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  1. emanon

    Traveling to Vegas...recomendations?

    I like Del Friscos.
  2. emanon

    good netflix shows?

    Season 3 of The Grand Tour is live!
  3. emanon

    C55 AMG Values

    Damn, how did I not know you ran a bezn shop? Any feedback on the newer TT 4.0 motors and 7 spd dct? Been eyeing a C63S for a bit.
  4. emanon

    Credit score question...

    *Mic drop*
  5. emanon

    C55 AMG Values

    I've always wondered the same thing. In the grand scheme of it they really aren't overly complex motors. Even if you had to source custom pistons it couldn't be that big of a hurdle. Dealing with the Alusil coated block is another story (if you hurt a cylinder). It could be resleeved with Darton nodular iron but that takes a machine shop that really knows what they are doing, getting the proper ring pack, piston clearances, etc. I'm betting it could still be done for a fraction the quoted costs above.
  6. emanon

    Credit score question...

    Without knowing his credit history and utilization, there is absolutely no way you can make that statement with any confidence. The dude has an $18k car loan and enough credit history and income to put 6 figures A MONTH though a charge card. Odds are paying it off will do nothing but lower his utilization which in the grand scheme of his available credit is probably minimal. I'd bet $$ it raises his score if anything. The only way paying this off would hurt his score is if he had a very short credit history and needed the open credit lines to become established. Amex doesn't hand out platinum cards with 6 figure credit lines like candy, so i'm betting it will be essentially meaningless on his 18 page credit report. But if BOA won't play ball, paying it off makes it much easier to dispute and remove the negative marks. M. I wouldn't sweat Amex, they are typically very good about knowing their customers and your relationship will trump this minor infraction on your credit report. If it hits their radar they might ask for updated income statements and do a little checking, but i'm guessing they won't knee jerk and chop down your credit line.
  7. emanon

    Credit score question...

    Pay it off and dispute the entire loan. Like I said above, find ANY thing that isn't accurate and dispute the shit out of it. Get the whole loan removed and move on. It will be a pain in the ass, but it can be done.
  8. emanon

    Credit score question...

    First, fcuk BOA, refi that loan with penfed immediately after you get this resolved. Do some online searching and gather contact info for some people higher on the food chain, and reach out to them. This will take some legwork but you should be able to get it removed. The next option is to file a dispute directly with BOA, the thing is, you want to look at their response and find ANYTHING that isn't accurate. Dates, times, something fubar with your contact info, etc. When you get that, dispute THAT particular bit of info with the credit bureaus and they won't be able to confirm it. Also, when it comes to the credit bureaus, go through all the personal info they have on file for you and delete everything that isn't current (within the last 2 years). Old addresses, the 14 versions of your name that aren't accurate, old or incorrect phone numbers, etc. You might get an error on some things that will say "This information is linked to a current account". If so, find out what account and make sure it's updated. Then immediately go back and have the bad info removed. All this erroneous information is what they are validating against, so the less you give them to work with the better.
  9. emanon

    2020 Shelby GT500 - Photos Inside

    100% agree on all counts! Unless there are some significant changes this thing is going to grossly overpower the chassis and just be a mess. That boat anchor of a dohc motor with the blower isn't helping the cause either. I also agree on the Redeye Charger, having driven both the charger and challenger hellcats, the charger is actually the better car in pretty much every way. Longer wheelbase gives you a little hope in keeping it pointed the right direction lol. But there lies the problem with these cars, they are good at one thing, turning $$ into smoke and black marks on the street. It's neat initially but truth be told a GT350 is 10x more fun on a day to day basis. At least the charger has the appeal of being a highway monster with some use, an S63 for 1/4 the price. God willing they put the widebody flares on the charger with the redeye motor, that would be a hell of a car. Chevy won't win the HP war, but if they ever drop the LT4 into that amazing camaro chassis, it's over.
  10. emanon

    2020 Shelby GT500 - Photos Inside

    I'm with you, the older car looked much better. We'll have to see how it hooks up in the real world, but most front engine 700+hp rwd cars are a handful, let alone in a domestic chassis. Just feels like they are 2 years late to the party, when dodge has 797hp cars that are putting 720 to the tires on 91 octane pump gas (aka, they are making way over rated power on good fuel).
  11. emanon

    Superleggera what to ask

    Yeah there is only one reason someone guts the factory ECU on these cars, and there are only about three dudes on the whole planet you want diving into that job (or reversing it). Unless there is a massive documented history and support by a very well known shop, this car isn't worth more to me than what I could part it out for, because that could be a very real outcome when it turns into a basket case.
  12. emanon

    2020 Shelby GT500 - Photos Inside

    I love the 350, but this done literally nothing for me. All the aero stuff looks like a bad body kit than a clean functional design, hood pins are just fcuking gay on a factory car (well, pretty much any car to be honest). A 750hp mustang that in 95% of cases will get it's lunch taken by an audi RS3... thats a huge fail.
  13. emanon

    C55 AMG Values

    Sweet! Can you swap the blower from the big 55 cars on it?
  14. emanon

    California Exhaust law

    I ended up getting a GTI for a daily, great little car to rip around in. No clue on the lease rate, but they were selling for about 25% off msrp not long ago.
  15. emanon


    Shit, post the plans! I cant wait to see how you one-up the Fortis Dome!