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  1. FikseSTS

    Best software to edit Gopro vids

    vegas studio
  2. FikseSTS

    Happy Birthday Allan!

    happy BDAY!
  3. FikseSTS

    Urus vs Model X P100D

    this was soooo close...
  4. FikseSTS

    Exotic car rental Las Vegas

    crew over at Diplomat Exotic rentals are great...
  5. FikseSTS

    Tuned Urus...

    picked up some good power! 10's for sure coming soon...
  6. FikseSTS

    Bring the old site back

    I though so, take a look at the Tesla forums, same software, I find it easier to read/use....
  7. FikseSTS

    California Fires

    I heard some were hiring their own firefighters, but if that fire is coming your way, not much you can do but get out of the way.....
  8. FikseSTS

    Bring the old site back

    it's a bit annoying when people respond and quote a message, the quote is displayed first, the response should be first, otherwise we are reading the quote over and over again through the thread.... and searching for the response....
  9. FikseSTS

    Bring the old site back

    what software is this site running on?
  10. been thinking about picking up one of these.... that first 60' was great, thinking that should have been in the 9's?
  11. FikseSTS

    Urus hits 60 MPH in 2.9 video..

    Had some time with the Urus, awesome ride, it's a beast, ripped of 0-60 MPH in 2.93 spinning a bit. got it up to 156 MPH or so and was just cruising, well done Lambo.... it is a pricey daily at $250k....
  12. FikseSTS

    WTB: Huracan 580-2 (open to 610-4)

    prob wait for the right Perf to grab....
  13. FikseSTS

    WTB: Huracan 580-2 (open to 610-4)

    Been thinking of selling my 2016 Rosso Mars 610, 6k miles...
  14. FikseSTS

    Sold the Huracan... What Next?!?

    Huracan to an FF, I can't even comprehend that... Perf or SV I would suggest if you're not ready for a McLaren...