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  1. Nice car I actually kind of like the extra chrome work on it, goes good with the black..
  2. I spent quite a bit of time at WPAFB years ago and the museum there is pretty cool you will have to visit. Its nice to see this aircraft restored, the last time I saw it outdoors in Memphis it was pretty much stripped and vandalized of anything decent, kudos for those that restored it!
  3. John Cena is still in court over the sale of his FGT, before the 2 years is up this auction sale may help his case..or not
  4. The particular location in Antelope Oregon is now a Christian center, part of the Young Life program called Washington Ranch Ive landed at the airstrip many years ago years ago.. Do you know where the current Rajneesh group is located? I have seen little....
  5. Same for me, I'm out... still a salvage car after its done also
  6. I use a little piece of rope slide it in the gasket opening rubber where the gasket will meet the tub and metal and as you start you pull out the rope as you go slide as the rope keeps the opening big enough to slide on on kind of like putting a windshield in good luck...
  7. That's a nice car! Great job you guys in Florida are so lucky...how noisy is that inside do you wear hearing protection?
  8. I agree its still good, but when Ragnor was still in the cast seemed a bit better, and I feel the plot has become weak...
  9. He was awaiting sentencing for fraud...there was an article in the LA Times....
  10. Ive posted my dyno results with tubi and hi flow air filters no ecu tune so if you look in the dyno sheets/results thread you might find what you are looking for regarding mods...
  11. Yes there has been more then one idiot running into the hot coals and close to the fire over the years, in Utah a couple years ago was the first BM related fatality at a regional burn, the guy ran way in the fire and they never got him out, this time the poor rescue people risked their lives to pull him out to try and save him, even though they surround the fire and look at the crowd to see if there are any runners..this guy evaded all of them, something they have to live for the rest of their lives poor people... Someone got run over Monday also but survived, it happens with 70000+ people I'm always amazed there aren't more injuries as you can climb and participate on just about everything safety is 3rd!
  12. Just got back... been going almost 20 years now this year one idiot ran in the Man burn fire and died later..check out Henry Chang's (Las Vegas) cars, he was on Jay Leno's garage while ago Ive known him for years, partied with a few known people again, different vibe this year as always, more first timers and entitled people.... Any questions hit me up.. here is a line of art cars waiting to get inspected and approved at DMV there are literally a couple thousand...
  13. norcal2

    Kim Jong Un

    JSDF can take care of themselves...and lets not forget there may be a few subs off the coast of Korea with enough warheads and firepower to knock out every single city in NK in minutes...this is just saber rattling for money to pay Kim not to do what he is doing.. just my 2c.
  14. In his defense he didn't go off making some half factual statements like BHO did based on theory and conjecture...yes he is self promoting that is a known fact everyone knows and expects... I do cringe at many of his statements though, as expected.
  15. make sure there are clear liability agreements in place, between all parties, even if under the same roof, its been my experience that architects love to spend your money at the drop of a hat..good luck!
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