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  1. I had heard in August that Audi was putting a lot of pressure on Lamborghini to replace the v12 with 4.0 v8 but I thought no way. The v12 is part of Lamborghini heritage and soul. I cant believe this would be possible. I wonder if the weight is an issue because they are trying to combine it with a hybrid system.
  2. junc

    urus insurance

    Im with State Farm.
  3. junc

    GPF filter

    Took delivery of a 2020 Urus and as far as I can tell it doesnt have the GPF. It has an akrapovic exhaust on it and it sounds great but I am still in break in period so havent stomped on it.
  4. junc

    GPF filter

    Ahh got it. Well hopefully a valve controller does solve the sound issue.
  5. junc

    GPF filter

    Ok I didn’t know that it is bypassed when valves are open. Thats weird that it would bypass so it defeats the whole purpose of having it if all you need to do is go above certain rpms. Is that just an US feature since it’s not required in the states? if that’s the case then valve controller sounds like a necessity.
  6. junc

    GPF filter

    Has anyone heard if the 2020 Urus is going to have the GPF filter ? Its required in Europe I believe for 2020 models but not in the US. Hoping that they won't have it for my 2020 thats arriving in the fall. It muffles the exhaust and also reduces engine power.
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