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  1. Not sure if Lamborghini Atlanta's stems has changed since then, but when I ordered it was $35k down and then additionally 10% of MSRP once car enters production. When was your original car supposed to go into production?
  2. Is it your ad personum stuff holding it up?
  3. Social media killed the message boards.
  4. Beautiful spec. Mine is at factory warehouse now waiting on transport so nearing the finish line. Should have it in January sometime.
  5. sprite

    New Aventadors ??

    Lamborghini doesn't allow dealers to advertise new cars online. With that said I believe Aventador production is finished and that only SVJ's are being built at this point.
  6. Damn this sounds amazing. I was going to leave mine stock but heavily reconsidering now.
  7. I test drove one for a day. It feels like a much smaller car than it is. Really great handling and braking. Exhaust sounds good with pops and crackles. Loved the heads up display and Bang and Olufsen sound system, but wouldn't trade my Trackhawk for one unless they were a lot closer in price.
  8. What's the current most likely guess on the engine of the Aventaor replacement? Initially I was a hearing a 4L V12 + electric., is that still likely or will it be a bigger V12 + electric?
  9. Would still be wrong if they don't make 800 and 900 of each.
  10. That must be annoying knowing the car is done but having to wait for it, but at least it will be a MY year newer. Wonder if that means some of the later production roadsters will be MY2021 with replacement as MY2022? It's odd that the line is all SVJ Roadsters according to Allan when DoctaM3's coupe hasn't been built yet, unless his car is also just waiting for the certification.
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