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  1. I'll ask him for you... He was real proud of me getting both countaches in museums. I know they are meant to be driven, but he and I think lil different we like to see them go where they will be preserved and displayed for kids to see, it might even change their lives as it did mine.. The deal he made with me is this " For every Countach I find a home for, he will send me something historical. I thought the pics he sent me last month of the old factory were cool but this book will come in handy.
  2. So last month I call my Uncle Chumak81 and ask, any books laying around your old shop you can "hook your favorite nephew up with?....surprise me" He replies in hand written letter on a napkin...... "Tonino, thought I gave ya plenty'a surprises this year." I thought he wrote me off..... Then today this shows up with a new napkin message attached "More to come, help carry a legacy on and preserve Italian history as I did"-Uncle Chumak The Nuovo Automobili Lamborghini catalog ( Pezzi Di Rocambio Countach lp500s Lamborghini S.p.a., Dated 1984. Full parts manual for the Countach 5000s 5000qv dated January 1984. Over 100 pages of diagrams, each page accompanied by detailed parts list with part numbers and description in both Italian and English. Information on carbed & injected cars. Valuable information for the restoration of this rare exotic. Cant thank him enough, always comes through when I least expect him to. Thanks for the Surprise Unc..
  3. I detach the audio during the editing. Im no Spelburg.
  4. Prices of my past sales since Jan 2012 1) 83 5000s(carb) does $169500 asap 2)87 5000qv(fi) 1200miles does $200.000 asap! 3)85 5000s(f1) does $139,000 stays in U.S. asap 4) 89 Anniversary blk/blk 3500 miles sold Friday for $135000 asap I was told by a few guys on here that my -87 would only do 120k tops -83 dealer offered me just 85k -85 dealer offered my 80k -89 offered me 85k and I sold it for 135 thursday. (real nice car) I wonder what price they would be asking if I had sold them. My 85fi car needs some finishing(mainly interior), I have 3 more CT's coming and they are all Carbureted so its time for Miss Merlot to go.
  5. I get the call and buy the car over the phone(no pic), I was wondering how this(Merlot) would look, then the truck opened up and the sun hit the side of her......I just smiled!
  6. she looks so different when the sun hits her skin.
  7. They are not chrome, they are polished. It's how the original owner bought the car new. Paint was a color change, the car was originally Nero/red. I didn't like it but next to the red and black, boy does it stand tall!
  8. Yes my 84 needs a tune up and clutch. Still a perfect foundation for a round body side draft. (pop pop pop)
  9. Thank you guys.... here is a High Res Pic of the DD. Ill post more later this week.
  10. I'm here on the forums for the same reason you're all here: I love Lamborghinis. Here is a short video that myself and Andrew Howell (Facebook.com/howellphoto) put together over the weekend that I think you all might enjoy. I hope that in it, you are able to see just how passionate I am about my cars. Please feel free to ask me any questions, we are here to help each other!
  11. Yes thats the D&D car. The Cannonball car was there too.
  12. Same as well! My wife says hello, she really enjoyed your company.
  13. The show was great, however the cars had to be picked up early in the week, I never finished the final stage of compounding and the car never got detailed(GRRRRR)! I Hated showing her in that condition cause she still needs a bit of work, but the Kids loved them plus I promised Jeff I'd get them there. I will be sanding and buffing my DD this week, can't wait to see her all Tonyed out. Here are some pics of the show.
  14. Thank you Tony. I make my way over to your cars at every venue!! Always leaving Impressed and Educated!
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