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  1. If you find the gross vehicle weight rating and subtract the vehicle weight you will find the payload rating. I feel given the car's suspension and torque numbers, it should easily accommodate a payload of 300 lbs.
  2. Awesome garage. Congrats on the new car.
  3. Sorry for the wait, buddy. You got your new title!
  4. Credit where it's due, that is a damn nice car. The design language is impressive.
  5. With the CAD so bad, why don't you find a good deal in Canada and avoid the exchange, duty, possible shipping, etc.?
  6. No one cares, Nancy. The only thing we agree on is that you don't belong here.
  7. It's not just you, he writes like he's having a seizure. I also laughed when he wrote about driving 8 or 9/10ths. What a joke. He can also run at 9/10ths Usain Bolt because he owns a pair of spiked Pumas. I've seen guys show up every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, to open track days religiously and not get above 5 or 6/10ths. It may not have dawned on him that like every other activity you cannot progress past your natural limits. You can play basketball everyday and you'll never be Michael Jordan.
  8. Vehicle Virgins is terrible, Salomondrin is even worse. The absolute worst is Daily Driven Exotics, they are the champs of the Cringe Olympics, everything is douched to highest degree.
  9. Good point. Lambo SpA always hoses the dealers. You don't want delivery of 10 weird Huracan iterations? Then you don't get your 3 SVJ allocations. And you get passed up the next time an LE is in production. Lambo claimed the SV and SVJ were sold out. For a fact, multiple dealers - if they were allowed - would state that certainly was the case if by "sold out" one meant dealerships were forced to take allocations without deposits.
  10. I think S is as good as SV if not a little bit better. Different profile - higher usability with almost if not same amount of power. It's an incredible car that has already been forgotten. I think values for all Aventadors will get killed, and those who are patient will get a ton of car for the money.
  11. SV so much better than early Aventadors. Styling, handling, power, all better. SV is not a relaxing car though, whereas normal Aventadors are tourers that are well behaved and easy around town.
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