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  1. I would contact this company http://www.gte-engineering.com/f1-actuator-rebuild.html and ask them for their opinion. They are THE experts on E-gear actuators and worst case can probably rebuild your current one a lot cheaper than getting a new one. While engine is out for clutch and I assume throw out bearing as well (recommended to replace with clutch, although you could gamble and try to make it last another but not really worth it, mine was slightly leaking @ 20k miles) make sure to get a new e-gear accumulator (reservoir) as well. It's a cheap part that will break if not replaced at some point and it's engine out to replace it.
  2. The build quality on the iPE is great and it's super lightweight. The cat bypass pipes have fake mini cats inside just where the O2 sensor hooks up so no check engine light.
  3. I have the iPE exhaust with cat deletes, it's loud AF/shoots big flames.
  4. But why would you want to sell a LP640! Seriously though I'd contact Cats Exotics and see what they would offer me for my car.
  5. So I finally got this taken care of properly. It was actually the alarm siren that had gone bad. The alarm siren is tucked in one of the wheel wells according the dealer. It had gotten water in it and corroded the circuit board. The new units from Lamborghini are now sealed with silicone so I'm assuming this is a common issue so hopefully this will thread will help others if they stumble into the same problem. Part number is 410951605A
  6. Any update on this? I don't have a Diablo but might pick up a pair just in case as I still got a Diablo 6.0 on my "list".
  7. sprite

    Next Week News

    Great idea. I would pay for this. Fuck make it $30-40k and add a Lamborghini approved “race exhaust” that still keeps the cats and doesn’t throw a CEL.
  8. sprite

    Next Week News

    600 total, 350 coupe and 250 roadster. So more hp and more limited than SVJ, even though I personally would pick SVJ over this car. Still think it’s bs. Let’s hope they price it high lol
  9. sprite

    Next Week News

    780 hp confirmed
  10. sprite

    Next Week News

    They should have made it less hp than SVJ or give SVJ owners a tune for more hp.
  11. That’s what a robot would say.
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