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  1. You might be able to get the oil temp reading with a Bluetooth OBD II reader and see if it's the gauge or sensor that has a problem. Guessing gage since it should reset when the car is powered off.
  2. That seems hot. Should be in the middle of the dial.
  3. Supposedly 27 people shot in Atlanta yesterday (4th of July) 8 year old child killed: https://www.cbs46.com/news/shooting-leaves-8-year-old-girl-dead-on-university-avenue-police-investigate/article_3de6674c-be41-11ea-8e33-2b7eacb8bee8.html?utm_medium=social https://www.cbs46.com/news/14-people-shot-at-overnight-atlanta-party/article_b3ffd728-bec9-11ea-82bb-237707dedae1.html https://mobile.twitter.com/karrerakruz/status/1279765920928403458
  4. From what I understand I understand the Murcielago has a self adjusting belt tensioner. My belt is fairly new so don't think there is an issue with the belt itself.
  5. Mine runs a lot cooler now. I still see coolant spike up to around 100ish C when stopped in hot weather, but I think that's normal? I haven't tested it on a real hot day lately. I just swapped in new fans, not sure if they made a difference. I'm still not sure what the underlying issue was. It really seemed to get a lot better with the 2nd coolant flush and the dealership that did that said it still had a lot of the original coolant in it (they could tell by the color), so I guess the first coolant flush another dealership did wasn't done properly. They also added water wetter. I've heard some people say that the LP640 should pretty much never get above 90c coolant temperature but maybe they live in colder climates. My voltage also seems to drop as my car gets hot (It will hit around 11.9v). The new alternator didn't make a difference. Not sure if the alternator is just getting heat soaked or if it could be ground related? The alternator belt tightening is interesting. I wonder if as my car heats it could be losing some tension on the belt slightly and it possibly slipping some like yours?
  6. It should be at level with that little metal tab that is in there.
  7. I worded it weird. I meant plate carrier but wrote vest. I think I'm going to get the JPC 2.0.
  8. Anyone here have a vest they like and would recommend for home defense? Also what type of plates? with how crazy the world is getting it seems it makes sense to have one on hand . Friday was crazy here in Atlanta with tons of shots fired nearby and some nearby high rises getting broken into and Molotov cocktailed. A friend of a friend also caught shrapnel in his vest when he got in a shootout with looters protecting his jewelry store.
  9. I've stated to DCA some money into SPY, but I think shit is going to get worse before it gets better so it's a trickle at this point, but don't want to be left hanging if there is a sudden upswing.
  10. My buddy’s egg arrived. Thing is so sick.
  11. No problem. I didn't have it installed on mine yet. Going to get it installed at the 1,500 mile service.
  12. https://capristoexhaust.com/product/standard-exhaust-remote-control-kit-w-lambo-plugs/
  13. Found out today Lamborghini has now added rubber stops on the screw that scratches tint so no longer need to do anything with them.
  14. Luxeous that's why my installer told me as well, he said the Suntek film is clearer than the XPEL.
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