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  1. Its a good design. I'd be interested to see what it looks like when it's actually made. I know for a fact that the rear bumper has structure in the back where the bumper folds in. The front bumper also has to account for internal structure as well.
  2. you can always use matte clear coat to get that look.
  3. Yes, this was the car that got me excited. i've been doing this for 13 years now and not a lot of cars get me excited anymore. Yours definitely kept me wanting to see more! I love that lotus diffuser, works perfectly for the car!
  4. oh mike built that one for you? I saw a photo of it (not from mike)...it's going to kick everyone's ass. I love that diffuser and that wing that mounts differently. don't want to say too much!
  5. Here is one that another company offers using the convertible panel
  6. Yes I have made a kit. The convertible panel looks kind of odd on the coupe because the slats are still there. You will need to get the resistance correct and you will have to make some new brackets to hold the tail lights.
  7. been trying to do this using prepreg, but you can't buy the parts from the dealer without an incident report. anybody want to work something out?
  8. Thank you. Yes it kind of is. We made it that way so it was aggressive but wasn't overkill on the street.
  9. Introducing the RENOWN RU5-SF Solid Forged monoblock wheel. This fitment for the Lamborghini LP560 was just made to the customer's specifications. It's a 19x8.5 in front and a 19x11 for the rear. He wanted to run the exact same factory line up. The weight on the wheels were significantly lighter than his Callisto set up. The wheels averaged about 17lbs each. This forging started off as a solid forged aluminum wheel block and was cut, powder coated and delivered within the two week deadline I was given. I'm proud to say I met the challenge and met him at the tire shop for the delivery. Unfortunately, he didn't get much of a chance to enjoy them because that same night he flew out to Indonesia. When he returns, we've got a photoshoot lined up and I can't wait till that happens!
  10. The rear light conversion is something we haven't released yet so pricing is not yet available. The rear bumper with mesh grill and carbon fiber diffuser is $5,000 MSRP. With FRP diffuser, $4,000. The tips and OEM grill are optional.
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