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  1. sprite

    Gasket Set

    https://www.scuderiacarparts.com/part/57192/lamborghini/r1470106/gaskets-set.html Does this kit include all the gaskets pictures? It seems just the head gaskets by themselves are the same price as the full kit?
  2. sprite

    Alarm Issue

    I have the PIN card so only need to swap the control unit if that's what's failing.
  3. sprite

    Alarm Issue

    I'm leaning towards the control unit being bad. Sometimes when arming the car it just flashes and doesn't beep, other times it beeps like it's supposed to. When the alarm triggers it's the siren only, looking in the manual it seems like lights should be flashing as well. Guess I will schedule an appointment to get it replaced before it craps out completely and leaves me stranded.
  4. sprite

    Alarm Issue

    Nothing is showing open. Do you know if there is a cabin pressure or motion sensor?
  5. sprite

    Alarm Issue

    No if I lock the car the siren goes off after 5-10 seconds. Unlocking the car stops it.
  6. sprite

    Alarm Issue

    08 LP640. 5-10 second after arming my alarm goes off. Any ideas? I know someone has posted some sort of reset procedure on here before? It locks/unlocks the doors normally and no issues starting.
  7. I'll try to get some real photos at some point. I haven't been to any car shows or linked up with any photographers since I got the car because of the pandemic.
  8. I love mine. The car is awesome.
  9. That one has water temp at 100c as well and I know it's not that hot in London, so I guess it's normal.
  10. I'm considering taking my gains since March but don't want to pay that short term gains tax rate. Is there a way to avoid it? Just got a US brokerage account. In Norway you don't have to pay tax on gains until you actually transfer them out of your brokerage, so you can reinvest and not actually pay any taxes until you cash out for real.
  11. You might be able to get the oil temp reading with a Bluetooth OBD II reader and see if it's the gauge or sensor that has a problem. Guessing gage since it should reset when the car is powered off.
  12. That seems hot. Should be in the middle of the dial.
  13. Supposedly 27 people shot in Atlanta yesterday (4th of July) 8 year old child killed: https://www.cbs46.com/news/shooting-leaves-8-year-old-girl-dead-on-university-avenue-police-investigate/article_3de6674c-be41-11ea-8e33-2b7eacb8bee8.html?utm_medium=social https://www.cbs46.com/news/14-people-shot-at-overnight-atlanta-party/article_b3ffd728-bec9-11ea-82bb-237707dedae1.html https://mobile.twitter.com/karrerakruz/status/1279765920928403458
  14. From what I understand I understand the Murcielago has a self adjusting belt tensioner. My belt is fairly new so don't think there is an issue with the belt itself.
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