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  1. Boom and bigger boom. Rough outing but it happens at that level.
  2. Just a reminder... Time in the market > timing the market. If you think an investment has legs long term just be patient and ride it out.
  3. Whats with the Rigid lightbar screwed to the hood?
  4. Congrats! What an awesome pair.
  5. I'm not sure it's a wild money maker, but it's a hell of a marketing tool to drive traffic and generate sales at the retail level.
  6. emanon


    Can't speak for the 675, but the consensus remains, owning a mac out of warranty is painful. Interested to see what Brooks thinks of the 765LT when it's delivered.
  7. Could be intake air temp sensor... easy way would be to get a scan tool hooked up and see what the sensor is reading. Will be very easy to tell if it's way out of the reasonable range or not.
  8. Congrats! That's a beast of a car.
  9. Seems simple, but how is the action on the throttle bodies? These cars don't have separate idle air circuits, so a slight sticking of the t/b will do exactly what you're describing.
  10. Glad you got it sorted out. One simple thing that legitimately helps is Redline Water Wetter. I run it in everything for a cheap benefit. Coolant should only be at the 'full' mark, not the absolute top of the tank. It needs room to expand.
  11. There are a couple twin screw supercharger options that will be out very soon. That car with 750hp to the tires will be a beast and you'll be able to get there for a very reasonable price. TT will be neat but I wouldn't be in a rush to beta test that level build.
  12. That was my thought, this ties up a gazillion dollars for involved parties that isn't just recouped. Anyone who's done any kind of serious industry trade shows knows what a f-ing shakedown it is. $100k is nothing for small time stuff, and the big guys are no doubt losing 7 figures on this. GM won't care but for the smaller guys it's a hard pill to swallow.
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