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  1. No problem. I didn't have it installed on mine yet. Going to get it installed at the 1,500 mile service.
  2. https://capristoexhaust.com/product/standard-exhaust-remote-control-kit-w-lambo-plugs/
  3. Found out today Lamborghini has now added rubber stops on the screw that scratches tint so no longer need to do anything with them.
  4. Luxeous that's why my installer told me as well, he said the Suntek film is clearer than the XPEL.
  5. So what's the fix for the tint getting scratched? Is there a screw or something that needs to be trimmed down?
  6. Why did you jack up the front for a battery change?
  7. AL Priority for lasers. Haven't decided on radar yet, in-between doing the Escort CI or just running an Escort Max 360c windshield mount.
  8. Thanks again everyone. Car is in wrap shop now getting a Suntek Clear film. I ordered the valve controller for the exhaust. Has anyone here swapped side markers on an Aventador? Would like to swap for clear ones, but sure if they are a pain in the ass to remove. Is there still an issue with tint getting scratched from something inside the door assembly or was that only on early Aventadors?
  9. It doesn't have any Ad Personam stuff. I think the first roadsters just hit US a few weeks ago so didn't really have to wait any extra. Mine lists a November manufacturing date on the door sticker. Two Sennas making a cameo in the video lol.
  10. Quick walk around. IMG_1193.MOV
  11. Car came in today. Didn't drive it yet. Taking it to clear film place tomorrow for full wrap. Then it's going to car audio shop for radar detector, laser jammers, speakers, tint, etc. So I will have everything I want to do with it done by the time the weather gets a little nicer. Spec turned out exactly how I wanted it.
  12. I'm surprised they let this beat the Urus around the ring.
  13. Haha I have mine displayed in the living room. Funny thing is I bought the lego gt3rs before I got the real thing. I'm kinda tempted to paint it purple now to match my actual car. The Chiron is more pieces and took a bit longer to build than the GT3RS, but in a lot of way it's also easier to find the pieces because the bags are more individualized.
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