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  1. Aren't most SVJ Coupes built by now anyways since roadsters will start being built soon? If they don't make as many as planned the badging will be wrong like they were for the Murci SV.
  2. How much extra work is it to swap the clutch housing? Seems like it would be worth it.
  3. I'll see if I can find the thread, didn't know it had been discussed on the other forum or here.
  4. So I used the code I wrote earlier to compare parts for E-Gear vs Manual Murci and changed it to compare the 2010 Murci vs 2007-2009 Murci. In addition to the Throw Out Bearing being different the clutch housing is also updated. These are the parts that show as being different: ==== CLUTCH ASSEMBLY === [https://www.please check with our franchised lamborghini dealer sponsors.com/xq/asp/year.2010/market.usa/mode.section/Model.MURCIELAGO%20LP%20640%20COUPE/Section.CLUTCH%20(E-GEAR)/Tav.141.02.00/qx/webcatalogTav.htm] [10][1x] (Part: 086323209K) CLUTCH HOUSING / CLUTCH HOUSING Ea: ($2508.48) Total: ($2508.48) [23][1x] (Part: 086141671L) THROW OUT BEARING - EGEAR / THRUST BEARING Ea: ($843.82) Total: ($843.82) [43][3x] (Part: N10124306) HEXALOBULAR SOCKET / SCREW M6X20 Ea: ($2.0) Total: ($6.0) [44][1x] (Part: 086323961) SEALING PLUG / PLUG Ea: ($38.0) Total: ($38.0) [45][1x] (Part: N0160276) SCREW M14X1.5 DIN908 / PLUG Ea: ($3.96) Total: ($3.96) [46][1x] (Part: N0138302) washer / WASHER Ea: ($2.0) Total: ($2.0) [47][1x] (Part: N0138494) WASHER / WASHER Ea: ($4.82) Total: ($4.82) Sub total: $3407.08 Parts total: $3407.08 So it seems you could upgrade it and then save money in the future if having to do the TOB again.
  5. Great video. They really did not make those bleed valves very accessible. How long did it take you to remove and put back the interior?
  6. Are 086141671C and 086141671L interchangeable? Is the L version just a later revision? According to please check with our franchised lamborghini dealer sponsors it was used for 2010/SV Murcielago. It is much cheaper than the C part number which is OEM for LP640 prior to MY2010. It is the TOB used on Gallardo, so are they interchangeable or is please check with our franchised lamborghini dealer sponsors part listing wrong? https://www.please check with our franchised lamborghini dealer sponsors.com/xq/asp/webcat.yes/prid.36363/action.1/qx/product.htm https://www.please check with our franchised lamborghini dealer sponsors.com/xq/asp/webcat.yes/prid.83082/action.1/qx/product.htm Edit: This site filter's removed the links to the vendor I was linking to, but the question remains the same. Was 086141671L used on the 2010 Murci LP640 and is it interchangeable with the much more expensive part 086141671C?
  7. I've had an accumulator fail previously and a friend of mine did also. They were unable to keep the pressure which would result in some shifts being missed causing the car to go to neutral instead of desired gear. The failure mode for these accumulators doesn't seem to be that they aren't able to store pressure at all, just that they rapidly lose it. I'm thinking my current accumulator might be on the same path but is not losing pressure as rapidly yet.
  8. Awesome. Do you know if all SVJ Coupes will be MY2019 or could yours possibly be a MY2020? My dealer has told me December delivery for my MY2020 SVJ Roadster. I had already 95% decided on Viola Pasifae for mine without having seen it in person and then when I saw your car at Cannery Row last year it nailed it down 100%. I'm beyond excited. Can't wait to see what you decided on for your new build.
  9. Awesome videos. When are you expecting delivery?
  10. Your door is showing as open. Is it actually open or do you have a faulty switch?
  11. That doesn't seem to match what I posted above. Note the black/grey cable. For example 08 Murci and 04-08 Gallardo are Grey Cable, while 09/10 Murci and 0-14 Gallardo are black cable and 02-07 need K-Line adapter. From which I understand has a switch that toggles between airbag and abs and should be set on airbag setting for e-gear operations.
  12. So that will only work on LP murcielagos? From this diagram it seems pre LP Murcis (and possibly 07 LP640?) need a K-Line adapter instead?
  13. Which cables will be included in your set?
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