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  1. Good point. Lambo SpA always hoses the dealers. You don't want delivery of 10 weird Huracan iterations? Then you don't get your 3 SVJ allocations. And you get passed up the next time an LE is in production. Lambo claimed the SV and SVJ were sold out. For a fact, multiple dealers - if they were allowed - would state that certainly was the case if by "sold out" one meant dealerships were forced to take allocations without deposits.
  2. I think S is as good as SV if not a little bit better. Different profile - higher usability with almost if not same amount of power. It's an incredible car that has already been forgotten. I think values for all Aventadors will get killed, and those who are patient will get a ton of car for the money.
  3. SV so much better than early Aventadors. Styling, handling, power, all better. SV is not a relaxing car though, whereas normal Aventadors are tourers that are well behaved and easy around town.
  4. porter

    SVJ63 roadster?

    Yeah, internally it's called the SV-R. It's non road-legal track vehicle, like FXX and that ilk.
  5. Thanks for the review. I agree with your comments.
  6. 600LT is one of the hottest looking cars in person.
  7. IMO waaay too many SV and SVJ for any of them to be considered collectables.
  8. porter

    Monterey 2019

    Is LamboCars going?
  9. Dude, I feel this is another veiled attempt to get views on your video, which I have to say, is pretty poor. Reading from a laptop while driving, pregnant pauses as you read, monotone delivery; content-wise it's okay but more preparation perhaps? That said, good luck with your channel, we've seen enough of it pimped on here, however I hope you hit whatever goals you're trying to achieve and sort things out with the dealership. Congrats also on the Lambo and please don't be offended by feedback, you'll get positive and otherwise when you post publicly.
  10. The vast majority of Lamborghinis are not exactly crown jewels. Do whatever you want, even if it makes you a douche.
  11. Looks great. Ferrari knows exactly what they are doing.
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