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  1. Both are great suggestions. Thank you. Unfortunately, neither lambo dallas nor ATT can help. The urus takes a special sim card which ATT does not make. The ATT forums have a few folks going through the same issue. There may be a European card that would work. Or a custom cut sim that could fit. Ill report back here once we get it figured out so others can know what to do.
  2. She wants to be able to play videos on the lcd screen. She has a bypass switch already. But she needs a sim card to fit into the Urus so she can stream videos from her phone. She cant find a sim card that fits.
  3. My wife is trying to do so but cant find a compatible sim card. Thank you.
  4. looking for insurance for a 2020 urus and I'm having trouble finding providers who will cover it. If you have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!
  5. scoote69

    urus insurance

    Can you all please tell me who you insured your urus with. I have been calling around for almost 3 hours and no one will insure it, including Hagerty. Any help is much appreciated!!
  6. Here is another calculator where you can input various projectors. Keep in mind you need double the ftl for HDR and even more for 3D. http://www.webprojectorcalculator.com/
  7. For a 200" screen, unless you're going with a very high gain, the only non-commercial projector that is bright enough is the Sony 5000 at $50K. And for HDR you may need 2 of them. You'll need a separate room to mount and cool them too.
  8. scoote69

    PM Disabled?

    I have more than 5 posts and can’t pm. Anything I can do? Thx.
  9. Yes. The R8 will be my daily driver. The Huracan will be my nice weather/weekend fun car. Although, based on my ride in UR's red Huracan, it will be drivable enough to be a second daily driver. I bet I end up driving them about the same amount.
  10. Thank you. Kelly and I would love to get out sometime soon! Hopefully the TTH will be here soon too. In the meantime, come take the R8 for a spin. After Danny drove the car for a day he called Kevin to talk about turboing a new R8.
  11. The car is my favorite of all time. It's basically a Huracan with more room, visibility, and creature comforts. The turbo package works seamlessly. No lag, no issues. It's my daily driver and you can't even tell its turbo'd unless you step on the gas. I just drove it in rush hour traffic as I would a normal car, but then hit the open road and blasted off.its only a Aa a stage 2 its great for a DD. In fact the smaller turbos and stock internals likely make it better all around for city driving. I'll be V Boxing it this weekend but Kevin says the 60-130 should be around 5.1. I'm resisting going to stage 3 while I wait for UR to finish my Huracan.
  12. I just left. Red Huracan was running essentially stage 3 boost. It ran 202. I rode in it on the taxiway and in the parking lot. It shifted, rode and felt identical to the stock 2016 Huracan I drove to the event. The biggest difference I noticed between the UR cars and almost everyone else (other than UR's cars all consistently ran 227-229) was that the UR cars started right up, sounded stock, idled like a stock car, drove around the parking lot like a stock car, and never had any drama. Everything else sounded like a rough, big cam race car that would barely idle. Kevin and KC are not only pros at what they do they are 2 of the nicest guys in the business.
  13. Should I go with Lambo Miami or Lambo Palm Beach or an independent shop? Thanks.
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