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  1. porter

    Monterey 2019

    Is LamboCars going?
  2. Dude, I feel this is another veiled attempt to get views on your video, which I have to say, is pretty poor. Reading from a laptop while driving, pregnant pauses as you read, monotone delivery; content-wise it's okay but more preparation perhaps? That said, good luck with your channel, we've seen enough of it pimped on here, however I hope you hit whatever goals you're trying to achieve and sort things out with the dealership. Congrats also on the Lambo and please don't be offended by feedback, you'll get positive and otherwise when you post publicly.
  3. The vast majority of Lamborghinis are not exactly crown jewels. Do whatever you want, even if it makes you a douche.
  4. Looks great. Ferrari knows exactly what they are doing.
  5. 560s e-gears are definitely better than Gallardo e-gears. In Sport and Corsa modes the car is great, they improved the transmission by having the cam rotate to select the ratios. The Strada or plain mode whatever it's called pretty much sucks in the 560s and Gallardos, it's pretty jerky in stop and go traffic and of course doesn't allow the revs to build so its pretty tame. If you drive around all the time in Sport or above you'll be fine. The 6-speeds are tons of fun, a little harder to get. I personally don't see the value in getting the stick in the V10 but to each their own. Aesthetically the 560s are way nicer than Gallardos IMO. You get the LED headlight assembly, slicker front fascia, and the interior is cleaned up a bit, stolen right out of the Audi parts bin. I think bluetooth was coming in by then too? If it's your first Lambo it won't be your last so you might as well get a good entry level car, enjoy it, then trade up a couple years downstream.
  6. Wow, impressive topjay!
  7. You have a white accent and I like you
  8. And let's not forget the actual cost of the education is far more than what the students pay. The student loans are a pittance compared to the real cost which is highly subsidized by the government, under the premise that the degree will actually be helpful for the greater community when the graduating student is released back into the populus.
  9. This scam was ABSOLUTELY NOT the same as we've seen before. Let me explain. 1. The typical way to get into a premier university is what we will call the FRONT DOOR. You write the SAT, get a great score, take the interview, ace that, pay full tuition, and you walk in. Alternatively you could be a great athlete and get partially or fully comped your tuition. Also you go in the front door. 2. The BACK DOOR has been around forever . Someone of considerable financial influence, a rich benefactor, makes a sizeable donation to the school in question years in advance. Say I donate 25 million today towards a new library at Harvard. My son is only a kid right now, but years later, he will apply to Harvard and not mysteriously he will be accepted in. That is the BACK DOOR and has been around for years. What these fuckers figured out was a couple SIDE DOORS. 3. SIDE DOOR #1 was to get a doctor (on the scammer's payroll) to identify the applicant as special needs. The applicant then takes the SAT and the test goes to a proctor. The proctor is also on the payroll. The proctor grades the paper and gives the kid a flying score. The kid then goes to the interview, the interviewers, some of them are on the payroll too. Boom, kid is into school of choice. 4. SIDE DOOR #2 was to take the head of the applicant and photoshop it onto the body of an athlete, then submit that. For example, Olivia Jade used both SIDE DOOR #1 AND #2 to get in. They photoshopped her head onto a rower's body. There was another example of a girl who was 5'1" who was photoshopped onto a basketball players body. In both cases, the applicants were accepted into the school on an athletic scholarship. They were also told that just prior to for example rowing season, she would mysteriously get a broken arm and be unable to row. That way she wouldn't have to go to practice or competitions, and the rowing coach (also on the payroll) could just fake the papers. Who was on the payroll? Dozens of people. Volleyball coaches, rowing coaches, proctors, admissions people, list goes on. The list had 50 people on it to begin with. The scam was even more clever because the money was LAUNDERED. Money from Aunt Becky never went directly to the dirty proctors or rowing coaches. Instead it went to a CHARITY which was a front for all this, and one guy took the money, kept some for himself, and used the rest to grease the correct people. He even issued charitable donation tax receipts. It was brilliant. The problem was there was too many moving parts, and somebody fucked up. So no this scam had NOT been going on for years. This one was a doozy. And it's totally unfair that these fucking bored rich kids got into prestigious schools while some kid in the ghetto who worked her ass off got denied.
  10. I eat my own words. That looks great.
  11. Go have a great time. That amount should get you a nice flight and a very nice hotel room. You better get on the booking side, things book quickly. Destructo will quarterback the cash and get it to you. He also knows Andrew quite well, that should prove helpful too. Congrats again, have a great time.
  12. At this point I think it's easier for you to list which cars you DON'T have
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