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  1. Shoot me a PM also about this. I'm a quality production manager of a precision machining and engineering facility.
  2. I'm about 30 minutes away from where all of this has/is taking place. It is getting out of control and people are planning another round tonight. Police officers from other munucipalities are responding to that area along with the military to keep the rioting under control.
  3. Are you able to tune in the ability to run two different fuel systems? Run 93 while driving around and once the ECU detects a certain throttle position or boost level, a switch to higher octane fuel be used? I have seen it done in other platforms (there is someone who uses two different computers to control 87 while cruising and 116 when detecting a certain throttle position and boost level). Back to lurking.
  4. Being a lurker, I can actually partake in this topic. I owned a 2011 Mustang GT for about a year. It was a terrible vehicle for anything other than dry pavement driving. If you have to commute through snow, you may as well stay home for the day.
  5. Cool video. It says chasing Countach in the beginning though.
  6. Hopefully he didn't pressure wash her too much, or apply too much wax. Newbie smartass remark.
  7. Just a lurker posting an interesting dyno vid. The Gallardo looks quite different with slicks on all 4 corners!
  8. You're right PCow, should have thought about the mid engine configuration and took it into thought before typing. I'll go back to lurking haha
  9. Excuse my ignorance, but being able to plant a 2WD vehicle from 60mph with a substantial amount of power requires a lot more than R&D that has never been done. If it were as simple as you're making it, it would have been practiced and done a lot sooner I have a very difficult time getting my 600+RWHP GTO to hook on the street at 60 MPH. Just an input from an outsider with at least 700WHP less than your goals. This was also on a NT05R drag radial.
  10. Just saw this on a local board and thought I'd share.
  11. Congrats on making Jalopnik. http://jalopnik.com/5871310/this-miata-has-gigantic-balls
  12. I apologize for that and believing it was real. Still a great p-shop and, when it becomes a reality, will be the sickest Veyron in the world (unless there's something out there no one has seen).
  13. I mostly lurk on this board and use it as inspiration to continue forward and work harder to get my dream car. Thought this picture could make the other wheels forgotten. Sorry if it is a repost or posted too soon.
  14. Thank you for a heads up. I enjoy reading information from this website and gaining knowledge on in-depth discussions.
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