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  1. That's one way to make a >$200K car look like a bargain basement rental from Budget Rental Cars.
  2. Beautiful car, and beautiful pics, but I can't help from saying that this car in this color belongs on a different canvas than Hotlanta, namely the UK.
  3. So what was your reasoning for putting the roadster up for sale so quickly?
  4. In terms of things that could fail and cause this problem, one thing to suspect is the AC control panel. It's a self contained unit that is easily replaced, but not inexpensive. You could also have an issue with the temp sensors that feed the control unit causing the control unit not to send the signal. Then there's always wiring issues. I do remember someone having the wire going to the AC compressor in the engine bay get pinched. Just some things to consider and check.
  5. Stimpy

    Airbag Code

    It's been a few weeks, and plenty of driving, and still no return of the airbag light. Last time I had it reset, it took only an hour of driving for it to return. We'll see.
  6. Is this just a vendor you found selling rebuilt starters, or have you used them before and know their good? They say there's a core charge, but don't say the amount and if that's extra or included in the $1095 price?
  7. If I believed paying $20k for the Kreissieg would definitely give my Murci the same awesome F1 sound that it gives an LP640, I would buy it.
  8. In this version of the video, you can hear the exhaust better.
  9. Yep, right there is the rub with the 6.2 engine. And it's why I have tried 20 different combinations of the exhaust (different primary, secondary, muffler, tips, valved combinations) to end up where I am now. The 6.2 not only gets ugly raspy with too free flowing of an exhaust, it also has a tendency to drone around 2500 to 3000rpm (crusing speeds) to the point of causing mental illness. Here's where I am right now, and probably where I will stay, but I wouldn't recommend this for someone starting with a stock exhaust, I just used what I had acquired in trial and error to get here: Fabspeed Sport Cats with the valves permanently closed Stock secondary cats Larini muffler Larini tips Now my car has some sound to it, but not a lot. It's much better than just a stock exhaust which sounded like a regular car. But the key is it has zero drone and rasp. And that is huge. There's nothing more ridiculous than having to shift constantly between 4th, 5th, and 6th gear while driving on the freeway to stay out of the drone range (2500-3000rpm) due to the varying speed of traffic. And the rasp is unacceptable for Lamborghini's. The look you get on people's faces is not priceless. Here's what my car sounds like now (starting at 9:24):
  10. It was the typical coolant hose from the front of the engine that goes to the heater core. That hose just has to be replaced every 10 years or less because it's right next to the exhaust manifold. Knowing Tavarish, the oil spitting out from the Gallardo is probable due to blown oil seals in the turbos.
  11. The front differential mounting is a very big part of determining the tilt of the engine. More so than the rear differential because of the long moment arm of the torque tube.
  12. That’s good news. It’s not hard to access the connector going to the a/c clutch to test for voltage. It’s on the cross beam. Our compressors have a traditional clutch, and that’s a possible failure point.
  13. Oh, change your sway bar bushings while you are in there. They are cheap and are known to wear out. Easy to do with exhaust out.
  14. I did not need to remove the sway bar to remove the cats. It’s a Chinese puzzle but it comes out on the driver side fairly easily on a pre-LP. LP is harder because they moved the location of the AC compressor further out. I did all the work except the removal of the original primary cat clamps from the top with the car on the ground. Oh, for rotating the clamps on the primaries, it helps to spray them with penetrating oil like wd-40 to let them spin easier. I did a DIY on here with pics, so look for that. It shows how the primaries come out. I put on sport cats so I didn’t need O2 cheaters.
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