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  1. Got it off. Just required more muscle
  2. Doesn't seem to rotate. I'm able to wiggle it slightly back and forth but not much....
  3. I have one I use for RetroPie and one I use for PiHole.
  4. Did anyone ever figure out how to remove this part?
  5. Swapped the coils with new ones and put in the Denso IXU24 gapped at 0.75mm. My car was on original plugs and coils and I was getting some random misfires. Those are gone now and car runs buttery smooth
  6. Cool. Swapped mine to Alcántara.
  7. Thanks for your feedback. I was in-between on leather or alcantara, but I was worried about how the alcantara gets worn down. In my previous Lambos with alcantara steering wheels they have basically turned into what looks like rubber. Is this still an issue?
  8. Attached my updated spec. Viola Pasifae went up in price for MY2020. Removed: - Sensonum (Going to just do aftermarket) - Carbon Fiber Roof (The A Pillars and rear of the car where roof attaches is shiny black so doing that instead ) - Carbon Fiber Rockers (Front lip is shiny black and if my rockers eat a curb at some point it's a lot easier to fix black than CF) Added: - Fire Extinguisher
  9. What are the recommended spark plugs for the LP640? I've seen NGK (2316) DCPR9EIX and Denso (5337) IXU27 Iridium recommended. Do these need to be gapped or are they plug and play? Edit: Seems like the IXU24 are the same heat as the original LP640 plugs.
  10. Took these yesterday. IMG_0636.mov
  11. If it’s dropping on shifts it’s most likely the accumulator. Seems like a common failure . Symptom is car making some shifts while others drop into N.
  12. Yeah got my green card
  13. It's an e-gear. I'm keeping it stock mechanically except for exhaust. So far I've just powder coated the wheels. This is all I'm doing with the car: - Powder coated wheels black - Escort Max CI Radar Detector - AL Priority Laser Jammers - Tint: 50% windshield, 35% sides - Larini Exhaust + Secondary Cat Deletes - Pioneer Head Unit with Carplay - Focal Speakers - 10" Subwoofer behind seat - Clear Bra - Sending interior buttons off to sticky no more for refinishing
  14. Monterey Blue LP640.
  15. http://configurator.lamborghini.com/configurator/load/ACPU0L
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