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  1. What's the current most likely guess on the engine of the Aventaor replacement? Initially I was a hearing a 4L V12 + electric., is that still likely or will it be a bigger V12 + electric?
  2. Would still be wrong if they don't make 800 and 900 of each.
  3. That must be annoying knowing the car is done but having to wait for it, but at least it will be a MY year newer. Wonder if that means some of the later production roadsters will be MY2021 with replacement as MY2022? It's odd that the line is all SVJ Roadsters according to Allan when DoctaM3's coupe hasn't been built yet, unless his car is also just waiting for the certification.
  4. I checked with my dealer yesterday. My roadster is currently scheduled for production completion in December with January delivery. I was initially told November production with December delivery.
  5. I’ll take last of old model than first of new model anytime.
  6. Interesting they are building SVJ roadsters already. I’m getting the first one at my dealer and have been told November production. December or January delivery.
  7. So it seems I had two different issues. 1) Thermostat 2) Alternator Swapped the thermostat and the car runs much cooler. Doesn't get above 90c when at highway speed, will spike briefly if stuck in traffic (it's pretty hot outside 95-100 fahrenheit). The other issue is once car gets heat soaked my alternator was only put out 11.9-12v, seems to not be enough juice to run the fans at max speed which explains running hot at lower speeds. Should get car back tomorrow with new alternator so hopefully at that point temps will be back to normal at low speeds also.
  8. Car is at dealer now. They said there is no air in the system, thinks it's possibly the thermostat, I got one on order so will swap in a new one when it comes in.
  9. Checked the fans. They both move freely with the same resistance on both sides. No corrosion on plugs and like mentioned previously they both seem to be running strong.
  10. Temps seem to come down once I hit around 80-90mph, not 100% sure though, but both fans come on. I will check the plugs for corrosion. If that's the case do you happen to know where to get/order the connector?
  11. Yeah that does make sense, unless the thermostat just partially opens and never fully opens. Lamborghini manual says thermostat starts opening at 75C and is fully open at 90-95C. So I guess only way thermostat could be a culprit if it never reaches fully open position for some reason. I was going to wait for new thermostat to come in before doing anything, but maybe I will just take it to dealer now and have them thoroughly flush the whole system and clean the radiators. Super annoying issue.
  12. I just meant the brown stuff on top of the metal tab, not sure if that's normal. I've read that G12 + Redline Water Wetter can create some sort of brown build up so that was one thing I was thinking. I'm at 19,500 miles. Fans seem strong and nothing blocking the radiators. Are you sure the fact that turning on heat bringing it down to 90c eliminates the thermostat as a culprit? I was thinking if it's not fully opening that would be restricting flow to the rear radiators, but turning on the heater is basically like adding another radiator outside the thermostat loop or am I thinking about it wrong?
  13. My 08 Murci LP640 has been running hot since I bought it in January. I'm seeing coolant temps of 100-105ish. My oil temp is normal at 120-130. I had dealership replace the coolant and it made no difference. Accessory drive belt was also replaced as it was original and due for a change also. I also replaced the expansion tank cap even though there didn't seem to be an issue with it. I've ordered a new thermostat but it won't be here for another 2 weeks. I was concerned I possibly had a combustion leak so I performed a chemical check for co2 in the coolant system and it came back clear and also sent in an oil sample for analysis and there is no coolant in the oil, so at least that was good. I noticed some sediment on top of the expansion tank fill level mark. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue and how they fixed it? At this point I'm thinking either the thermostat is bad or my cooling system/radiators needs to be thoroughly flushed/cleaned. Blasting the heat in the car brings it back down to normal temp ~90c.
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