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  1. emanon

    California Fires

    Glad all our guys have been safe thus far, but man it's fcuking brutal out there. Random thought: With all these super expensive properties, i'm surprised the owners/insurance companies don't bring in private companies to defend the properties, and have those foam systems installed to blanket the house. Knowing how LA county works i'm shocked external fire suppression isn't part of a mandatory building code at this point.
  2. emanon

    So Cal Drives

    74 into Temecula then onto Ortega hwy is great, but this time of year through March it's full of all the snowbirds who winter in Palm Desert /Rancho Mirage, so it can be painfully slow at time. But a great drive on an early summer morning, and yeah coming down 74 into PD is a good brake test.
  3. emanon

    So Cal Drives

    Inland more, Glendora Mtn Rd is a great starting point for as short or long of a drive as you want. Just watch for cyclists in the lower 5 miles or so, especially on the weekends. It's a great drive, just over 20 miles from the lower gate to Mt. Baldy Village, then about 5 miles down Mt. Baldy rd and dumps you into Claremont. About 1/3 of the way up, if you keep left at the road fork it connects you down to East Fork Rd. This either goes right up to the Bridge to Nowhere trailhead, or left down to Highway 39, that takes you past Burro Canyon (shooting spot) and runs into Hwy 39. From here if you go left you're down into Azusa Canyon. Go right and you can take 39 all the way up to Hwy 2. Go right and it will take you all the way to Hwy 138 in Wrightwood. Go left and you'll run into Big Tujunga Canyon before dropping into La Canada. This could easily be a 70 mile mountain road drive, but check before you head out for any road closures, especially after heavy rains. There are multiple gates along the way that get locked due to rock slides, etc during the winter months. Fun one for any mountain bikers around here. Thanksgiving morning there is a ride from Sunset Peak (about mid way from Glendora Mtn and Mt. Baldy village) that is a short climb followed by about 14 miles of fireroad downhill, and drops you into the north part of La Verne off Wheeler. Will be several hundred riders there early Thursday morning, most getting dropped off at the parking lot below Sunset peak (it's a huge radio tower installation at the top), but some crazy bastards will start at like 5am and ride all the way up.
  4. emanon

    LP640 Hits The Dyno After Header Install

    Mmmmm Burns collectors I love that you did this in a parking spot in an underground garage. I wasn't surprised when Alpha made huge gains and I'm still not. Let that baby breathe!
  5. emanon

    New Ford GT

    I'm still waiting for them to release the super secret final run that has a TT VooDoo motor in it. As a fine, you whiny bastards, here you go with the V8 version. .00000000001% chance it happens, but it would be cool.
  6. emanon

    The Montana LLC complication

    CA has been on top of this for a long time, but they don't really go out kicking in doors. They just let law enforcement handle it as it presents itself. Have a montana plate with a CA license and you have some 'splanin to do. The only thing the gov't does well is collect money. http://archive.signalscv.com/archives/14087/ I remember reading that motorhomes and such were far bigger offenders than exotic car owners, but doesn't sound nearly as glamorous for the news outlets. Grandma and Grandpa in their Prevost bus is picking on the elderly, guy in his orange lambo = that rotten bastard.
  7. They make a coupe? I've only seen the sedan here in the US. Would be awesome if the hatchback came here.
  8. Bad ass man! I love those little 5cyl turbo Audis.
  9. This young man Bryan lives in the same area I do and there has been a huge community rally around him this week. The San Bernardino Sheriff dept spent the day with him Wednesday and made him an honorary officer. This weekend Debbie is coming out to do her thing to fulfill a wish of his. Her car isn't home yet so Lambo Rancho Mirage is sending her a car to use for the day. This is a very family oriented community and I can tell you it means the world to a lot of people out here. If any other SoCal guys want to come out this way lunch is on me. I'll update with more pics this weekend.
  10. emanon

    Dont see this everyday

    I mostly assumed it was a replica if for no other reason than who the F would transport ~$15M worth of historic car on the back of a flatbed truck. Regardless that car has some presence few could rival.
  11. emanon

    Powerball/Mega Millions combined $999MM

    From what I heard it's been confirmed all possible number combinations are sold, so someone is going to win it. If it's me I'm buying that 917.
  12. emanon

    Dont see this everyday

    Heading out from my office in Palm Desert and DAAAAAAMMMMMMM! Real 917K? http://www.sportscardigest.com/need-service-for-your-porsche-917/
  13. emanon

    Powerball/Mega Millions combined $999MM

    Definitely take up serious ALMS racing... probably result in an untimely death but what can ya do.
  14. emanon

    Powerball/Mega Millions combined $999MM

    Midevil siege weaponry FTW!
  15. emanon

    Something new !

    Silver and german.