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  1. Awesome, glad you're finally getting it sorted.
  2. Thanks. Ended up ordering it from Automotive Budget.
  3. Thanks. I already told them to replace any hoses/worn items but will forward this to make 100 percent sure they replace this one.
  4. Where is the thread on this? My 08 coupe currently has it's engine out. Is this hose something that should be replaced?
  5. Does anyone know if there is a cross reference part for 410260805A?
  6. Anyone have the clutch break in procedure from the manual?
  7. If it's the same plug I'm thinking of then mine has a wire connected there and car wasn't charging at all with it disconnected. [Dealership had left it unplugged, I almost got stranded] Edit: Not my picture but take a look here http://www.fluidmotorunion.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/bullheart9.jpg
  8. Fun car. No ABS can be a bit scary. If it has the original shifter I would definitely recommend swapping it for one with shorter throw.
  9. I think there is a guy on eBay selling pirated licenses.
  10. Mine was installed wrong even by my dealer a few years ago [the mechanic that did the install was let go shortly after], luckily it just ripped a groove off the belt instead of shredding the whole thing and I noticed it as soon as I got home from dealer when I went to look over their work.
  11. I'd be worried about mounting it like that. Maybe move it forward some and modify the mount if you have to so you can get suction cups on front and rear of roof?
  12. https://www.scuderiacarparts.com/part/57192/lamborghini/r1470106/gaskets-set.html Does this kit include all the gaskets pictures? It seems just the head gaskets by themselves are the same price as the full kit?
  13. I have the PIN card so only need to swap the control unit if that's what's failing.
  14. I'm leaning towards the control unit being bad. Sometimes when arming the car it just flashes and doesn't beep, other times it beeps like it's supposed to. When the alarm triggers it's the siren only, looking in the manual it seems like lights should be flashing as well. Guess I will schedule an appointment to get it replaced before it craps out completely and leaves me stranded.
  15. Nothing is showing open. Do you know if there is a cabin pressure or motion sensor?
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