roadster 10 years ago, but it can easily be converted back to a coupe since not much was removed. I’ll post a pic of the roof. It comes with a custom made soft top as well. If anyone is interested let me know I will be listing it soon. I will be providing a lot more info once I’m ready to list, but if anyone has any questions please text me 760-nine94-558four I’m thinking of listing for $150k I will be listing it on eBay once I take some good pictures Here are some pictures that I have in my phone.
  7. Why not black silicone? Remember, the sealant does not need to make an airtight seal because the units are not sealed by any means. There's 4 big vents to atmosphere on the bottom of the housing. And due of the shape of the housing, water ingress is not an issue, so you're not trying to get a super water tight seal either. But what you want is something that's easy to cut through so you can more easily clean the headlights when they fog up again. Silicone is easy to cut through.
  8. Stimpy, do you happen to know the part number for the AC drier?  I ordered the Compressor but forgot to order the drier for my Murci.  Thanks for any help!  You are a great contributor.  Cheers, Bryan

  9. Hi Bryan, Good question. I don’t know what are the rules of the forum, but you’re probably right that you have to have a certain number of forum replies before you can post in the classifieds. Phil
  10. 10+ years is at the limit of the current PPF warranties, and the current film is better quality than 10 years ago. If it was me, while it's still in good shape, I would have it very carefully removed using the right technique (steam and stretching it along the film, not pulling it up) before you end up having to use one of those huge eraser wheels to rub it off the paint. Wait too long to remove it, and it's a disaster. Something like this:
  11. It’s a CV joint similar to any other car. You can find a local specialist to refurb your axles. If you take it to Lambo, they’ll either send it out to the same type of shop and mark it up crazy amounts or charge you crazy money to replace the entire axle needlessly with a new OEM part. We are all getting to the age where these CV boots will start failing. They do on all cars after a certain amount of time. You might want to check what the Diablo folks are doing since they are ahead of us on aging out their rubber parts.
  12. Do all the hoses with the engine out. It's a tiny price to pay to prevent an overheated V12 and being stuck embarrassingly on the side of the road with coolant everywhere. Shocking that mechanics wouldn't recommend replacing the rubber bits on a 13 year old car while the engine is already out. Lots of other things little to do when the engine out.
  13. It's definitely a job you can do with the engine in, and most are done that way because, unfortunately, not many Murci owners change the hoses proactively because they think low miles means the hoses will last longer (not really true), so they are often repairing just the hose as opposed to doing the work when the engine is out for other tasks. All the hoses are getting old on all the Murci's at this point, so I changed every coolant hose in the engine bay recently. They are all accessible with the engine in the car. To do all the hoses, I did remove the exhaust, the right airbox, the engine decorative panels, and the thermostat housing.
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