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  1. The size of the shot isn't the big issue, controlling wet distribution inside a manifold that was designed for dry flow will likely be the limiting factor. This won't be an issue if it's a direct port system, but anything that works via the intake tract could be problematic. The only way to really keep an eye on it would be to read all the plugs after a pull, which won't be a ton of fun but worth doing at the current level just to see where it's at.
  2. You can't possibly think we're that naive... Your lambo video has a grand total of 337 views... In a world where a 10 hour video of paint drying (not time lapse, but 10 fcuking hours) gets 200k views, and a grilled cheese tutorial will hit several million, you haven't hit the milestone of 500. The idea that this has even hit the radar of lambo corporate, or that it would be worth the time to figure out who you are and make that phone call is amusing. Best of luck on your youtube endeavor, but please don't play us for fools, nobody is taking this ruse seriously. PS, Whats the odds of finding you spamming youtube videos on the ford raptor forum?....
  3. Porter is spot on. I'd remove the video out of embarrassment. It isn't organic or authentic at all, poorly scripted and even worse execution. Really, it's too low, gets shit fuel mileage? Leave the mundane captain obvious videos to Doug Demuro.
  4. Congrats to anyone who bought LTC in 2019, you're making a damn killing.
  5. Wife and I are seeing Aerosmith in Vegas late June. Should be a good time.
  6. Loughlin, her husband, and supposedly 14 others just got money laundering and fruad charges via grand jury indictment. https://www.dailywire.com/news/45765/lori-loughlin-mossimo-giannulli-indicted-fraud-paul-bois
  7. In regards to the military analogy, there are so many layers and procedures in place it's absolutely ridiculous. Until it's fully developed and operational only a select few people on the development and testing side really know whats going on, and no way no how are those dudes talking. For everyone else down the line, their scope is kept so limited they could never piece together what the sum of the parts amounts to. I've done work on components for various DOD projects over the years, the level of scrutiny, who has access to drawings/files, and required security protocol for seemingly insignificant parts is insane. And they keep VERY detailed records of who gets what, when, and many times files are individually serial numbered so if anything were to get out, they can trace it back to ground zero. I'll agree when it comes to politicians and the likes, hell two people couldn't keep a BJ in the oval office a secret. But the people that wind up in positions of trust working on high level MIL stuff aren't that type, they will absolutely take it to the grave.
  8. Aren't there programs in place where the debt is essentially forgiven after 10-ish years of teaching? I know my friends wife is on track for that with her (obscene) debt from dental school. Knowing how markets work, it wouldn't be surprising at all to see tuition change based on major and the earning potential, so teaching ultimately could be a far less expensive degree if things play out right.
  9. You don't realize it, but you just solidified a prime component of my plan. If you have no damn idea what you're doing, then take some time to figure it out. And the vast majority of people in the group you described are those pursuing degrees that are liberal arts in nature and don't have direct job paths outside of the order counter at Panera. This in itself will solve a massive point that is rarely discussed, WHAT IS THE EARNING POTENTIAL OF THIS DEGREE? By and large this is not discussed nearly enough (virtually not at all) but it should be a prime component when you're borrowing a shit pile of money. There is this assumption that ANY degree is going to put you on the trajectory to pull down a huge salary and that just isn't the case. Sorry, but I don't see a lot of companies requesting gender studies degrees on job postings. It's been my experience that people going into certain fields (STEM, etc as I mentioned previously) generally stick with them, or something tangentially related. By and large they aren't going from something science based to liberal arts, people that are drawn to either one don't typically cross over. Lots of engineers change major by their 2nd year mainly because the workload is brutal, but they end up in something reasonably close. So I don't think the tie-in you're making is really relevant. Where the degree takes you definitely varies, but I'll add, anything STEM based pretty much stamps you as a reasonably competent and dedicated person to the workforce so getting hired and changing fields isn't typically challenging. (personality traits aside, which can be a nuisance in this group). An unemployed engineer is more than likely impossible to work with, not skills based. Engineers routinely go work in finance, technical sales, and a host of other fields that have nothing to do with design work. Same with business/econ/finance, it opens a vast array of doors and directions you can go at any point in life.
  10. ^ I can fix the student loan problem immediately. Get the gov't out of it and immediately some underwriting standards will be in place that lend based on a calculated ability to repay. Studying anything STEM related, biz/econ/finance, accounting, and you'll pretty much be good to go. You want to major in latino history, good for you, but you're doing it on your own dime, nobody will fund 6 figures for that shit. Yes, less people will ultimately go to college. This will 1, keep people that really don't want to, or won't benefit from it, from digging themselves into a massive decades long debt struggle. 2, colleges will reduce tuition now that there are vastly less kids who don't have blank checks to fund it all. 3. Colleges will divert resources to areas that can get funding, so you will see more available space in majors that actually benefit the market/country/economy. This can also apply to expanding the medical side, nursing / PA schools, etc. Lots of shitty 'trade schools' all over that charge obscene money for various levels of nursing degrees, and get it, because the affordable (state school) programs have 4 year wait lists. The student loan issue is mostly a median/lower level school problem. Many top tier schools alter tuition based on the students family resources, so the parents that pull in $62k/yr and could never afford to send their kid to Harvard, don't have to sweat it. Caveat being your kid needs to work their ass off and get admitted.
  11. Your question has multiple layers, legally and ethically. My biggest issue is how they went about it, cheating (having someone else take the SAT/GMAT, which is super difficult to pull off i might add), falsifying records, etc. That part they should be punished for, it's fraud. The secondary layer is the more traditional sense of prestigious alumni getting their kids an easy entrance. Or writing a huge donation to the school and your kid sliding in. Im fine with all of this at private institutions, their school/reputation, they can call the shots. If some kids dad want to donate 8 figures, his kids should get it. That provides a ton of resources to the bottom line. The flip side, has anyone looked at the endowment funds at top ivy schools lately? $24-38B each. It will take a huge wallet to move the needle with these guys.
  12. Seems like a good time to refresh this one. Sprite, other guys who got in early. What are your thoughts on the recent rebound?
  13. Watched the Motley Crue "doc" last night, lots of titties, drugs, and general insanity. 8/10, worth checking out. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0800325/
  14. Head over to garagejournal, TONS of build threads there (not just garage related) that will give you some great ideas.
  15. Congrats on the spread! I dig the farmhouse look! Very warm and inviting, and tons you can do with it.
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