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  1. Kisco

    Clip of my TT Huracan

    Figured it would be cool to show off the turbo system.
  2. Kisco

    Clip of my TT Huracan

    Thanks man. Hope all is well.
  3. Kisco

    Clip of my TT Huracan

    Thanks. Idk, ask him.
  4. Kisco

    Clip of my TT Huracan

    Tell me about it. Smh!
  5. Kisco

    Clip of my TT Huracan

    Thank you.
  6. Kisco

    Clip of my TT Huracan

    Made a cool video of my TT Huracan. The reactions from people in a 1000+ HP car for the first time is priceless! I enjoy uploading vids so if you like this type of content, feel free to subscribe.
  7. Kisco

    Will a bolt on TT Huracan take a 720s?

    I ran a 60-130 in 4.9 secs in my bolt on TT Huracan on my first and only try, on a near flat road, in sport mode, on street tires. I am pretty sure it will go 4.7 in track mode.
  8. Kisco

    GT and SV to the top...

    Wow!! Not much more to say than that!
  9. Kisco

    Audi R8 V10+ Inbound

    You going to the M1 C&C event on the 28th? If so, keep me posted. I can meet you there.
  10. Kisco

    Audi R8 V10+ Inbound

    Congrats man!! Looking forward to seeing it out and about.
  11. Kisco

    New Purchase

    Congrats man!! Enjoy!
  12. Kisco


    Entertaining 223 huh? Connor is a fucktard! Let your testicles hang out in the octagon, not by disrupting the peace among people that are irrelevant.
  13. Kisco

    Tag Heuer Watches

    What do you guys think of this Tag?
  14. Kisco

    FS: Carbon Fiber License Plate Frames

    Blanks all gone?
  15. Congrats Nick, and nice talking. As far as the weight, these cars are pigs. Mine weighed 3600 lbs. (post turbo) on a not so accurate truck scale. By no means are they light cars. The DCT makes up for it though. I am betting with a 1000 whp a TTH will run a 60-130 in the 3s on a flat or close to flat surface, something a Gallardo wouldn't be able to do with the same power level. As far as the 720 race, it won't be much of a race from a dig or a roll (if you actually launch it from a dig) but hot damn we are talking about a 1300 HP car vs a factory stock car, lol. It's crazy how fast and amazing the McLarens are! (and yes, beautiful too - headlights and all) P.S. - Keep me posted on the seats Nick. I like the idea of using them and preserving the OEM leather seats.