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  1. joetwint

    Scissor doors on Huracan

    Exactly! Looks like the owner of that car wants a Perf and a V12 lol
  2. joetwint

    Scissor doors on Huracan

    Not a fan and really not a fan when they do it on Ford GTs .its that persons car and as long as they are happy .Jmo
  3. joetwint

    Huracan vs 488 video...

    2 people in both cars?
  4. Nice!Congrats Peter!
  5. 1016 wing That one had problems also
  6. After looking at the aftermarket and oem the difference is in the size and angle of the struts .Oem struts are much wider at the base.
  7. Yes height = 8 “ and width = 60 5/8 front tip to tip
  8. I think the regular huracan looks better without the wing jmho. Also wouldnt trust its gonna hold up to the speeds your car is capable of.And i bet there will be fitment issues.I wouldnt do it.
  9. joetwint

    Will Performantes Hold Value?

  10. joetwint

    Will Performantes Hold Value?

    I was talking about cars on the ground. When did they tell u it will be delivered?
  11. joetwint

    Will Performantes Hold Value?

    I would love to see the new HP that a dealer sold for 20 k under sticker.Dealers have them in stock because they ordered them (speculating ) but cant advertise them because Lambo is watching.(read between the lines here).Hard to sell a car customers dont know u have. So if your a buyer looking for one call all the dealerships.Cheapest ive seen so far is sticker on a new HP.
  12. joetwint

    Current Performante market

    Yea Anthony that looks about right. They are asking 359k for the car not 300k.
  13. joetwint

    Current Performante market

    Yeah its ok it has sofas and no style pack but the bottom is painted matt black along with wheels . Is that a wrap ? and did previous owner do that? It doesnt look factory. And i dont see it on the option list.Maybe thats whats holding it up?
  14. joetwint

    Underground Racing Twin Turbo Performantes for everyone. ;)  

    Yeah we need bigger bait lol