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  1. They Seem to be fine. I’m thinking it has something to do with a temp sensor being that it doesn’t have any issues after it’s up to temp and it’s less harsh when it’s warmer out on initial start up. Like I said before, if I close the throttle blades manually it’ll fire right up. It’s like the blades are opened up a bit too much on initial start up but the colder it is the worse it is so temp has something to do with it. My tuner can’t seem to figure it out either. It’s not like it’s a do or die situation but it’s more annoying then anything. Also no check engine lights either.
  2. Hello was wondering if anyone has had this issue? Car has a hard time firing up ONLY on cold starts then idles up & down(30-45sec)until, which I believe, the 02’s take over. After that car is totally fine when up to temp. No issues after it’s warmed up. Car still has same issue but not as bad in warmer summer temps. I pulled off the intake tubes and manually shut the blades down and the car will fire right up. 1st gen gallardo. No warning lights ever. Any help appreciated.
  3. 1/2 MILE, 217MPH, Street Car= WOW, Amazing!! Congrats
  4. We did an install on fadi's(kisco) tt gallardo because he didnt have enough injector with his kit. From my understanding we are the first to ever run it on a tt gallardo. Its really no different then any other motor in my eyes. It works great. I have some kits available if needed.
  5. That sucks. Glad to hear that your alright.
  6. Fadi, I take it thats your new car in your avatar, Mabrouk. love it. Nick, did you check to see if belle tire on the west side can do your alignment ?
  7. Thanks guys if anyone finds out who the actual owner is please let me know. Im thinking about buying it but would like to actually speak to the owner and not the dealership about the car. I know its still owned by the original owner which is very rare but a postive. I told the salesman that the price was a bit high for the market. Im not looking for any e-gear cars just manual Im plaining on doing twin turbos and dont need any of the issues that come along with the egear cars. And yes the color is awesome. Ive been searching for a yellow, orange or green car until I seen this color. It just looks super clean. Thanks again for all the help. Tony B.
  8. Does anyone know who owns this murci? I know its been on consignment for sometime now. Here is the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2003-Lambor...=item2317203dad Thanks, Tony.
  9. Thanks for all your responses. Im not concerned at all that it was missy elliots car but I just love the color combo and just wanted to make sure that the car wasnt problematic. The problem that Im having is that the mileage that is reported is all over the place. I understand that many 02' have been switched over to mph but it was done early in its life and at one point it showed 17k and now its advertised a touch under 12k. You guys rock. Thanks for all your inputs and keep them coming if you know anything else about it.
  10. Hi guys, Im looking at buying missy elliots 02 murci and was wondering if anyone here knows anything or has any history on that car. The car check is showing a major issue with the mileage. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. Not a problem. Lucky for us we have a few months of crappy weather coming are way so no hurry. Ill call you later.
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