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  1. Hey guys, hope you’re all happy and healthy. So it’s crazy how rapidly the McLaren 720S market is growing in terms of tuning and real world results. Nowadays people are running low 9/ / high 8s @ 155+ mph with nothing but minor bolt ons, a tire, and a tune. knowing that, I figured my I’d put my TTH with its newly built motor to the test against the fastest 720S in NA which, a few days after our race, went to the track with good conditions and ran an [email protected] mph in the same exact configuration in which it raced me. 60-130 on its 8 sec pass was a 3.92! Enjoy the video. Skip to 4:25 to go directly to the action.
  2. Owner mentioned you - said he is well aware of your Diablo and it motivated him to spray the Murci.
  3. After driving the 911 he is hooked on a DCT. He is looking at 911s / McLaren / etc. now. As of now, I think he may up the shot to 300. That’s gonna be interesting. I have no idea how robust these motors are.
  4. I think the rematch could be very interesting, but if I had to guess, the 911 would still get the win.
  5. Hey guys... Figured some of you guys would enjoy this, Murci owner is a super cool guy who love to race. Definitely not something you see everyday so I decided to come back from my Youtube layoff and make a video, lol. It's crazy how far technology has come. The owner drove my 991 TTS afterwards and said "I am buying one!' lol. He couldn't believe how amazing the DCT is. Rematch to come. I think it will be close!
  6. Thanks brother. This one has all the bolt ons (headers, exhaust, intake, and ICs) + 991 GT2RS turbos. It’s tuned on 93+meth (700+ whp) and 109+meth (805 whp). What I like most about this setup is the utilization of the OEM/VTG turbos, not aftermarket. There are a lot of builds like these running around with no trans issues. The consensus is as long as the tq is under 700wtq, the trans will stay happy. The best part is not the power, but the fact that it drives the same way from when I bought it off the dealer floor.
  7. This was fun! Action starts at 6:00.
  8. Wow, 68K subs! Congrats! I am over here all excited to have crossed 3K today, lol. Yes, would love to collaborate. It would make for an interesting and informative video as well. I’ll send you a PM.
  9. Thanks, and congrats! I can see a SC being fun for sure, especially around town or on mountain roads. Post up some pics. Thanks bro, appreciate it. Maybe when Butch and I get together for the race, you can join us? Will be fun.
  10. Good to hear man. It’s crazy how fast time is flying by. Time waits for nobody! I don’t mind posting my Huracan related vids here. I can post any future related TTH vids in this thread if the mods are OK with it. Lots of cool stuff to come starting next week.
  11. Destructo, what Murci is trying to say is.....stay tuned, this race will happen. Lol. Also, this weekend I am racing Dragtimes. My ES750RS 911 TTS vs his McLaren 720S on the dragstrip. All to come on the channel.
  12. My man, thank you brother! I enjoy the process even though it takes me 3 hours to edit a 5 minute clip. lol.
  13. You’ve been paying attention, lol. Hope all is well brother. Been a minute. Maybe I need to come back on here and liven up this section again.
  14. It’s the fastest 720S in the 1/2 mile and the quickest/fastest in the 1/4. GPS and time slip verified, respectively. There are several McLaren tuners battling it out for this “quickest/fastest” title and they were going and forth for weeks (Ekanoo being one of them), with this DME / pure turbos setup 720S reclaiming that title most recently. Now they are all racing to the 8s. It’s entertsining to watch. Despite the fact that it costs a lot more, I feel it will end up being a tuner’s car like the TTH, GTR, Supra, etc especially when the prices start to come down more. I absolutely love this car!
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